Hello, FarmVille 2! Zynga Launches FarmVille 2

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Hello, FarmVille 2! Zynga Launches FarmVille 2

Posted on September 5, 2012 2:30 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FarmVille 2 Intro

FarmVille 2

Today, September 5th 2012, Zynga quietly released FarmVille 2, it’s new virtual faming game!

We know that many of you loyal FarmVille Freaks are curious about FarmVille 2, so we wanted to let you know about it’s release.

FarmVille 2 is the sequel to FarmVille, but is an entirely new game experience. FarmVille 2 is independent of FarmVille and none of your stuff like Farm Cash, animals, decorations, or buildings from FarmVille carries over. Again, it is an entirely new game. Don’t worry the original FarmVille is not going anywhere. In FarmVille 2, players are invited to return to their old family farm in the countryside where they can work on getting it thriving again.

Before we go any further- we want to point out that FarmVille 2 is energy-driven like so many of Zynga’s other games. There are things such as Water requirements that can max out your play if you don’t have enough of these items to continue your play. Water is essential for running a farm, and if you don’t have enough, you’ll have to beg friends or wait to your water replenishes over time.

FarmVille 2 Post Card

As you all know, the original FarmVille put Zynga on the map and helped mainstream social gaming. Zynga is aware of the special relationship between FarmVille and it’s devoted players (FarmVille Freaks like yourself) and they have no intention of hurting this franchise with the release of FarmVille 2. Tim LeTourneau, vice president of games at Zynga says,

“The FarmVille franchise brought social games into mainstream consciousness, and we’re proud to launch a new chapter in the FarmVille legacy. FarmVille 2 offers players a new way to farm by delivering an immersive experience, rich characters, and new social features that make game boards come to life with their friends. We can’t wait to see the farms that players create.”

Zynga promises to not forget about the original FarmVille game and its large following of players, “Current players of FarmVille also have more to look forward to as Zynga will continue to roll out new expansions and new ways to decorate and share. FarmVille 2 and FarmVille have dedicated teams working to bring players a unique and enriching experience in each game.” The original FarmVille will continue to have new content including market updates and new features.

 “We also want dedicated players of FarmVille to know that we remain fully committed to bringing them new reasons to play the original game they love.”

Besides its stunning 3D visuals, it boasts bragging rights as Zynga’s first ever game completely done in 3D graphics. It also introduces a new virtual farming experience and more incorporated friend interaction. In FarmVille 2, players are treated to an amazingly interactive and responsive virtual world where they can create their own farm homestead. Getting back to the farming basics- you can plant crops, raise animals, and sell your goods at a roadside grocery stand on your farm. There’s also Farm Mastery and crafting. The FarmVille 2 experience promises to work more like a real farm would. For example, crops yield crops and you sell them for coins or use your harvest to make animal feed and goods, only time will tell if it will be subjected to alien invasions and flying unicorns.

Some of the game highlighted by Zynga include:

Farm Mastery & Crafting – FarmVille 2’s ecosystem thrives on water, just like a real farm. Players gather water from their well and their friends’ wells, and use it to nurture crops which, in turn, create feed for animals that produce ingredients such as milk and cheese. Players use these ingredients to craft useful items which can be sold in the roadside stand. As players continue this virtuous cycle, they’ll find that their crops grow faster and when the conditions are just right, players can grow giant prized crops to compete with friends. As players progress, they level up to unlock new items and expand their farm.

FarmVille 2 Crafting

Nurturing Animals – In FarmVille 2, farm animals really come to life. Players care for their animals from babies to adults, and use resources they produce, such as milk or eggs, to sustain and grow their farm. Each animal responds differently to a player’s touch and just like crops, players can nurture and grow their animals to earn rewards.

FarmVille 2 Animals

Decorator’s Dream – Decorating, organizing and expanding farms can now be done effortlessly. FarmVille 2 includes a brand new control system where players use their mouse like a paintbrush to plant seeds, water crops and move items in broad strokes. For the first time ever, players can now right click in a Zynga game. This subtle, yet powerful, feature lets players more quickly pick up, move and rotate objects on their farm as they find new ways to express themselves. The rich and vibrant 3D world of FarmVille 2 includes gorgeous and adorable items ranging from garden gnomes to sprawling mansions.

FarmVille 2 Farm Horizon

Memorable Characters – As players restore their family farm, they meet memorable characters along the way. Marie, a tough country girl shows players the ropes early on, while Walther Thorncroft, a retired engineer turned gentleman farmer, teaches players how to take their farm to new heights.  After a player’s farm is up and running, they’ll meet Cornelius, a local grocer unlike any other from previous games. Cornelius gives players daily challenges to harvest crops for his general store and uniquely tailors each challenge to actions players already enjoy taking within their farm.

FarmVille 2 Helpers

Where to Play FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 is available on Facebook and Zynga.com in 16 different languages including: English, Danish, Arabic, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and traditional Chinese. As we mentioned above, Zynga also announced that FarmVille 2 is also Zynga’s first game to be developed for Adobe® Flash® Player 11 utilizing Stage 3D technology, “which brings gameplay to a new level and allows players to draw a deeper emotional connection to the farms they create. ”

Expect to see wider marketing for FarmVille 2  to begin in a few weeks and no doubt in-game cross promotions.


We will be posting more information throughout the day about FarmVille 2. In the meantime please ask us your questions in the comments below.

How many of you FarmVille Freaks will try playing FarmVille 2? 

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18 Responses to “Hello, FarmVille 2! Zynga Launches FarmVille 2” »

  1. Corey Says:

    Ugh, no way am I abandoning the game I’ve spent money on for some sequel! I hope they stop making items for the old one so I can get on with my life -_-

  2. Melissa Says:

    Farmville is a full time job in itself already, why do we need another one???? This is getting way out of hand.

  3. Callie Says:

    Will this be managed through Zynga or Facebook. All my Zynga games (The Ville, Citiville) are seamless and run smoothly. Farmville on Facebook is a hot mess. All I see are shadows on my farm and Zynga can’t help because it is a problem with FB. So if its a Zynga came, I’m in….

  4. heather Says:

    no one said u have to play it people grow up! farmville is a game not a full time job if ur on it that much that u think its a full time job maybe u need to get a life.

  5. Former breeder Says:

    Does this game have limited energy like all the other Zynga games, apart from Farmville?

    If so, no way am I playing it. I always quit playing those games because it’s soooo boring having to wait for some made up energy to regenerate.

    On the other hand, don’t know if I’ll even try this either way, haven’t played FV for weeks now.

  6. katie mccray Says:

    i am huge farmviller! my husband calls me a farmvillian! I am very xcitd to try farmville2. i will miss my original farming but, i am looking forward to the new game! cant wait!

  7. HopeinMi Says:

    I went and checked it out. Reminded me of Castleville – which I quickly quit. Not my kind of game. I will be “blocking” the app from my page. Good Luck to all who decide to go for it!

  8. ChibiSkittles Says:

    the people move around like they have mega wedgies, and you SMACK plants to harvest o_O

  9. Shannon Says:

    I am a total farville freak myself & yes I did start playing Farmville 2 I really like it so far as for our Regular FV I do love it all tho there is too much coming out at once between Quest’s & Building thing’s yes I know you don’t have to do all the Quest’s but how about those who like the Quest’s just wish you could do 1 Quest at a time along with building stuff let us get 1 thing built before you throw another at us, I will still play FV but I have slowed down on it I have put to much $$ into it to just completely quit I have lost a lot of neighbor’s cause of all the stuff being thrown out there!!

  10. dms Says:

    The lack of response here does not bode well. Besides:

    “In FarmVille 2, players are treated to an amazingly interactive and responsive virtual world where they can create their own farm homestead. Getting back to the farming basics- you can plant crops, raise animals, and sell your goods at a roadside grocery stand on your farm. There’s also Farm Mastery and crafting.”

    This is exactly what I do in FV now. Why would ever start over from square one just to do the same thing with spiffier graphics?

  11. tugrul Says:

    ı tried it last night but it wasn`t my cup of tea….it looks like a game made for7-8 years old and i don´t need my farm to be 3d….it looks like a ps2 game with graphics of the past. moreoveri hate the idea of starting from scratch after 3 years of farming. so i pass….

  12. Cheryl Says:

    I tried it, its cute, and entirely appropriate for a bored 8 year old. It feels like you are in a cartoon. I play Castleville because my 4 year old gbaby loves it, so I don’t need another game for entertainment.

  13. JS Says:

    Reminds me of CastleVille. I didn’t last long at that game. When I realized FV2 was energy-based by using the water, I got bored. I haven’t gone back yet … Not sure if I want to, you know? I have no patience for games that abruptly stop once you’re out of energy.

  14. Nite4awk Says:

    Hello FarmVille 2 fans and farmers!

    I did some digging while trying to find a link for FarmVille 2′s facebook game feed, as some of you may know there are links in Zynga Support for facebook feeds for all their games, except FV2 because it’s so new. SO…. I managed to get the app # and MAKE a link…

    This will be very helpful for those of you who want to see JUST FV2 posts your neighbors are making to their walls.

    Here’s the link to the FarmVille 2 Facebook Game Feed:


    Happy farming! <3

  15. jessica villeda Says:

    im playing on farmville2 and my daugher put it in all my facebook in spanish.i know i can speak but cant read it. so i try going to setting nothing happens.

  16. aisha Says:

    the fence posts are stuck in ground when removing fence….help…i need this space!!!!

  17. brenda darnell Says:

    love farmville 2-and 1 but im like a few other people-too much coming out at once on farmville 1-because of this im not playing as much cant do everything unless you stay on it 24 hrs a day-it taskes me all day and into the night just to catch up all the farms -love the game but do have a life-thats just too much-if you would like to add me on fv2-or 1-need friends on fv2 bad-ty

  18. farmville2 cheat unlimited Says:

    Appreciate a different wonderful report. The spot in addition could any individual wardrobe kind of information and facts in such a great method of writing? I own a display in a few days, and I’m in the look for these data.