FarmVille Freak English Countryside Master Quest Guide Part 3

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FarmVille Freak English Countryside Master Quest Guide Part 3

Posted on April 28, 2011 12:42 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak English Countryside Master Quest Guide 3

The third set of quests for the FarmVille English Countryside were introduced on April 28th 2011.

FarmVille Freak breaks down each quest by giving you a heads up on the objectives and rewards to help you plan out your farming. Remember that at any time you can opt out of completing objectives by buying your way out with Farm Cash, but what’s the fun in that?

To see a more detailed account of each quest including screenshots of in-game notices, simply click on its link which will take you to its original FarmVille Freak article.

Be sure to share this post with your farming friends and enjoy!

FarmVille English Countryside Quests Part III, 1-8 (April 28, 2011)

Requirements: Complete the Cornflower Contingency Job, Harvest 100 English Roses & Foxglove
Rewards 100 XP, 4 Garden Hedges & 2,500 Farm Coins

Requirements: Place 3 Lambs on your farm
Rewards: 100 XP, 1 Town Fountain & 2,500 Farm Coins

Quest 3: On the House
Requirements: Make Barley Crumpets & Lionhead Ale recipes 3 times each & get 6 Lemons
Rewards: 100 XP, FarmVille Lemonade Stand & 2,500 Farm Coins

Quest 4: A Faire to Remember
Requirements: Harvest 200 Cara Potatoes & Fertilize Neighbor Plots 25 times
Rewards: 100 XP, FarmVille Riding Outfit & 2,500 Coins

Quest 5: Back to Basics
Requirements: Plow 200 plots & Harvest 200 English Peas
Rewards: 200 XP, 5 Country Fences & 2,500 Farm Coins

Quest 6: Building Blocks
Requirements: Harvest your Chicken Coop & Horse Stable twice & Craft Duke’s Stout to Level 15
Rewards: 200 XP, 5 Country Fences & 2,500 Farm Coins

Quest 7: A Growing Concern
Requirements: Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Field Beans, Complete the Amazing Aster job & use Combine 50 times
Rewards: 250 XP, 4 Flower Pots & 5,000 Farm Coins
Link: FarmVille Freak on A Growing Concern

Quest 8: Being Neighborly
Requirements: Fertilize Neighbor Plots 40 times, get 6 Testimonials & expand to English Freehold
Rewards: Unlock Lush Soil bonuses on Home Farm, 500 XP & 1 Heather Knoll
Link: FarmVille Freak on Being Neighborly

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103 Responses to “FarmVille Freak English Countryside Master Quest Guide Part 3” »

  1. Ahem Says:


  2. redshoesnz Says:

    cheers for that…it will be a great help in planning ahead!

  3. Martina Says:

    It would be nice if they would get farm cash than these objects, as in the previous tasks

  4. SandySquirrel Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this handy dandy all-in-one guide!! <3

  5. Peggy Says:

    Hope things like having already achieved mastery and expanded to English Freehold count. If not I’m s.o.l.

  6. Field Cockroach Says:

    i’m still on the first part of the quests :O … how many are yet to come? i guess i’ll quit with the quests.

  7. Andy Says:


  8. CA Says:

    A ton of work and only a couple of decent rewards. Makes you choose between missing out on when everyone is doing the coops but being able to focus on the love potion recipe since fv says it’s only here for a limited time (how limited nobody knows but you know they won’t give us any warning, it will just be yanked away suddenly) or participating in the quests while everyone is doing the coop jobs but tieing up your farm growing crops for other recipes and quests or even 2 day potatoes. Most of these rewards are pitiful and not worth the work requested. Hmmm…

  9. Jane Says:

    You guys are absolutely amazing for giving us these guides! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the hard work you put into them and I’d be lost without them when it came to some of the quests. I know many of my friends would be, too, and I’m always sure to share the link a couple times within the first few days of the quests coming out to make sure the less-frequent players can find it, too :)

  10. Jill Says:

    I just finished them, only the Lemonade stand and the Town Fountain are worth it.

  11. HarriJ Says:

    I know this is a little picky, but they could at least use the right spelling of ‘Fayre’ :) ‘faire’ is a french word!

    On another note, I love the quests… little sad about no FV cash this time tho

  12. tracichapman Says:

    Really ? Yet another quest of a stupid prize at the end … FV cash would be better !! I am so tired of doing missions and getting crap for completing them. There is no reason to finish a quest when there is no more room to put the prize when u get it. I hate it when they make us plant this crop and that one when i’ve already mastered that certain crop and it isn’t counted toward the mission !! Zynga get ur shit together or u are going to lose a bunch of players !!

  13. Janine Says:

    Sounds like they ran out of FC (like the rest of us) and now can only give us coins.

  14. Cathy Says:

    @ CA
    The love potion can be crafted for two weeks. That is from whenever it began…

  15. Jackie Swann Says:

    At last! I’ve been waiting for these to start again! Love it!!! :-)

  16. Lynn Says:

    None of those rewards seem worth it, not even the lush soil on home farm. Doesn’t do me any good because I’ve mastered all the home crops. To be honest, I haven’t really noticed any “lush soil” advantages in the countryside too.

  17. Sonja Brawner Says:

    I love Farmsville but have to stop spending money. I need both Farms Bigger, i cannot even move things around. I wish i was not disabled, i would only limit myself to maybe 2 hours a day. Please let me make my farms bigger and have more storage or i will not be able to play either Farm much longer. I also hate when it steals your money, i have lost probably $500.00 when it goes out of sync. Please let People buy more with coins and not so exspensive and do not add 10 new things to do in a month gets over whelming.

  18. Linda Says:

    About time!

  19. yacoob sharieff Says:

    i quit farming coz of these god damn quests and getting abt 500 coins at the end and i was level 91
    zynga is gonna loose a bunch of gr8 players coz of this shit so u better make it more fun rather then making us work hard……
    like if u agree…….

  20. Peter Says:

    Unlucky! I was hoping for more farm cash prizes like last time!

  21. Maria Says:

    No farm cash reward this time, too bad :(

  22. Connie Says:

    It’s difficult to do the cornflower crop @ 16 hrs. They didn’t give us enough time to even recruit. I hope you don’t have to gold medal it to get credit.

    I love Farmville Freak – you really keep us up to date! Thank you.

  23. Jam Down Farmer Says:

    Rewards are not worth it. I don’t need XP or coins. Why can’t we skip those we don’t want to do without paying FV$?

  24. emily Says:

    i wish that they would just get a move on and get the storage bug sorted havent been able to get into myine for a week grrrrr

  25. Shaneka Says:

    For all this work, there should be some fv cash given out, and even a permanent double mastery statute.

  26. osHeA Says:

    PRIZES SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Martha Poynor Says:

    # 18 used the name of the Lord in vain yet the further down he went he used ******** now what could be worse than what he had already done?
    The quest they chose for me was a great one as I had just used a lot of my coins for animals. 23 million in fact,so I could stand to boost them up, and the flowers are my favorite to plant and the rewards are XP.4 gardem hedges,2500 FC. Not to bad in my opinion. If I were Fville,which I am not I would put out these quests and for the complainers I would give them 50 FC and tons of work to do. They would get what they want and you would not have to read all this complaining. LOL
    Thanks for the heads up on the quests and thanks for a great game to fill my disabled life.

  28. Jaana Says:

    Lame rewards. Double mastery for x days would have been worth working towards. Too bad they did it with last tasks and now they can’t top that. Oh well…

  29. Jim Baron Says:

    I’ve been falling behind on some of my tasks.

  30. Heidy Says:

    OK, I do enjoy…or did like the last quests as I felt the rewards were ok-to middle of the road decent. This time…I’m not so sure. It seems less attractive to me. Were is the occasional 5 in cash? Or building? Or better yet double mastery? Just coins, fence, and flower pots oh and some new clothes for my avatar…I did NOT complain last time, I was HAPPY…now this how ever , this is shiz…big nasty shiz!

  31. luminouz Says:

    The rewards are lame…. I think that yesterday is seriously the last I will play Farmville. *sigh* that was money not spent well!

  32. BB Says:

    Really people? Threatening to quit farmville? It’s a game and some of you are getting worked up because the rewards don’t give you what you want. It’s just meant to be fun. If you’re not having fun anymore, why continue playing? there’s a million other games out there, play something else.

  33. keith Says:

    Finished cornflower co/op with 4 other farmers and did not get credit for completion> The other farmers did and are moving on. What really burns me up is that I started the co/op. Zynga will respond in 24 to 48 hours. I will be way behind by then, when I have been out in front since beginning. I know it’s not a race but that’s the way I’m built. Losing interest by the minute.

  34. Mary Says:

    Keith: same thing happened to me. I didn’t start it though but was first to harvest and when it was all harvested I got MVP but no rewards or completion. I read where you have to be on your EC farm when the job is finished… well that sucks. No where did it ever say that. I most likely was on my home farm when someone else completed the harvesting!

  35. Mickey Says:

    I have been buying the love potion and boards from my neighbors for three days ..when I do my game goes out of sync and I never get the anyone else hqving this problem? I chatted with zynga and they said the problem was fixed not so . I just tried again and it stii said the same thing!!!

  36. Emma Says:

    On Quest 4 – just waiting for my taters!! Well all I can say is “Wow so many whining people…” Err – if you don’t like the game – don’t play it!! It’s that simple. There are some little things here and there that are a bit pesky but meh, I just don’t let it bother me and if it did to the degree it seems to do to some people – I would just call it a day and stop playing. Just my input – thanks and have a wonderful day. Happy farming :D x

  37. tracey Says:

    i seriously wish i didn’t have to waste time and fuel planting and replanting stuff i have mastered all ready…jeesh AGAIN if i wanted quests i would still be playing frontierville

  38. lucy cooper Says:

    you know…you don’t HAVE to do the quests…if you don’t think the prizes are worth the work, then just don’t do the work! lots of you saying increased mastery would be more worthwhile, the final prize is lush soil on home farm – duh!! all the complainers – just shut up and go away! we’re playing for fun – ur obviously not having fun, so make like a tree and LEAVE! no one cares if u quit – stop wasting space with ur stupid threats…

    and yeah #18 YACOOB or whatever ur name is – ur 1st sentence is very offensive to alot of people, and ur 2nd sentence is BS! people like you are not ” a bunch of gr8 players” it will be no loss to anyone if you quit. adios!

    FV Freak love the guides! thanks for all the great info u provide to us true farmville freaks!!

  39. michelle Says:

    I need to know for the quests….if you already have something in the pub for the 6 hours, but you dont need it yet, once it’s finished, if you dont clicked FINISH until you need it, will it stilll give you credit? Meaning…I have 2 goods in for the 6 hours and Im not on that quest yet. If I dont click finish until I need it, will I still get the credit? THANKS!!

  40. Mary Says:

    Farmville cash is a rarity nowadays except for leveling up. I might stay with the quests to see how I do, but no guarantee that I’ll get to the final level. Still have to deal with all the other stuff they want us to do.

  41. jeanette Says:

    I joined a cornflower co op and we finish with silver and I didn’t get a job done thing.So I started one myself and made sure I had enpugh to plant and hopefully they will harvest in a timely manner. I hate doing things over.I am told you have to get gold but yet people that got silver got their job done.

  42. Rob G. Says:

    I finished this in 20 minutes…now I have to WAIT AGAIN for a new quest!!!

  43. larose Says:

    As I get by mastery level 1 blue bells, and planting. and fertilize, wait for everyone one night, collected the sow and nothing ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  44. Betsy Says:

    I am still working on the second set of quests. I am having a hard enough time getting my neighbors to help me out on those. For those of us who don’t buy FC we rely on our neighbors quite a bit. I guess I will try the new quests (when I get there that is). But no use in complaining about the quests either way, it isn’t like anyone is forcing us to play the game.

  45. nicole Says:

    The Cornflower co-op is killing me. I’m trying to do it by myself (because my neighbors wont help) and it kinda difficult with the 16 hours.

  46. Maria Says:

    I now done 2 cornflower co-ops and got nothing from them.. I even used 11 cash to instant grow to get it done in time.. was only 2 of us doing it…(want my cash back please) and can someone please tell me what i hell i need to do to get this job done???

  47. Lori Says:

    I like the quests..I just would prefer them not to lock us up planting something for two days..especially 200 potatoes. That takes over half my plots. I’d have more plots if they increased the amount of land we can expand to in the countryside. I’m at the largest expansion and still just not enough room. We need more land. Someone asked if you can wait and just click finish on your craft items in your pub. Yes you can, thats what I did with mine. Also, on the last quest we had to be a level 1 in hops for one of the requirements. I had already achieved that before the quest began and it counted towards my requirements. I haven’t got to that in this one but I don’t see why that would be any different. Thanks FV Freak for the guide. It really helps!

    P.S # 19 .. Your choose of language was really offensive..dislike!

  48. gamine Says:

    if u are currently waiting to harvest the stable and the chicken coop 2 times, can u join someones aster co op job and have it count before the quest opens in your game??anyone??

  49. Aiden Timmins Says:

    has anyone noticed the last set of quests involves a Castle like the King Castle in the market wierd :O

  50. Aiden Timmins Says:

    Gamine that is possible

  51. gamine Says:

    really aiden? thanks so much~ i made the craft items ahead so they would be ready and that worked~ just dont want to be waiting for the barn and coop harvest, even tried to take a horse out but it was at zero when barn was at 98% ~ blaa~ thank you for your answer!

  52. sue Says:

    Hey you guys we need a Bunny Hutch for our rabbits……

  53. Bruce Landers Says:

    Ya love the game,it’s the only one I do play,how ever am stuck now because I have reached # 6 harvest my coop & stable both the 2 times as it says, but did not give me the credit for the coop.. so I can not go ahead this sucks………….

  54. rose Says:

    this is all find and dandy ,, but why havent facebook and this game come up with a why to help the american people that has lost love ones and their homes ,, in all the tornado’s that have hit the USA very had in the last few day………if you can find out that answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jenapher Says:

    Wish there were better prizes and I wish Zynga would think ahead when planning these things. If they’re going to put a crop into a mission, then they should LOCK that crop until the mission opens up. I’ve already mastered the potatoes and had to plant cornflower that I’d already mastered as well….I think that’s really messed up that I have to waste 2 days waiting for something to grow bc I’m CERTAINLY NOT going to waste FC to skip it. Really, really disappointed in Zynga these days all around. :(

  56. wendy coker Says:

    Love teh game signed up knowing that all the quests would be hard but fair and the rewards small its a game i like to play so im happy with what comes along its about time if you have it to give to the game , I do so what ever comes along i know im prepared for thank you farmville for all ur inovative ideas and to the developers who creat no one really thinks about what time emagination and thought gos into making this app it is amazing congratulations to farmville bosses brilliant work a true master mind

  57. May Says:

    This all would be great,but cash expences are getting out of hand,thay need to relise prices are going up on everyone and they would make it alot more money if prices would come down to earth.The game would be alot funner, and please if someone fails a Quest don’t advertise it,that is so uncouth,something a child might do!

  58. Adrianne Says:

    1. For the cornflower quest and now the new aster quest, only the person who started it automatically gets the credit. Everyone else needs to be on the English farm and then click on the co-op button (hover over the village icon and co-op will show). When the job is done you will get an arrow and click on it. But you must do it on your English farm, not your home farm. That’s what happened to one of the people in my cornflower co-op. They didn’t know there was a co-op button in England and went home and clicked there. It didn’t count and now she’s on a second co-op.

    2. I’ve mastered most of the English crops and I get credit for that on the quests, just like I did for the Duke’s Ale Level, etc. I am wondering if neighbors who aren’t up to the aster quest yet will get credit if they finish it before they are ready for it. If anyone knows, your input will be greatly appreciated!

    3. Most of the quest prizes are crappy but I find it fun just to do it, even if it means wasting my plots on crops I’ve already mastered. They can’t even throw you a few coins let alone Farm Bucks after level 100. But I play because I like the game.

    4. You don’t need to get gold on the co-op quests. You only need to finish at bronze.

  59. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I don’t care for these challenges, but can and will do them, the prizes are not all of that, I will be curious to see how it has an effect on my home farm with the “new lush soil” I am luck and have a large neighbor group, that helps me as I help them with what ever comes down the road, and with Zanga, you just never know…

  60. Madaleine Says:

    I don’t care for the co-ops because it ties up your crop making for your stalls and there are too many glitches and out of sincs causing you to loose the tasks. And your out of luck if its on friday zynga won’t even get back with you til Monday or so. then half the time whoever I get they tell me they will advise the technical crew

  61. Aiman Favil Says:

    i would prefer FV cash as a reward… :/

  62. Leo Janowick Says:

    Finally! Just completed the last quest! Didn’t think I would make it, but we’ll have to see if the “lush soil” is worth it. Now I can go back to getting mastery crops completed. May even take tomorrow (Sunday) off LOL

  63. pat Says:


  64. Jule Says:

    It doesn’t count my chicken coop harvests either!
    What can we do?

  65. Farm-ette Says:

    so glad to hear chicken coop issues. I produced a red egg yesterday, but didn’t get the credit for harvest on the quest. Have to see what happenes today…..Doesn’t sound promising.

  66. marie-isabelle Says:

    i’m having a question…may sound stupid but my english is not so good…
    i just finish the last quest and got ”the lush soil”
    can anyone tell me what this is?
    what do we gain out of it?

  67. anne marie mc ivor Says:

    Have harvested my hen coop for this quest and it did not register

  68. Sandi Says:

    The same thing is going on with mine. I harvested it twice but neither registered, All my neighbors are moving on to the next Quest asking me to join in the Aster co-op, but I can’t do it. I suppose by the time it’s straightened out, I won’t be able to get anyone left to help with the Aster Quest!

    Zynga takes forever!!!!

  69. Karina Says:

    I least I know I’m not the only one having trouble with the chicken coop. This is my third day harvesting my coop and it does not register. Hopefully zinga will fix this soon

  70. andreiutz Says:

    I Have a problem, i deleted my chicken coop on my english countryside farm since i’ve starded playing on it. now i am at QUEST 6 i don;t have a chicken coop, and when I try to buy it from the market it says to me that i have a “limit of 1″ ,but i don’t have the coop on my farm!!!
    i’m tired of glitches! i wanna finish this quests! please give me a solution, i don’t have 20 farmcash to skip this quest!

  71. Audrey Says:

    Having the same problem with my chicken coop! My sister didn’t have any problems with hers though. She also hasn’t upgraded her coop to a larger one yet, so maybe that has something to do with it? I’ve sent Zynga messages through support twice now. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed soon!

  72. Doretta Sanders Says:

    Can anyone fix the chickhen coop I have not be able to get it to reg. and have harvest it 3 times now stuck and can not move forward …Not a happy camper !!!!

  73. Vijay Says:

    “I am in england farm and using both the farms, In the new game play in English farm I have reached “Quest 6: Building Blocks”, have harvested my chicken coop in English farm twice and still it shows zero in the quest update. I am stuck there and not able to move ahead for the next quest. help me out”

  74. Shari Erickson Says:

    I am having the same problem with the chicken coop. Frustrating! What does the lush soil do?

    I would like to see more double mastery and insta-gro rewards.

  75. 'dan Says:

    wierd. im on quest 6 and my coop is not applying to the quest requirement – 2 days in a row!!!

  76. Kristy Says:

    I have the same coop problem. Contacted Zynga already and waited longer than they said it woud take to get a response–re-contacted them, and now I got an e-mail stating the same time amount again to wait for a response..b.s.!! Was done with the last quest I did
    2 days ago–several of my friends have the same problem….and I think they should have addressed this by now…some people were refunded 20 to 40 fvc—I cannot even get an answer and I spent the money to finish two of the other quests due to screwed up problems already from Zynga…too sick of this. Yes, several of us might quit playing…but we have the right to “whine” here..because this is what gets them to hear the problems….do not sit and crab at people that are angry they spent their money—so am I…..maybe you guys should find something else to do than be mean to people who really do pretty much only play this game.

  77. Iquebal Says:

    Thank you Zynga… thanks to your brilliant Quests, I have been diagnosed as suffering from Allergia carapotatotis and Allergia fieldbeanitis …… and the doctor tells me I am also showing signs of Lymphosarconoma of the Barn Hedges!

    Keep it up… soon we will be suffering from Acquired Immunofarmvillerejection syndrome

  78. Angelique Says:

    I also got burned in the cornflower co-op job – SUPER PISSED as I used instagrow to finish it – They lock everything else – they should have locked this co-op so you can only view it when you’re in England – WTH?!

  79. Lori Says:

    My Chicken coop is doing the exact same thing..I’ve already completed the Aster Job but can;t go any further until they fix the glitch…grrrrrr … joining FV Forum to complain there lol

  80. Vijay Says:

    I got it rectified with 5 FV mystery darts :) and got a Tea Cup Pig and more

  81. Michelle Dornberger Says:

    Finally just finished my Quest / Missions had some of my neighbors join at last minutes for the Last co-op Aster job so they can at least get credit for it….Now to go back and help my other neighbors with co-ops they need.

  82. Linda Schilling Says:

    Unlock lush soil bonuses after the last quest in part 3, What is that?? Where is info on that?

  83. genese Says:

    the lush soil is a bonus to mastery and bushels that happens randomly if you paid attention at the begining or the english countryside you should have gotten a pop up message about it thats what is happening if you see a little silverish thing with a bushel and stars while harvesting

  84. anushka Says:

    finally. but ill be slow with these quests cause after completing the first 2 parts of quests early all i could do is farm, which means no diff between home farm and country side except crops and looks of buildins

  85. Melinda Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that they’ve apparently changed this since people were having trouble with getting credit for completing the co-ops. I just got to Quest 7 and did NOT have to do the Amazing Aster job. Just FYI :)

  86. nikki Says:

    I, also have noticed the disappearance of the aster job ~ now that I have asters growing. Oh well.

  87. Angelica Figueroa Says:

    just finished the last quest and i just hope they dont ask for another farm expansion because there just isn’t enough farm cash to go around they should incorporate something like a farmville coin star where you can trade coins for farm cash if you need incase like most ppl you can go out for facebook credits or game cards

  88. Manu Says:

    I have finished all the parts of this quest but there are still 2 places left on the map as I can see on the farm……. Whts that. Can some one explain???

  89. lila Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the Cornflower job is gone too! (for those that are stuck behind…)

  90. Ahmed Says:

    Hey What’s going on.i have already finished the last job.Now they said that wait for your friends to catch up you.
    What is this.may be they are planning for the next part.\
    Hope for Best.

  91. Harika Says:

    Yeah! Even i think that there must be great prizes,except for the lemonade stall and fountain all others are stupid ,stupid stupid,i don’t understand y we should go visit other farms,or plow,or fertilize , farm ville quest’s Suck’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. Madelon Says:

    I finished all these quests and it’s not working for me.

  93. Angelica Figueroa Says:

    finished all of the english countryside quests made it the castle and the big prize…………………………is a castle of your own! wooo yeah! and theres fireworks when u make it !!!!!! and and they let you take stuff from your home farm to england and you can plant home items in england the only thing i dont like are the sheep breeding quests they cost farm dollars i dont have really wish they’d consider my farmville coinstar idea taking coins u earn and exchanging them for a couple of farmville dollars

  94. Julie Says:

    Just an FYI, I am working on the quests currently and I am at the stage where you have to get to level 1 of field beans and use a combine 50 times, but I am not being required to complete the aster’s co-op. In case someone was worried about that who is rushing for the end quests.

  95. Rochelle Says:

    well ive planted cornflowers ahead for the contingency job…they took that off…im glad… i was gonna be stuck on that… but had to wait for it to be done…i planted my 100 english roses and 100 foxgloves…they just now changed that to 25 a piece…i might just have a chance to finish…but now my farm looks like a hot mess from making new plots to be able to handle quests…now it seems like that was useless…i guess my english farm is just my “business farm” so i can get masteries faster…

  96. Rochelle Says:

    i updated the quest….
    need help finishing the quest?…heres the last half i prepared for you…i hope you find it helpful!
    ~a delightful bouquet~
    25 english roses(6 hours), 25 foxgloves(12 hours)
    ~let us entertain ewe~
    place 1 lamb on farm
    ~on the house~
    make 1 barley crumpet, 1 lionhead ale, 2 lemons
    ~a faire to remember~
    harvest 25 cara potatoes(2 days), visit 5 neighbors
    ~back 2 basics~
    plow 25 plots, harvest 25 english peas (12 hours)
    ~building blocks~
    harvest chicken coop and horse stable 1x each, craft duke’s stout to level 5
    ~a growing concern~
    level 1 mastery of field beans(16 hrs), use combine 5x
    ~being neighborly~
    fertilize neighbors plots 5 times, 2 testimonials, expand to english freehold
    ~blooming great~
    harvest 50 springsquill(12 hrs), 50 bluebell(12 hours), 50 cornflowers(16 hrs)
    ~a test of wool~
    make 1 floral scone in pub, harvest sheep pen, place lamb on farm
    ~a key to the castle~
    plow 10 plots, 2 magnets, get a cow
    ~country bunnies~
    harvest 25 radishes(18 hrs), increase storage cellar to 5, buy 1 country mini hedge
    ~cream of crop~
    harvest dairy barn 1x, 25 red currants(4 hrs), 2 ice cream cones,
    ~perfect preparation~
    25 bluebells(12 hrs.), make 1 barley crumpet, 2 glasses of grape juice
    ~parting gifts~
    2 presents,place 1 lamb, 25 field beans(16 hours)
    ~once around the farm~
    2 airship patches, 25 black tea crops, make rosehip tea 1x
    ~a great start~
    25 cara potatoes(2 days), 5 bushels from friends,2 donation checks
    *********then u are done!******

  97. j Says:

    Thank you, Rochelle!!

  98. papawmerle Says:

    Ever since I found out you were ending the English quests at the end of the month, I have been doing everything in my power trying to get them finished before it ends. Sadly, there is no way I am going to be able to get it done. After having to post multiple times and waiting 2 or 3 days to get neighbors to send items, and not to mention all the interruptions and the wait time I am running out of time.
    I am very disappointed that I will not be able to move items between my farms. I do wish that you could extend the time a little to help those of us who may have had computer problems, not to mention other things that prevented us from playing as often as we would have liked (things beyond our control), or possibly come up with another way for us to earn that right. :) I guess it would have helped if I would have known where to find what the quest were going to be ahead of time huh.


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