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FarmVille Buildable Arborist Center Coming Soon

Tue ,04/09/2012

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 1

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 2

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 3

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 4

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 5

FarmVille Arborist Center Stage 6

FarmVille has an Arborist Center in the works!

The multi-stage building can be built for free using friend help and promises to offer “a chance to get Prizes”. It has a least six stages.

FarmVille Arborist Center Notice

Here are the expected parts that the Arborist Center will require. The new construction materials include a FarmVille Research Paper, Cloning Solution, and Tree Incubator.

FarmVille Buildable Arborist Center Part Requirements:

  • FarmVille Research Paper
  • FarmVille Closing Solution
  • FarmVille Tree Incubator

FarmVille Research Paper

FarmVille Cloning Solution

FarmVille Tree Incubator

FarmVille Arborist Center Loading Screen

More details as we know it, and we will be sure to let you know when this upcoming feature becomes available. Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding these unreleased FarmVille Arborist Center Images!

What do you think about this upcoming Arborist Center, FarmVille Freaks?