FarmVille Enhanced/Updated Chicken Coop

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FarmVille Enhanced/Updated Chicken Coop

Posted on December 3, 2009 10:35 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille enhanced the existing Chicken Coops by making the “Look Inside” feature more informative.

It makes it easier to view what specific Chickens you have and sell them quicker.

FarmVille Chicken Coop (Look Inside Function)

FarmVille Chicken Coop (Look Inside Function)

FarmVille What Is New In Chicken Coop

FarmVille What Is New In Chicken Coop

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51 Responses to “FarmVille Enhanced/Updated Chicken Coop” »

  1. dustin Says:

    now makes it tough to do multiple eggs in a row, well, not tough, just longer, oh well, at least they haven’t blocked people from doing it yet

  2. Marcus Lee Says:

    and they have “improved” the coop to allow at most one mystery egg per day!

  3. DIddle Farmer Says:

    yeah, it stinks, I’m depressed, no real need for my 2nd coop now either, Thanks for the upgrade guys!

  4. qwerty12345678 Says:

    ive gotten more than one golden egg after the update.. even thow after getting no eggs it says no eggs today try again tomorrow.. ive gotten eggs after does take a little longer to change from coop to coop.. but its just a matter of moving the mouse another inch to gold section

  5. helen Says:

    You can still get multiple eggs in one day, I just got at least 5 with the “enhanced” chicken coop.

  6. mazia Says:

    whats the slight upgrade?? Do the upgrade happen at the same time for all over the world?

  7. Juan Says:

    i didnt even know that white chickens could give mystery eggs… since they made them an item you can just buy… takes the fun out of it.
    Mystery eggs should come from colored eggs…

    Nevertheless… great update.

  8. belmin Says:

    Method 2 – Up to 31 Coops

    1) Sell your current coop. Close the Farm
    2) Sit on your feed clicking eggs, but NEVER CLICK THE OK BUTTON.
    3) Once you’ve got as many coops as you want, Load your farm.
    4) You can add one more coop if you purchase it before removing any from your giftbox, via this method you can have 31 coops easy.

    If you still need more help try watching this video:

  9. Sziget Says:

    “no eggs today try again tomorrow” i think this message appears insted of nothing when u dont find mystery egg

  10. Alex Says:

    Hi, guys i have a golden chicken if u wanna hatch eggs that i get add me name is Aleksa Jelic the one with the guy smoking money… on Facebook…. Send me presents and ill return the favour!

  11. Maureen Says:

    I’m having a much harder time finding mystery eggs and I haven’t seen any posted today by the people that normally post multiple times. Oh well… it was fun while it lasted!

  12. Amy Says:

    if you’ve already opened an egg, you can’t open it again regardless of wether you have a coop or not. so are you saying that in order to get more than one i need to not load my farm for a while until i get more eggs from friends in order to get multiple coops? my crops will die!!

  13. Tina Says:

    I added a 2nd chicken coop and my brown chickens turned into white chickens. One was gifted and one was purchsed. Any idea why or how I can fix it?

  14. NORMA Says:


  15. Colin Says:

    There is a youtube video which tells you exactly how to get two or mor coops.

    Just type ” how to get two or mor coops ” in your google search and you will find it.

  16. John Says:

    I have gotten myself a 2nd chicken coop but when I place it on my farm it doesn’t stay there and a msg appears saying your out of sync with the server, please refresh farmville, and when I do that, the 2nd chicken coop has gone back into the gift box.\

    Any ideas?

  17. silvia Says:

    I am having the same issue. Any idea on what to do. Should I hang on to it?

  18. Jonatan Kiely Says:

    I am also am having the same problem I want to keep it is it worth keeping it?

  19. Wendy Brown Says:

    I have 1 coop on my farm, and each of my 3 kids’ farms …. we have primo eggs in all … i have 5 gold chickens, 4 blacks and the rest are brown IN MY COOP AND IN ONE OF MY SONS’ COOPS .. it has been 3 straight days without a mystery egg from any of them yet!!! I thought they were pushing us to get better color chickens in order to generate better eggs (color wise) .. however, NOTHING from mine. I bought 3 of my gold chickens with FV CASH!!! SUX TO BE ME!

  20. Traci Says:

    i have the same problem with the coop. one of my friends says that farmville is having loading issues. but i have been trying to put the coop on my farm for the past eight hours and nothing is happening. im getting so frustrated.

  21. niki Says:

    i was just told that we will no longer be able to make more than one coop that it was a glitch and it was fixed, so once again FV screwed us, and are being stingy,why couldnt they leave it the same, i had two deleted them to make more and i got screwed cause now i cant put more than one down so yes everyone its a waste of time to try making more coops

  22. silvia Says:

    So what we do with the ones in the gift box?

  23. kfa Says:

    u know, if u want mystery eggs, just sell yor coop and buy a new one. the 1st time it’s constructed there r always white mystery eggs in it

  24. mariana sposito Says:

    My boyfriend farm is not loading… the load stops and the mmessage “out of sync” appears… but he can play MY farm. So, is not his computer… Someone knows what is going on… 5 days without farmville…

  25. mary k Says:

    This is crap. I have tried every way possible to get two coops, not gonna happen. So, some members get unlimited coops, while others have a hundred chickens running every where and they have to be harvested. Why is it you can have as many farms for your stupid cows as you want, but the chickens are so special???? I’m selling all my chickens except for the premium ones. So ticked off and tired of dealing with chickens and coops!

  26. kami Says:

    u cant to this now because farmville team has fix this problem if u know new trick then tell me :( my email is and also add me on face book ;) I m on level 41 :)

    ok have a good day :D

  27. kami Says:

    thanks for trick ;)

  28. barbara jean watkins Says:

    I cannot coop my chickens at all now, every time i try to put chicken in there the box comes up with out of sync with the server, restarts farmville and coop goes back to unready, i can unload chickens but on reload it does out of sync and restarts farmville again , five times now, can anybody help?

  29. Brad Russell Says:

    i have 15 coop’s in my gift box and when i put more than 1 down the game goes out of sync……….. pissin me off!!!!! i have tryed for 3 hours now!

  30. Sharon Says:

    What Kfa says above is a work around. If you have plenty of coins then keep selling your coop after you take the chicken out and rebuild. You can get many many eggs in just a few minutes. I did it about 5 times. My friends got many several white chickens but also got several brown chickens, a couple of scarecrows and a picnic tablecloth from clicking on the premium white eggs I found.

  31. Alicia Says:

    I don’t need more mystery eggs, I just want to store the army of chickens I have sitting on my farm which take incredibly long to harvest! Why the hell can’t we have two chicken coops!!!

  32. Chrystal Says:

    Everytime I harvest my coop and get a Mystery Egg I get an error message saying something went wrong and I cannot share it with my FV buddies. This has happened at least 10 times and it’s really pissing me off.

  33. Sandra-A Says:

    Where can we write to complain en mass to FV to get more chicken coops?
    If enough players complain then they will, hopefully, have a hard time ignoring us!

  34. Brenda A. Says:

    How can i get my second coop on my farm? The Server issue keeps coming up.

  35. Joey Says:

    Well what brought me to this topic was the whole 2nd chicken coop thing. Weirdest thing happened. I was adding chickens to my coop and for some reason they werent appearing in my coop. Long story short i was looking for where i may have dropped my chicken so i moved my coop to see if it was behind the coop and realized that i had a second coop aligned perfectly with that coop that was collecting some of my chickens when i placed them. I have no idea how that happened and i now have 2 coops. They were perfectly aligned so i could not have bought it and it will not let me set them back “on top” of one another like how i found it. Now i read all this stuff about getting in trouble for having two coops, but unlike people that cheated, i have no freaking idea why my coop replicated itself……any ideas?

  36. Gary Says:

    exact same thing happened to me!

  37. Jeremy Says:

    The same thing happened to me. I now have 5 chicken coops. I did not use any cheats. Just 4 more showed up.

  38. Beth Says:

    I got one of these coops also tonight. I am hoping that Farmville doesn’t take it away.

  39. Maud Says:

    5 coops showed up at my farm! Now I have 7 coops!

  40. claudia Says:

    ok same thing here with all the chicken coops. showing up.
    but everytime i try to put chickens another coop appears.????

  41. linda blatzer Says:

    i have tried n tried but can’t get more than one coop whats up with that

  42. aymee lidia vasilescu Says:

    please let me know how and if it steel works, i try but nothing happend

  43. PT-Farmer Says:

    the chicken glitch/bug has been patched. it was a glitch on the storage expansion. doesn’t work anymore. even if you get extra coops (using the coop from egg method) you won’t be allowed to put it on the farm, the game will start giving out of sync errors ’till you give up lol.

  44. Joxie Says:

    i have 3 coops.. and i used to find mystery eggs all the time.. but now i havent found an egg in days.. does anyone know why this is happening?.. is it just bad luck.. or are they on to me about the multiple chicken coops and made it impossible for me to find eggs until i get down to one coop again?

  45. Dina Says:


    You can only get one Mystery Egg A DAY NOW!!!! Such a tragedy!!!! I am hoping we all complain and they let us go back to multiple eggs a day!!

  46. Deborah Capell Says:


  47. Amanda Dobbyn Says:

    i cant figure out how to put the chickens in the coops!!! cam anyone tell me!!!!

  48. dan Says:

    I got 3 rainbow colored chickens! 1 rhode island red! 2 scotts grey 2 cornish 4 whites 3 browns and 1 black!!
    to amanda click on the chicken click move and click on your chicken coop!!

  49. Lex Obrien Says:

    I tried to move my rainbow chicken and it disappeared. How do I get it back????

  50. Lex Obrien Says:

    My chickens disappeared when I tried to move them. What happened to them?


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