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FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop and Mastery

Sat ,15/05/2010

As usual, you saw it here first! FarmVille Freak Oliver sent in the following Unreleased Images of the Gojiberry Crop and Mastery Sign. He also speculated that this crop and mastery would be part of the 7 Eleven promotion and gave the following information:

Time to grow: 16 hours
Cost: 15 coins
Yields: 126 coins
Xp: 2
Mastery Levels: 80/240/480

Unreleased Gojiberry Crop

Unreleased Gojiberry Crop Mastery Sign


FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop – Zynga FarmVille Image

FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop Mastery Sign – Zynga FarmVille Image