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New FarmVille Adoptable Llama!

Tue ,27/04/2010

FarmVille Lost Lonely Llama Notice

FarmVille Sad Llama Adoptable FaceBook Message

Farmville Freak had previously brought you an unreleased image of a Llama, tonight FarmVille has added the Llama as an adoptable animal. Note, if a lost Llama shows up on your farm, you cannot keep one for yourself. You can only adopt this animal via the Facebook newsfeed.

FarmVille Freak Ezra's Adoptable Llama

Some FarmVille Adoptables Return: Black Sheep, Turtle, Ugly Duckling & Black Cat!

Fri ,12/02/2010

For those of you that love giving lonely roaming animals a good home, you will be happy to know that some beloved FarmVille adoptables have returned!

The Black Sheep, Turtle, Ugly Duckling and Black Cat have returned to adoption opportunity availability status.

The only way to get these exclusive animals is by adoption from one of your FarmVille neighbors via Facebook newsfeed. If an adoptable animal wanders unto your farm you may not keep it for yourself.