FarmVille English Countryside Commercial

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FarmVille English Countryside Commercial

Posted on March 15, 2011 7:12 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

A whole new adventure awaits us in the FarmVille English Countryside. Zynga’s latest teaser from the English Countryside is in a commercial format.

Farmers are waiting anxiously for the English Countryside to roll out, as we can’t wait to experience life on our English Countryside farms. We already know that the English Countryside will allow us to have a second farm which boasts having the richest soil in all the virtual land. That rich soil is  perfect for growing premium crops and being rewarded with premium XP. There will also be friendly new characters for us to interact with and guide our gameplay, as well as new activities such as Sheep Breeding!

Watch the cute little video above for a special sneak peek of the English Countryside. If you would like to learn more details about what to expect in the English Countryside, FarmVille Freak was lucky enough to visit Zynga and get an exclusive preview of the English Countryside in action! Don’t miss out on these exclusive FarmVille Freak posts:

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FarmVille English Countryside Commercial

Are you excited about farming in the English Countryside?

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117 Responses to “FarmVille English Countryside Commercial” »

  1. tech-chef Says:


  2. Kelly Says:

    I am boycotting English Countryside if what I heard was true in that one of your farms will be on pause while you work the other.

  3. Earthian 12 Says:

    C’mon just release it already!

  4. gammymbw Says:

    I’m still not going to do it if my original farm goes on pause. No way. I have worked too hard

  5. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    I will not do the FVEC if one of the farms has to be on pause. As a horse breeder that would royally mess things up, and I make major $$$ breeding them. And still have things to master, so I will not go to the EC if this is how they are gonna do it. I say NO

  6. Christiann Says:

    So… When’s soon????

  7. Rogue Robot Says:

    FVEF: FarmVille Epic Fail

  8. surya Says:

    nice one. but still not interested. cant leave my old farm for a new one.

  9. Dannylynn Says:


  10. Kristine Says:

    I agree, it seems that you can’t interchange anything like animals or gifts from one farm to the other, so they should be completely seperate and not put one farm on pause. It takes long enough to grow crops and harvest animals, putting one on hold seems ridiculous.

  11. windi Says:

    i am with you kelly… and they have announced that one will pause if you are on the other one…

  12. surya Says:

    i’l rather have the 30×30 expansion than this fvec.

  13. Kim Says:

    Wont do the farm if it pauses the other one. Just wont. No FVC for that farm. Keep the farm and bring it out when you figure out how to do this…even if it is adding land to the other farm to be used only for the England farm.

  14. Dave Says:

    LOL How do you make major money breeding horses?

  15. Dannylynn Says:

    Nope, not doing it. Not going to start a new farm and have the old one, the one I’ve worked on for well over a year. Spent actual money on just to have it paused. Stupid. You can keep your FVEC….Sheep breeding is lame anyhow. Now if you gave me the chance to breed new VERY rare horses AND allowed me to keep one for myself and put it in the feed, we might talk. But until then not interested.

    How about fixing the glitches and things you promised instead of coming out with new junk most of us don’t want.

    Still waiting for the Unicorns to be breedable. When’s that gonna happen????????????? Been waiting months now.

    Not holding my breath tho.

  16. Kris Roberts Says:

    what exactly does pause mean

  17. Preston Says:

    I will not play this new farm if they pause your old farm . Thats just not right. We shouldn’t have to pause our old farm to go and play the new one. It want happen to me. I will refuse to play the new one.

  18. Ivy Jakel Says:



    A new crappy pause feature thats sure to leave you and your friends angry!!

    You are sure to freak out that to learn you can’t take any of your farmcash sheep over to breed BUT dont worry if you pay us lots of money you can have new stuff!

    You’ll really be ticked when you can’t bring your overstuffed storages over to decorate this new farm


    Don’t bother e-mailing us with complaints because here at zynga its always YOUR fault!

    Our leader Mark has scammed before who says we wont do that again, because after all you cant do anything about it because we are mighty zynga

    and if you don’t join this new farm we will spam you into submission, and posts false posts to your friends who hate us now, saying you want them back on farmville!

    Reamber farmvillers we only want your money and none of your satisfaction!

    p.s everyone loves us because we hold fundraising. Its are way of avoiding bad publicity!


    This above is what zynga reallyyy is!!!

  19. Rob G. Says:

    I have to agree w/ most of you.This game pause thing sounds like a BAD IDEA!!!!
    Why would one farm just stop like that?
    Way too much time invested into my 1st farm just to see it pause!!!

  20. Rob Hammond Jr Says:

    I kinda like it and I dont…Its great that theres going to be many more exciting things to do but I just dont like the fact that my other farm is going to be paused….Instead of taking all this and making a whole new game out of it, Zynga should of just added all this new stuff to the existing farms we all already have. Zynga keeps asking all of us “How can we make your farming expirience greater?” Well, Ditch the English Countryside and put these things on our existing farms so we dont have to sit there and manage one farm while the other is paused.

  21. kitCallahan Says:

    stop being big babies! So it pauses the other farm you plant on one and then the other or work one one week and then the other. Who knows what you will miss out on when they start integrating the 2 farms.

  22. surya Says:

    thinking of pausing my new farm forever

  23. Kelly Says:

    I’m with #12 Kris. What exactly does “pause” mean. It really doesn’t take me long to work my farm with helping hands. So, why all the fuss?

  24. Effie Sauter Says:

    I can not wait runs through clapping

  25. Nonya Says:

    They screwed this up with the pausing one farm to do the other I WILL NOT DO IT ALSO BOYCOTTING FVEC ALSO!

  26. Sasha Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this could be quite cool if given the chance?

    But all this “build up” has gone on too long, release the damn thing already

  27. aud Says:

    i doubt very much if i am going to have an english farm if one is on “pause”. I’m on level 172 and will not mess with that. too bad as i was really looking forward to it. you screwed up zynga

  28. Effie Sauter Says:

    hmmm should have read more of these responses don’t know what to think now

  29. Susan Says:

    More garbage from the Ministry of Propaganda.

    And it is way annoying that they end almost every sentence, in all their propaganda, with an exclamation mark, as though it is some kind of announcement that is supposed to leave everybody breathless.

    Anyhow, it may all be moot as Zynga seems to be melting down. Lots of the usual and new problems, but apparently zero response from customer support for days! (breathless comment) — a professional and responsible company would make an announcement that there are problems with customer support, but not Zynga. They just stonewall everything, or else lie and say it is a feature that all the customers have been asking for! (breathless comment)

    Rewardville is currently totally broken, and there is nobody at Zynga that you can contact about it. Complaining on the Z forum just gets your post moved or deleted (for being “abusive”).

    Q. Why?

    A. “Under investigation!”

  30. Ania21 Says:

    I also agree!! I don’t want my farms to PAUSE!!
    That’s the only thing I don’t like about this new farm..which makes me not want to play it.
    So please change this Zynga!

    Other than that it looks really fun, and love all the new animals that will be available..I just hope it won’t have too many quests like Frontierville…

    b.c if it is that I prob. won’t be playing it either..
    just my opinion.

  31. Gypsy Says:

    Well, perhaps if you ASKED about the pause, how long it will be etc…instead of just blatantly whining about it first……Makes me wonder if y’all believe everything you see on TV. Anyway…….and REALLY what difference will it make if one farm actually does pause….you’re timing the breeding…….just add the adjusted time…….AH DUHH…. Really folks get a grip…THIS IS ONLY A GAME THAT IS STILL IN BETA……it is not your rt livelyhood, it is not the real world…….stop griping and HELP make it better by TALKING to the Developers…..if I constantly whined bitched and complained at you the way some you are doing…….you’d slam the door too!….LMAO reading your posts is true entertainment……GROW UP

  32. hollyberries Says:

    STOP TEASING and bring on the second farm….I’m ready….gots 160 special deliveries and about 70 or so more building materials ready to go…so lets go!

  33. Judy Mouse Says:

    Dave, to answer your question about making $$ breeding. If you place 1 horse at a time into the stable and then harvest, you get paid at each harvest. I profit about 1/2 each night, I stuff my stable 1 horse at a time, half my inventory of horses, then the next night, do the other half of my horse inventory.

  34. grace Says:

    I was looking forward to FVEC till Zynga announced they were freezing time on your farm while you visited the EC. I’ve spent too many hours (and too much real money!) working on my current farm to sacrifice it to Zynga’s greed.

  35. Judy Mouse Says:

    that should read 1/2 a million ooops :)

  36. Lisa Lefrik Says:

    I do not want to be negative. I look forward to seeing this. This might come as a surprise and be great… despite the pause feature…
    At least EC looks really great… love these sheep :)

  37. Ana Says:

    Paused…as in you plant crops then go to the FVEC to play, & your crops on the 1st farm don’t grow, your farm is literally paused. Nothing goes on while you are at the EC. You can’t collect from your stables, dairy, nothing as it is “frozen in time”.

  38. Ivy Says:

    I beg to differ. Haven’t you notice a lot of people are disappointed that one of our farms has to be on pause for us to play on the other. That means we can only plant crops on one farm at a time. I was excited till I found that out.

  39. Toyoto Burk Says:

    There is no need for the PAUSE.

    I also play Restaurant City, a PlayFish game. I have 4 restaurants now, none paused, all inter connected, unlimited storage and other features Zynga SHOULD look into.


  40. neneth Says:

    you know i subcribe everything why until now why i dont have it?i realy love all your rare pet…what i need to do coz i put all my foals inside the barn why it back horse foals every time? why like this?

  41. Sheri McNeil Says:

    I agree that I have worked way too hard to pause my farm. Oh and so then you want us to spend Farm Cash in both places. Better yet I am so sick of getting told how long I can play each day with restrictions and the time outs. Oh I get is so you want me to pause that farm and go play on the other. Worst decision so far. I am really starting to hope that people will join me in starting a huge petition against the 2nd farm. We could reach thousands if we all join in together. I want our voices to be heard. Who wants to join me? Please add me and we can work hard to get this information passed all over FV. Just imagine what kind of mess it will create with a 2nd farm. Let’s say NO to FV’s second farm.

  42. Lizzie Says:

    Please stop referring to this as a “second” farm. It is an alternate farm. If one is inactive, it’s not two farms. It’s one plus another in storage.

  43. Debbie Says:

    I have tried to create an “English” type of farm with my farm – so what’s new? Why not offer these features with existing farm? I need some moors!!

  44. rich lane Says:

    Greetings there fellow players. The following remarks are constructive i hope ..and hopefully might get read by someone in Zynga management. There have been some excellent and exciting points about the new FVEC; however the two deal breakers for most people are 1) the non-transferable storage (i.e. items we have accumulated) many of us were looking forward to displaying our prized farm-cash decorative items on a second farm and now that along wih our existing animals and such not being transferable really is a downer. 2) the “pause” or as many are referring to it the pause of doom, is going to doom Zynga’s efforts with the EC offering. If Zynga would bother to peruse its own Discussion forum it will see players have voted about 15-1 (at least) against the pause being implemented. May’be our votes don’t count, but remember these same votes are attached to many a “paying” customer, that might just drop the whole farmville franchise over this. Also to say “many” players cannot manage two farms simultaneously is not only insulting but a misconception on Zynga’s part…we can manage two or more farms at the same time..give us the chance and the choice, don’t treat us like children; and Finally, please do not take this game the direction of Mafia Wars where you phase out the original farmville for EC or any additional farming communities…if that happens i can almost guarantee your player/financial resource count drops from between 30 & 50 million players to near Zero!!. True blue farmville players just will not put up with anything other than a true second farm, with total item transfer between game stages and simultaneous play at all times. Anything less will end up in failure. Thank you

  45. professionaltimewaster Says:

    i am still excited and think this fvec thing will be interesting. i cannot imagine that there is a pause sort of thing like it seems to be understood from the posts seen earlier, just because this would be literally the end of co-op jobs etc and would mess up too many things. i could imagine that the old farm is paused as long as your actually working on the other, but both are running if you´re not logged in. but anyways, too early to complain now.

  46. teri Says:

    I don’t like the pause thing…but if you travel back to your other it should be fine. So work on getting your english farm built up and then go home…

    they have a reason for it. maybe someone should ask that so they can include it in the next pod cast. maybe the system can’t handle both yet and it will do it later. who knows. no i don’t like it but for Christs sake these people work hard and all we do it bi*ch and moan about what we DON’T like. its a free game. you don’t have to spend your money on it.

  47. follyland Says:

    I will not do FVEC if one of the farms has to be on pause. I don’t want or need a guide for gameplay, keep that childish play on Frontierville. Agree Sheep breeding is lame, I’ll keep my Cows & Horses. And Stop calling this a second farm.

  48. Lynn Says:

    Sorry, No.

    This is like starting a whole new farm, not a continuation of our first one.

    I refuse to pause my original farm.

  49. niquedaone Says:

    just like post 34 said.

    but here is my example on the pause feature

    say you plant in the ec farm and you then go to help neighbors and the last neighbor you help is in the regular farm. so lets say u planted a 12hr crop and u helped say 20 neighbors and out of those 5 are on the regular farm each farm takes 2 mins thats 10mins that your ec farm was not growing and heaven help you if you exit after go to or helping someone on the regular farm. that means that 12 hour crop only grew a total of 30mins. so now you have to wait an extra 11 1/2 hrs with out exiting the ec farm. and vice versa.

    as explained by farmville freak and zynga this is what the pause feature will do to our farms.

  50. coalminersgurl Says:

    LOL @ Dan, what do you mean, how do you make major money breeding horses? Are you serious, I make a half million coins a night breeding my horses, if not more. There is serious, coin money in it, but I guess you wouldnt know that, cause you dont breed. So whats even the point of talking to you about it. On another note, I was really excited about the Farmville English Countryside, intil I found out that you cant use your current storage, or send animals from one farm to the other, now that they come out with one farm will be “paused” bullcrap, there is no way im playing that game, wont even make my first trip there. That would mess everything up, and you would never know when your stuff would be ready, my stuff is ready at a certain time everyday, thats what im used to and my friends, so nope, they can have it. When Zynga learns to listen to their players, and what we really want, instead of making it all about money, money, money, then I will try out this new Farm, but not initl then. Sorry Zynga, you had a chance here, to do something great, and in the process make alot of money, and you blew it. So like I said from the beginning,this could either be one big failure,or a really big success, it all was up to whether they listened to our feedback or not, they didnt and now they have to take the loss from this. Well im done venting now, lol. Happy Farming to all.

  51. Dustin Divis Says:

    This actually is a second farm Lizzie and did anyone see on the Q & A for English Countryside we will get a sheep pen on English Countryside Farm AND our current regular farm if we get good at it?!

  52. jo Says:

    i dont like the paouse at all we can work 2 farms ok if we cant bring things over from one to the other might be fun to start a new one but not if the one we already have has to go on the back burner to work the new ill just stick to the one i got the stuff i have seen for the new farm looks great and was excited about it till i heard this no longer excited maybe you need to rethink this one guys and with so many things we already have not working right it would be really great if you fixed all those things before trying something new that doesnt sound like its going be very well welcomed think about

  53. coalminersgurl Says:

    Sorry that was supposed to say lol @ Dave, not Dan, so now lol @ me……

  54. Carol Says:

    Another flippen stupid idea from ZYNGA

  55. FarmDiva79 Says:

    It does look cute, I am excited, but the whole pause thing – that just does not help things!

  56. Leslie "O" Says:

    Pause is worst idea ! NOT happening on this farm!

    The technology is available.
    Other games have multiple farms.

    Pause is not just when your working on the farms….

    When you log off you must choose which farm you want mature this affects you crops, animals and orchards, barns ALL OF IT !

    The second farm is frozen until you choose it to work.. ugh

    Pause means one farm is permanently frozen,

    Sorry Zynga Freeze This !!!

  57. KitKat Says:

    I guess the Co-op feature will be useless now…. I’ve worked way too hard and long on my first farm to ever consider pausing it at all…. Whoever thought that there wouldnt be a tremendous outrage in players because of this needs their head examined…

  58. Dan James Says:


  59. steve Says:

    Keep it Zynga i will not play it unless you remove the pause feature so tease do whatever you want you have already blew what could have been a goodthing

  60. Raven Zombie Says:

    so for everyone with Farmville China… wouldnt this be a 3rd farm?

    i was so excited about the sheep breeding, especially after seeing the commercial. but im not happy that this other farm is getting all of this, and not the main one.

  61. Mysti Says:

    I wished I had been the one to visit Zynga the other day instead of that one lady. I would have told them when they first showed it to me, that they should rethink the pause feature because its NOT a good idea. The whole point of having an alternate farm in my opinion is giving me something to do while my crops on one farm are growing. this would be especially true for things like those two hours Strapsberries and what not. Plant, go do stuff on english farm come back harvest etc.

    There are many other games that allow for multiple separate “farms” and it functions well. I just bought a second kingdom in fantasy kingdoms and It actually works rather fluidly. Im guessing they added the whole pause feature because they assumed people would be so into the new Quest driven game play of the alternate farm we’d forget about our other farms?

    really? I doubt it.
    I think if enough people complain publicly in enough places that report about Zynga, like on Mashable and Gamezebo, I think Zynga will get the message. They may be able to ignore here, but if a poll were to show up on another website that often posts about farmville and other games, they mayn’t be able to ignore that. Its not easy to ignore people when the forum they are protesting in is public and not your own.

  62. Mysti Says:

    Also, I have noticed that stuff in your gift box can make the transition. So some of the special trees Id like to bring, I place a couple on my main farm and Im saving a few for my new farm. I can get get special deliveries easy. So when I get a new tree off the feed or something, I just save it for later.

    Im going to play, I don’t plan on putting a lot of emphasis on it and I honestly thing that Zynga will get the message and take the pause feature off in the future, because it will be obvious its not a good idea. I am patient.

  63. appleman Says:

    #22 hahahahah


  64. millie Says:


  65. reincloud Says:

    #15: Im with you – WHEN ARE UNICORNS GOING TO BE BREEDABLE??? Huh, zynga? You SAID they were going to be, then went back on that after a LOT of people spend a LOT of fvc to get the first one out of the mystery game.. bad show, really :( Perhaps start with fixing what’s ALREADY f’d up…

    and NOTHING WILL MAKE US FORGET ABOUT THE “PAUSE” BULLS**T!!!!!!! Take a look at ALL the responses to ANY post about the FVEF (I prefer this name, at least at this point.. :( ) since you released that little tidbit.. NO ONE IS OK WITH IT, NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY IF IT’S LIKE THAT!!

    #54: go read about the “pause feature.” It’s not a “feature” at all, not one person who actually knows what it is is ok with it. PLEASE go make sure you know what you’re talking about before you say anything. It’s only a couple posts back on this site, the one that has 400+ comments on it, you can’t miss it.. read. learn. then post.

  66. Angela Says:


  67. brainy smurf Says:

    I do not think that we are looking at it the right way. if you think about why not try it out first. it has not even came out yet and already complaining. i plan on giving it a shot just so i can breed sheep and do some of the adventures. I do admit that the pause feature will be a debbie downer. i really do not know why its like that could it be because it runs on beta. oh well I am still excited about something new.

  68. Angela Says:

    How do they know they’ll have over 45 million players? They’re counting their eggs before they hatch!

  69. Victoria Says:


    What you guys are forgetting is how much whining you all do because you feel everything has a price tag.. Zynga is giving you something everyone can afford and everyone can enjoy. Stop whining about your original farm being paused, nobody knows the final details until the idea rolls out. Even then things change as the company watches how players interact with the game.

    IF your game does ‘pause’ big deal! It’s a game people, if you can’t even think of trying something new because your horse breeding might fail or your crops might not grow while your back is turned then you need a life!

    I for one think Zynga is being extremely business savvy, nothing stays at the top forever; they have found a way to inject new life into something we all love. But let’s face it even with the changes and new themes it gets a bit monotonous sometimes. Give it a chance before you rip it to pieces, if you don’t like it it’s not going to matter, Zynga still gets you hooked on one of their games, boycotting the new farm proves nothing. They’re just shrugging and saying ‘Whatever’ we thought you’d like a change. Oh well!

    Cheer up chaps!

  70. Cathy Says:

    If they are going to pause my farm, so it’s frozen, I will not be going to TECS! I not only play my farmville game, I play my husband’s game, so I have two separate farms, and they both grow and advance while I am off the farm….I also have 8 farms on another farm game, and you can move things from one farm to the other, and things keep on growing, no matter what farm you are working on…Zanga skrewed up this time, the pause thing, and not letting us transport our things from the origional farm to the new one is crazy, I have over 250 horses, and I need more room, not another game, and “missions” That is why I stopped playing Frontierville, I don’t have time to beg for all the stuff they want you to build, and there is not enough room on that fully expanded game for everything….I am only hitting my Farmville farm once or twice a day now, to collect and return gifts, harvest, animals, trees, and wnat not, and breed horses when I am in the mood and have time, other wise, I am on my other farm game, planting, and filling up my working facilities that make me tons of farm coins….Zanga better sit up and take notice of their competition!

  71. Angela Says:

    Looks like the last two posts were from Zynga. lol

  72. Rik Says:

    Having that pause “feature” is like making a car with the brakes being optional.

    I think I can pass on this “expansion.”

  73. Ronda Says:

    Personally, I like the pause feature. Now when I go on vacation, I can pause my main farm until I get home.

  74. Cathy Says:

    @ # 61, Anqela, I am not from Zanga, actually Sla….key who puts out farm t…n is also a BETA game, and they know what the H3!! they are doing with “their” game, Zanga;s lost in the woods, I even quit playing Mafia wars, because they made it too hard to play, unless you played all day and poured cash into the game….

  75. Ronda Says:

    PS…. you can use ANYTHING from your giftbox on either farm… So if you want something for your EC Farm, keep it in your giftbox

  76. cute Says:

    Agree with you Ronda ;) ready or not i’m ready to play fvec, i play fv from the first day they out and spent real money for it, doesnt matter what they will do, i need something new, now i keep cash stuff in gb for fvec. i’m enjoy play fv :) this is only game if u dont like to play just quit, and lucky u all , we dont need to pay anything to play this game , and u still can play without purchase anything .

    ps, i love fv and fvec

  77. Susan Says:

    Has there ever been another formerly successful company that is now so utterly clueless about what its paying customers want?

    Zynga ignores everything we say in their official forums.

    Zynga ignores everything we say in their official associated forums and web sites.

    Zynga ignores everything we say in the unofficial forums and web sites.

    And Zynga ignores everything we say to customer support.

    Yet they repeatedly give us the horse crap lie about how they “listen” to what their customers want!

    The company is obviously corporately suicidal, and specifically has a Farmville death wish.

  78. 1hotroddie Says:

    Has anyone GOTTEN TO the new farm yet?

    Farmville has forever been playing ‘catch-up’ since it’s beginning. Give them a break. With more than 30 mil players, they can’t read every post or respond to every complaint. Frustrating? YES!…but Zynga is NOT WoW. There has to be some limitations since they depend on Facebook for a platform.

    Think people! Think from the developer’s side for a minute. Do you like the game? GREAT! So do I! If you don’t, don’t ruin it for the others. No one wants to be around a complete ‘downer’ all the time.

    Yes, I get frustrated just like you. But I like the game just fine. Its like religion. You take the parts you like and apply it. If you don’t like it – you don’t play.

    Happy Farming!

    Level 97 player
    Horse & Calf breeder
    and NOT the owner of the giant farm
    or the user of a bonus collector bar.

  79. cute Says:

    Susan#66 ; this is from my own experiance with zynga

    Zynga NOT ignores everything we say in their official forums.
    And Zynga NOT ignores everything we say to customer support.

    so far they never dissapoint me in customer service

  80. Halisstra Says:

    What on earth were they smoking when they cooked up this trailer? How old do they think their average player is? Eight?
    Fail FVEC is failing epically!
    No second farm for me.

  81. Carmen Says:

    I for one won’t be playing either. :)

  82. Jane Says:

    @67 You should rethink your theory about Zynga not being WoW. You’re right that they aren’t Blizzard Entertainment, but for all the wrong reasons. You seem to think this means players shouldn’t complain about poor quality of game play, unanswered customer support claims, or the developers ignoring disruptive glitches to initiate features that ultimately hurt the players’ experience even more.

    Blizzard entertainment brought in a lot less money than Zynga in both 2009 and 2010. WoW has about 2 million less ACTIVE players than FarmVille, but more than 8 times the servers. In the last quarter of 2010, Zynga’s earning dropped sharply, and their 1st QTR 11 earnings projection is dismal. Zynga, between all their games, lost most players in January 2011 than they gained in the last half of 2010. For the highest grossing non-retail company in the United States, that is a very bad sign. That’s the sign of bankruptcy and every executive in the company blacklisted in the industry. Wehn you consider that CityVille debuted in January and brought in millions of players, you start to get an idea of just how poorly managed Zynga is.

    If by developers you meant the employees who actually write the code, I have to say I have no pity for them. They have a demanding job and some of them might even be capable of doing it, but from the customer’s point of view, all we can see is new features released before the code cleared the draft stages. Major releases don’t work for days, sometimes weeks on end, in-game items that players purchase with real money are taken from their games because the code, all 3 simple lines of it for a tree or a small animal, wasn’t written properly. And then the customer support people are bombarded so severely with claims for people to recover their items or their money, they actually shut down all customer support for almost 24 hours. When they resume support, they not only ignore claims about the items the company has stolen from the customers, but a month later they shut down customer support again, then come back and make a general announcement that claims made in between the two outages were “unfortunately lost.” It’s theft, and the American legal system recognizes it as such. Players from around the world participated in a class action suit against Zynga and when the panel of judges suggested they settle, Zynga jumped at the chance. They know that a lot of their business practices are questionable, some even illegal, but it has raked in the money long enough that they won’t bother to change. Instead, they “partner” with independent sites like this one, bend them to their rules, and the players lose a little more.

  83. Stupid Says:

    Zyng* is so stupid on this! One farm pause and working on others farm? Then why you want to release the new farm? Just launch another new games! We have worked hard on our old farms and will not be pause it like breeding horse and trees! I will not play this FVEC if you pause my old farm! Just stupid game!

  84. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Millie@54 – First please do not use all capitals, is bad manners and very difficult to read.
    I don’t think you have quite understood what is proposed by the pause effect. It is not that one farm will pause will you work on the other, but that only one will run at any time.
    So you work on FVEC and exit from there. From that point until you return to your original farm nothing will happen there. Your crops will not grow, and perhaps more importantly to you, your horses will not develop to the point where you can pop them in the stable to get your multiples. Yes I do know how that works, but choose not to do it.
    So you will have to decide whether you want things to happen on the original farm or on FVEC – they can’t happen concurrently when you are not playing either of them.

    As a general comment can we focus on the issue here. The main problem that most people are concerned with is this proposal to have a pause effect so that only one game runs at a time.

    If the game is released that way it will be a failure.

    Let us post as often as we need to convey this message to Zynga.

    But please, please, can we stay with the topic, stay courteous, and stop making insulting remarks about the individuals who work for Zynga. Can we all also stop attacking anyone here who does not agree with us. Insults and angry language do not promote the argument they detract from it.

  85. Josh Says:

    I guess I will pick at Zynga’s brain and try to explain

    1. Why they did not make this a separate game. –

    I believe because it keeps gifting simple if it was two separate games we would have to gift on both so IMO you get more gifts combining the game.

    2. The reason why one farm has to be paused. –

    The game looks to have a different game engine and the graphics look a bit superior. If the just added these features to the old farm most likely everyone would have to start their original farm over when the new engine was implemented.

    So the way I see it people whine about change so making two separate games would cause neighbor conflicts cause less gifts in each game. This keeps your gift count high. This way you have a choice which farm you want to play while retaining your current neighbors. All these people complaining if I switched to English Countryside I would get no gifts how would I enjoy the farm of my choice without neighbors gifting me? I dunno maybe a stretch but this is what I believe went into the thought process making FV:EC.

  86. Julia Says:

    I have a feeling that Farmville English Countryside is just going to be Frontierville — Farmville style! Remember how everyone had a fit when they started giving us “tasks?” Hmmmmmm………not whining…just sharing my thoughts!

  87. Mirk Says:

    There’s that word: SOON

  88. Tammy Says:

    I think this new FVEC will be great! Can’t wait till it’s available…… if they would allow us to visit other countries besides England….let’s visit Spain, New Zealand….whew!! all that traveling has been ready!! YAY!

  89. Tammy Says:

    I think also that people complain to much.

    If you don’t like it–then go somewhere else—–

    If you don’t like it, then quit complaining. You all sound like angry and bitter old ladies.

    Enjoy life—Enjoy the games………

    Thats all

  90. Jewels Says:

    I’m just astounded to see some of these comments. Really? You make big buck breeding horses? And how’s that fake pixel money working out for you.

    Personally i can’t wait for FVEC to come out. I’m an orchard farmer on reg. FV and will probably use EC to breed the different animals. Only problem is, RELEASE it already! And can you do us, your supporters, run them simutaniously just so those who make the big “money” will stay on FV. Rather have them over there than pissing a whining about how they are loosing out on all that “money” they are not making on EC. Thank you!

  91. Julia Says:

    I do have a comment about the glitches that everyone complains about…..the internet, codes, etc., are never failproof. If you’ve played this game for awhile you should have learned that no matter how hard they try there is always going to be a glitch when zillions of players all attack the new feature at once. The best thing to do when you encounter a glitch is “step away from the computer” LOL — but seriously, give it a day or two for the “powers” to get the fixes in place and then resume. Your blood pressure and heart will thank you:-)

  92. audrey geary Says:

    Hi Everyone there is one thing that has been annoying me about the new English FarmVille why call it English and then use the United Kingdom Flag. The UK flag is not the English one but a combination of the Enlish, Norther Irish and Scottish. Please join with me to get either the right flag used or call it British Farmville its got to be one or the other.

    Would you over in america like it if we got your national flag wrong? After all america and canada are both in north america. See what i mean. Please sort it out zynga.

  93. debisme2 Says:

    What is everyone complaining about? because its not going your way?..good grief people its a have a choice…gripping will get you nowhere. I have put real cash into the original farmville also…so what…that was my choice..they do not force you to buy farmcash…OMGoodness i cannot believe how many people gripe about a basically FREE game…it only cost money if you chose to spend it. And the person that griped about Zynga in general…Gosh no one is forcing you to play their games….it just totally amazes me how much rage there is over a game!!! I myself will play FVEC just out of pure curiosity, and dont mind puttin my other farm on hold for a day or two. There are some days I get bored with it anyway doing the same thing day after this will be a nice change up…and if I dont like it…well then i just wont play it anymore…no BIG deal…..I bet everyone of you will go in just to check it out ….

  94. Noel Says:

    Yawn, I’ve been teased so much about FVEC that my tease response is worn out LOL

  95. nikk Says:

    I contacted Zynga re not working two farm (one goes on pause no growth)…..I had a reply to say they will be two separate farms and will not interfere with each other…..heard this from two different customer service reps……so not sue who to listen to now you or Zynga…..sorry just more confused…..

  96. Karina Says:

    @Millie #54: Can you add me? I would like to add you as a neighbor. My link is on my name. I need more neighbors.

  97. ratorr2 Says:

    I agree, this is not a second farm, it’s an alternative farm. If only one can be in use at a time and you can’t transfer items from one to the other then it’s just a new game all together being tacked onto Farmville so that they have an instant group of players for it. They should just make it a separate game like Cityville and Frontierville and be done with it so people don’t have to “pause” one game to play the other.

  98. Josh Says:

    Personally I like the tasks it brings more to the game which is why I am excited about FV:EC but just because some of neighbors don’t should either of us lose each other as neighbors. I haven’t heard anything about energy unless I missed something? To do tasks gives me a reason to grow crops I normally ignore since I cannot use them to craft and gives me a reward for doing so. Where all I wold get normally is mastery tasks give you the bonus of a reward.

  99. kortni Says:

    i almost feel like zynga is trying to PUSH me out of my original farm that ive spent so much time and money on. with the release of cityville alot of the things on farmville kinda sucked, i guess cuz they spent so much time on cityville and lately i feel the same about farmville, i also guess due to the EC (or it could be pure laziness by zynga which wouldnt surprise me either) but i wonder…are they going to let this crappy EC have cool things and keep us old original farmers in the dark? like not giving us new things on the schedule that they normally do. AND by pausing our original farm they are ALREADY making us choose and that pisses me off. i wont abandon my OF to breed some damn sheep and i am goin to be royally pissed if they try to leave us old original farmers in the dark. just sayin…

  100. Josh Says:

    When sequels come out old ones get neglected part of being a gamer. I do thou believe all items that come out will be available in both games if not they will not neglect Farmville they make too much money off of it. This being newer technology/game engine I would thing some features are not possible to code into the original Farmville it’s just a fact of life and how technology works.

  101. andosia Says:

    I am under the impression that Zynga just figures we’ll complain until it’s released, like, sorry to say, many people do, and then we’ll be won over at how impressive and fun it is and all will eventually be forgotten.

    Where would I come up with such a harebrained idea? Because, unfortunately it happens time and time again. People always get uppity when confronted with change and dig their heels in the well fertilized soil, regardless of what those changes bring.

    I think pausing one farm is, simply put, lame. I would like to know WHY it’s designed this way. I much prefer to understand what is behind a decision than to have something forced upon me without explanation. Maybe if they have a damn good reason for the need to pause one farm then we can say “Oh, well that DOES make sense” and accept it and look forward to the so-called addition like good little FV addicts.

    There are millions of Farmville players in the world. How many of those millions don’t want this new second farm to come with pause? Not enough to make a difference to Zynga right now. Which tells me voicing dislike about it doesn’t mean doodly-squat. So instead of wasting my time any further on the topic this is my last post about it. I now plan to continue playing, try out the “second” farm when it is released and take it from there. If I hate it, I’ll remove/ignore it. If I enjoy it, awesome.

  102. LaurieK Says:

    Looks nice, but if my original farm goes on pause if I play FVEC, I won’t be playing. If it’s true that there is no interaction between the farms (as far as being able to use resources from one on the other) then it makes no sense to have them “connected” in this way. And it really makes no sense that your FV neighbors can only visit the latest farm visited. That seems particularly nonsensical to me.

    It’s too bad, because it looks fun otherwise. But these hurdles are too signfiicant for me to bother participating.

  103. Andreas Says:

    Yes, hate that pause thought as well, even if u earn more, the farm looks very little, would it be upgradable anyway?
    If it stays so small and u have all the builfdings like in the pic, u can`t have many crops anyway, i will try it, and the idea is nice, specially with pub or sheep, but i would see it as a better sucess with a second game, but one way or the other i think many will losse interest if it will e delayed even further, they should finally release it already!

  104. b0red Says:

    so I’m guessing one day I should focus on my original farm, the next day the English one?

  105. trish Says:

    nope…not even a little bit excited. (oh…and none of my friends are either)

  106. Robin Says:

    This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun having all those little people running around on your new English farm! NOT! You’ll soon be caging them up too like the one you do on FV.

  107. Ambino Says:

    As an employee of another gaming company I can honestly say Zynga is making a huge mistake by implementing this “pause feature”. First I’ll say this isn’t really an addition to your existing farm if you can’t run both at the same time! It’s a whole new game, for all new profit!!! Zynga released Farmville in Beta stage, like any other normal game would start out, problem is.. they left it in beta WAY too long. Now players have spent literally hundreds of dollars.

    What no one realizes is when you put a game in beta, usually when the game goes live everyone starts from scratch and you lose all of your beta items. I figure Zynga released EC as a way for us to keep our old farms, rather than deal with the backlash of taking everything away in our beta farm.

    I can honestly say Zynga does not care one single bit about their paying customers. I had a problem where I bought an animal that did not breed. I figured hey, I’ll send a ticket to support, they will take the animal back and refund my measly 16 farm cash… I sent 14 tickets, each one a person answering them didn’t even comprehend english, let alone what I wanted from the ticket. All I wanted was my 16 farm cash! By the 14th ticket, they FINALLY got my point. I was given Zynga’s refund policy in quotation marks… OH WAIT ZYNGA REFUSES TO REFUND ANY PURCHASE!!!! Buyer beware!! They refuse to refund any accidental purchase or deletion, any unwanted purchases.. LMAO, what DO you refund then zynga?

    Go get your money from EC Zynga.. I know there are a few idiots out there that can’t wait to put money into your greedy pockets!

  108. LeeAnn Says:


  109. ashley Says:

    someone suggested we work on one farm for one day and than the other farm the next day… question is ….what do you do on the farm you go back to? Nothing will be ready! This is a stupid idea!

  110. The Farmer with an Opossum Says:

    Well, I’ve decided. I’m using FVEC only, I repeat, ONLY for sheep breeding, so I can get a Sheep Pen on my normal farm. After that, I’ll completely put the FVEC farm on pause. They really wrecked a potentially great feature…

  111. The Cow Says:

    FVEC sucks

  112. Farmer Says:

    I have the English Countryside!
    And it is true that the farms are on pause! I’m SOOOO mad about that! :(
    And disappointed with Zynga

  113. Bonnie Saddler Says:

    Please help! I have decided not to go to the EC and have sold my airship, but the clock keeps ticking to send me off. How do I go about reversing this process before it’s too late? It shows I have less than 1 day left.

  114. Bwaddy Waddy Says:

    What is Zynga thinking? It’s stupid to have a “2nd” farm if your original one is paused! They should just tell everyone to start ALL over. What great minds at Zynga thought that this was a good idea? What a waste of my time! GET IT RIGHT ZYNGA!

  115. Marsha Says:

    I like it but pausing our home farm is a bit of a bummer


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