FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Decorations

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FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Decorations

Posted on January 2, 2013 10:05 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak Sneak Peek: The decorations of FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm!

There are tons of decorations that you can check out below that will be part of FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm! We love the gnome-heavy designs, how about you? There’s also a re-designed Enchanted Gnome Garden that you can check out here.

FarmVille Fairy Rabbit

FarmVille Flowerbed with Fairy

FarmVille Tulip Fairy Gnome

FarmVille Light Post

FarmVille Love Swing

FarmVille Pixie Pond

FarmVille Pebbles 1

FarmVille Pebbles 2

FarmVille Pebbles 3

FarmVille Swag of Twig Bundles

FarmVille Swag of Twig 1

FarmVille Swag of Twig 2

FarmVille Water Leaf Lamp

FarmVille Fairy Riding a Frog

FarmVille Glass Dolphins

FarmVille Pixie Lanterns

FarmVille Twig See Saw

FarmVille Fairy Riding a Butterfly

FarmVille White Centuar

FarmVille Water Lily

FarmVille Water Fairy

FarmVille Spool Thimble

FarmVille Small Leaves Lamp Post

FarmVille Rain Cloud

FarmVille Pinecone Bookshelf

FarmVille Party Fairy

FarmVille Mushroom Garden

FarmVille Mermaid Singing on Rock

FarmVille Lily Lamp Post

FarmVille Lily Pad

FarmVille Lotus Tub

FarmVille Leaf Lamp Post

FarmVille Leaf Boat with Fairy

FarmVille Leaf Boat

FarmVille Fairy Gnome

FarmVille Apple Fairy Gnome

FarmVille Orchid Fairy Gnome

FarmVille Floating Lamp

FarmVille Firefly Net

FarmVille Firefly Cluster

FarmVille Fairy Bed

FarmVille Cherry Musical Bells

FarmVille Cobble Stone Bridge

FarmVille Fairybella

FarmVille Fairy Chair

FarmVille Dancing Dandelion Fairies

Which one of these decorations from FarmVille Enchanted Glen is your favorite?

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4 Responses to “FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm: Decorations” »

  1. Carin Sweerman Says:

    OMG – can’t pick one favorite – lovin’ all the gnomes! This, I think, will be my favorite farm. I should have asked for FC for Xmas lololol cuz I can see I’m going to be spending a lot of money on this one. I cannot wait – what fun! I know some folks are sick and tired of fairies, but I can never get enough of them.

    I only wish they would, for a change, arrange shared storage from the gate. I have so much fairie stuff and fantasy items on my home farm that I would love to switch over to this one. I know it’ll come eventually, and they want to maximize their sales on new stuff, but I’ll buy the new stuff; just want some of my old stuff there, too, that won’t be for sale on the new farm.

    Cannot wait. I’ve done early access on all the new farms that offered it; will definitely be going early to this one!

    I haven’t noticed an ETA – do we know that yet?

  2. goodnred Says:

    i love the firefly cluster and dancing dandelions. i just hope that you can get more with coins than with FV $$. or it would be nice to have both options on all the stuff.

  3. Elaine Martens Holmes Says:

    Do you know when this new farm will be available?

  4. chandra Says:

    i always wanted to do one of my farms in the fairy theme but never got around to it. can’t wait for this farm! :D