FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Profit Crop Tables!

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Profit Crop Tables!

Posted on April 16, 2011 9:23 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

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If you find yourself wondering which crops to grow on your farm, look no further! FarmVille Freak has it all broken down for you in these handy tables where you can learn which crops will earn you the most profit per hour. We’ve divided the crops into regular FarmVille crops available on your home farm, exclusive English Countryside crops, and Greenhouse crops.

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Crop Name
Hour to Grow
Black Tea865110455.63
Cara Potatoes472656203557.55
English Peas12215290756.25
English Roses6140165254.17
Field Beans16952101157.19
Pink Asters2365130652.83
Red Currant45575205
Spring Squill12155220655.42

Crop Name
Hour to Grow
Double Grain1273167947.83
Double Grain (Neighbor Seed)121516715212.67
Fire Pepper1216530213711.41
Fire Pepper (Neighbor Seed)121530228723.92
Lilac Daffy161102201106.88
Lilac Daffy (Neighbor Seed)161522020512.81
Long Onion1228050522518.75
Long Onion (Neighbor Seed)121520549040.83
Purple Tomatoes416527410927.25
Purple Tomatoes (Neighbor Seed)41527425964.75
Red Spinach1411525514010
Red Spinach (Neighbor Seed)141525524017.14
Squmpkin (Neighbor Seed)161519918411.5
Straspberry (Neighbor Seed)215917638
Sun Poppy2320045525511.09
Sun Poppy (Neighbor Seed)231545544019.13
Whiskey Peat2330568037516.3
Whiskey Peat (Neighbor Seed)231568066528.91

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110 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive: Profit Crop Tables!” »

  1. Jamie Says:

    I am not sure what is meant by ‘Neighbor Seed’ in the greenhouse seeds, would you be able to elaborate? :)

  2. Jase Says:

    Very nice, thanks this will help out alot!

  3. Archer Says:

    Neighbor Seed is the one we get from our neighbors… we don’t have to buy them which increases the profit :)

  4. Ron Says:

    @Jamie – What Neighbour Seed means to figure out the cost you do not have to buy the seed so to calculate the “profit” for that seed when you get the seed from your neighbour you do not figure in the purchase rate for the seed. Seeds from greenhouses cost nothing to you but seeds from the marketplace do. Hope that clears up why you see two versions of the same seed

  5. RC Cola Says:

    Please put the required level for each crop on the chart.

  6. Akash Says:

    Um So Purple Tomatoes? Really That surprised me o.o
    Thanks Btw Good Table Um and Cotton too o.o

  7. neil Says:

    Nice, I started a similar chart over a year and half ago.
    I also included the XP points per day.
    Figure was adjusted for how many crops could be harvested per day.
    e.g. Strawberries had 6 crops a day. Watermellons were at 1/4 of total XP points.

    What we need is new seeds for the home farm. Everything is for EC only now.

  8. ScottishFarmer Says:

    @Neil, I’m glad I’m not the only person who keeps note of such information! I have a lovely spreadsheet with information on crops, trees, animals, etc. Must get a life!!

  9. Allison Says:

    i suck at math, i just want to farm :(

  10. Sandy Says:

    Nice but I would like a printed copy. Is there a way to print it?

  11. filipe Says:


  12. Jonie Conley Says:

    Are we going to get bulls back for our cow barns? We need them in order to breed calves..

  13. Matt Blank Says:

    I made a chart that has profit, XP, mastery, and levels. Click my name to go to it.

  14. Angie Says:

    How do you read this chart? I’m so confused. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  15. Tondelao Says:

    Wish you had made this printable. That would save me from switching back and forth all the time. (between farm and chart)

  16. c Says:

    oh, made smth like that years ago :) and shared whit friends

  17. ThanksFarmville Says:

    What a good help!!! Thanks FarmvilleFreak!!!

  18. Christine Merten Says:

    Thank you for making Farming much easier… LOVE THE CHARTS also, with Breeding

  19. Catherine Gregoire Says:

    Nice job, nice to see where the profit is and what is the best to plant.

  20. Jan Says:

    If it’s money you want, buy belted cows and stuff your dairy till the cows come home

  21. Loony Says:

    Yepp, i fully agree with jan. I have got 5 Dairy barns with 40 belted cows inside each one (=600.000 coins per day) and my pigpen with 40 Saddleback pigs inside (=40.000 coins per day). So no need to harvest crops for profit, just for the mastery. And very comfortable too! Try it!

  22. SteH Says:

    Hi all, please read this in the suggestions forum on the official farmville site and
    see what you think, please also comment the more comments maybe zynga will introduce something along the lines of this then there will be a place for our mastery signs


  23. cathy Says:

    This is great, thank you. A tree chart would be awesome. I have one but it does not list the latest trees yet.

  24. Beth Says:

    great, this really helps which seeds to plant to use my instagrow!

  25. DeeDee Says:

    Gee, talk about anal! Just plant the bloody seeds and they grow. And as for belted cows dairy stuffing, why play? Do you think you are a master farmer by shoving cows in your dairy all day and levelling up 20 levels a day. Nothing but cheats. I’ve deleted and blocked 6 people so far this month. Boy, does it piss them off.

  26. nm Says:

    @ 13 Thanks Matt your spreadsheet is awesome and printable!

  27. Farmer Dan Says:

    These spreadsheets are good if you’ve mastered everything and just want to maximize use of your fields.

    But with most of the good stuff coming out being farmcash items, a lot of us are stuck with coins that we have no use for.

  28. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    Been there, done that over a year ago. Mastered all those seedlings and need new ones for home farm.
    Also have spreadsheet for animals and trees! I love analysis!

  29. Lindared59 Says:

    This information is very helpful. A few of my calculations might have been a little off, but it does verify much of what I thought. Too bad we need some of those low profit crops to make our crafts :)

  30. Kathy Says:

    To print the crop chart, horse breeding chart or sheep breeding chart I just clicked on “File”, then “Print Preview”, then scroll till you find the pages with the charts on them and then click “Print”. Select “Pages” and type in the page numbers you want to print through (mine was 9 – 11), then “Print”. That way you only print the pages with the chart on them. Good luck

  31. megan Says:

    are you sure that columbine is correct? 355 cost 380 yield 215 profit?

  32. larose Says:

    Estoy francamente harta de no entender las misiones, siembro como me lo piden, colecto como me lo piden y no paso al siguiente nivel de tareas. Es un asco. Estoy enfadada y harta de que traten todo el tiempo de que el usuario adivine lo que sigue, ademas el idioma español es uno de los mas ricos e importantes del mundo, miles de usuarios de habla hispana, jugamos Farm Ville y sus maditas paginas en ingeles eternamente producen una cantidad de confusiones si se quieren traducir. Les recuerso que el ingles no es sánscrito. Den otras alternativas. Que se les prenda el foco.

  33. larose Says:

    I’m really tired of not understanding the missions they ask me sow as collectively as they ask me not go over to the next level of tasks. It sucks. I am angry and tired of dealing all the time that the user guess what follows, besides the Spanish language is one of the richest and in the world, thousands of Spanish-speaking users, we played Farm Ville and pages on Ingela Madita ever produce a lot of confusion if you want to translate. I remind you that English is not Sanskrit. Provide alternatives. That they turn the focus.

  34. larose Says:

    Mastery of blue bells

  35. John Says:

    Cotton. Totally.

  36. Snoopy05 Says:

    Thank you for posting these tables. I am saving them for future reference. This is very helpful.

  37. nikki Says:

    I am still searching for the levels required to get the mastery signs in the pub and other crafting buildings. Does anyone have a link for those? Thanks!

  38. Agoddess Says:

    The APP for the FARM BOOK has all this information too and nifty pictures.

  39. leticia ocampo Says:

    Why buy some saplings gaga and I removed them, and are several times with different things happening to me thanks

  40. Lynn Says:

    Where can I find information on what comes out of the nursery?
    I know the Snow Stallion foal comes out a black horse.

  41. Todd Lauderdale Says:

    I bought a moat bridge for 7 farm cash, and didn’t get it although the farm cash is missing! Is this “fixable”? Thank You

  42. Martha Helms Meadows Says:

    I like the charts, I also wished you’d made the charts printable.

  43. rose Says:

    I am unable to make red spinach seeds : I mastered s[spinach and rhubarb seeds…..can any one help?

  44. Dennis Says:

    After clicking on the Game Request and accepting one of them and come back to the Game Request list, they are still on the list and not disappearing once you select it. What can you do about this so it disappears once you select it?

  45. Ana Meow Says:

    To Matt Blank post #13
    This chart is phenomenal! For me the XP points are more important than the coins you earn. What a great job! I’m printing it out and referring to it often.

  46. freddy Says:

    i cant tell if the columbine is messed up , but the profit says 215 but its 25

  47. Darlene Says:

    What can we do with the fan calves and belted calves. They do not mature nor are they allowed in the Nursery?

  48. Bear Says:

    I have been making charts like this for a while… it is good to see someone else doing it too…

    a suggestion: For the greenhouse, I believe 2 separate charts should be made; one chart should reflect time and cost for neighbor seeds, and the other should reflect home sprouted…

  49. sunnymhatre Says:

    i have problem that my (1000) fv credits have been hacked or gone out idon’t know but can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to get it back or give it to me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i pled!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. kathleen rutherford-prine Says:

    If you want to print, copy and highlight the charts, paste to Word, delete any unwanted text, format to landscape, save, and print.

  51. Farmville100s Says:

    Where is the Super Crop chart?

  52. flmdrpeena Says:

    Would like to see chart done in terms of XP as well as – or even instead of coins. With everything in FarmViille now costing FV$, the whole game has changed & coin return is virtually worthless.

    LOOKS LIKE YOU NOW NEED CHART FOR ANIMALS. Think there’s one for trees… too involved with breeding & posting problems to remember well. FV charts on mastery in orchards are incomplete. Can’t find several trees – & don’t even think they were rare ones either. Not in orchard not thru market.
    The Crafting should have had something like this. Boy the mastery explanation there really stunk. I have one now.
    FV is becoming ridiculous with all of this while not fixing customer’s problem they’ve created with pushed, fast sloppy program development.

  53. jeffery Says:

    How did you do the math for the profit? for whisky peat I got 390 for profit. It’s still highest yeild in a day but I just wanna know if I did it wrong. =p or did the prices change? ect.

  54. Bob Says:

    Hey Matt Please check the price for Wheat and Rice one is in error,according to my FV game info. Thanks for the chart!

  55. Julie L Says:


    1 click on the {prt scrn} button on your keyboard (near scroll lock)

    2 go to {Paint} found in accessories

    3 “Past”

    4 Once done either {save as} or {print}

    5 DONE

    You can do that for any and all screen on your computer

    Hope this helps a few of you out…Happy Farming ☺

  56. Julie L Says:

    Oh and I Love FarmVille Freak too….you guys are a god sent! xoxox

  57. Sandra Says:

    You’re the Greatest! Thanks for doing all the math!

  58. Yanaal Al Failat Says:


  59. Zoë Says:

    Were can i logg in??

    ps funny game.

  60. narayan Says:


  61. narayan Says:

    Nice, I started a similar chart over a year and half ago.
    I also included the XP points per day.
    Figure was adjusted for how many crops could be harvested per day.
    e.g. Strawberries had 6 crops a day. Watermellons were at 1/4 of total XP points.

    What we need is new seeds for the home farm. Everything is for EC only now.

  62. Max Says:

    How about a Super Crop Chart?

  63. C J Willis Says:

    Bpy, didn’t know this was available; thanks!

  64. melissa Says:

    it’s great that they include all the profit information, but i would like to see the experience points in the chart as well.. that information would be helpful

  65. Lynn Peterson Says:

    thanks, these are really helpful

  66. Robert Says:

    Don’t think your columbine table is correct if it cost 355 and yeild is 380 gain is onlt 15 not 215

  67. sandra hillenburg Says:

    I can’t get the expand for coin on the cove 18-18 expansion why?You should lower the amount of crops you want for the quest. or let us expand with the right amount of plots. For coins.

  68. Nick Says:

    whats the yield for?

  69. Red Hat Lady Says:

    I’m not so much concerned with the coin profit per hour but the XP point value per hour.

    Notice that the super crops have double XP over the regular crops plus a little extra coin value.

  70. brittany fox Says:


  71. kami wellman Says:

    Thank you very much could you send me any new materials as they come out? Thanks,kami Wellman

  72. longjohn88 Says:

    They should fix the problems with the games, I think any one could of figured this out, I did!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. ali Says:

    idont have cash plaese help my

  74. ali Says:

    plaese help me i dont have cash

  75. orange poppies Says:

    The crop charts are great. I’d love to see a chart for the various animal pens, saying which animals harvest for the most money, thanks!

  76. madaleine Says:

    what is this timeline some people are saying they do not like it it’s too confusing and takes too long. Are we going to be forced to use this? Can anyone help?

  77. melisa Says:

    Hi. I’m trying to find out which gifts I no longer need. My gift box is getting to full. Can someone tell me which gifts are expired. Thanks You know the ones from old quest. I haven’t been doing this too long. Thanks

  78. AuntMisty Says:

    I was wondering when we might be able to plant Winter Wonderland crops on the other farms.

  79. you've got Says:

    Its such as you read my mind! You seem to understand so much about this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I assume that you’ll do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but alternative than that, this is great blog. A nice read.

  80. leftinthelurchlinda Says:

    I am so frustrated. I’ve added friends, help them out, & get little in return. I can’t afford to buy Zynga game Cards (limited disability pension) so I don’t get a lot of things you can only purchase with “farmville cash”, but the thing that frustrates me the most right now is when they add new gifts to send. I get some new gifts from people that are really interested in helping each other out, and for them I am very grateful. But, some of these new gifts I get, eg. “wooden peg” & “sod” , I haven’t a clue what they are for. Everytime I click on them in my gift box, it tells me I’ve finished that particular quest, and, lol, I don’t even know where or how. ( I have tried using them on all four farms, nothing) also, how long are we supossed to hang onto all this other stuff that says “whoa, you’re not on that quest right now, save it for later) What if I miss it? How would I know? So, I just plod along at my own pace. I might miss out on a lot, but it’s still just as addicting, lol.

  81. Lorraine Says:

    I can’t find the dairy farm, nursery or turkey roost in the market, are there level resrtictions or have they been discontinued.

  82. Karen Says:

    Please tell me how to change the way I post to the way it was!!!! I can no longer write on my post – FV just says “posted” I don’t like it!!!

  83. C Says:

    This is TERRIFIC since I have spent hours trying to figure this out -especially after going nearly bankrupt on expansions. ;-)
    I hope your math wizards will extend this to the other farms as soon as they can!

  84. sharon Says:

    why cant we get the ring for our crops all other farms do it is easier to plant when you are on a schedule and cant always get to your fam

  85. suzanne Says:

    hi i live in australia can anyone tell me when the new hawaii farm is available to people in australia, is it the 6th of march for us?

  86. Karmela Says:

    Why they cheat with special delivery, I am getting notification for example – you have 10 special delivery, and in the gifts I have only 3, why?

  87. Kabilan Says:

    Thanks for the info… No more planting watermelon for me… However I would also like a chart for Super crops plants…

  88. Tia Says:

    Can we get charts for the winter and hawaii farms pls? These are awesome, thanks (n__n)

  89. faye smith Says:

    do you have charts for trees and animals?

  90. dawson shoffler Says:

    i what this be on framville

  91. Melvina Montalvo Says:

    I love these quests , when is the next one coming out ?

  92. Robin Says:

    got a question.. wish you would put a chart together of the building materials, and what they go with..
    I have some building materials in Hawaiian Paradise that I can’t figure out what they go on… :(

    anyone help??


  93. Jenn Says:

    I can’t find a decent updated animal harvest chart anywhere! Help us FarmVille Freak!

  94. Allie Says:

    How can I see game activity. I only see my activity and friend activity when my farm is loaded. thank you

  95. Allie Says:

    How can I get or see game activities?. I can only see my activities and friend activities. Thank you.

  96. Jamie Says:

    Does anyone know how to earn the ability to make red spinach seeds in the greenhouse? I mastered all others ages ago but can’t figure out the red spinach.

  97. Teresa Says:

    I’d like something similar to this for animals and trees. I’m looking for a searchable list of animals and trees for Farmville. I’m trying to accomplish the following:
    1. Determine which provide the most XP and in what length of time.
    2. Determine which have highest return on harvest.
    3. Determine which have the animals and trees have the best sell price.

    My issue is that I get so many items that are not in the Market list that I can’t look up their stats. Would be nice to see a Properties option when I left click on items in Farmville. I have too many aviaries for example. I’d like to get rid of low return birds and keep the high return birds, but I can’t find their stats.

    Ideas anyone? is there another resource like this crop list?

  98. Bryan Irrera Says:

    I think it’s time to update this with the Lighthouse Cove/Winter Wonderland/Hawaiian Island/Jade Kingdom crops…

  99. FarmGoddess Says:

    It sure is Bryan! We will work on getting this done soon! Thanks.

  100. Luke Says:


    I sent you a complete updated chart a few months ago but it never got published! Why?

  101. FarmGoddess Says:

    Luke, I never saw it. Please send again and I will definitely publish it!!!

  102. Bonnie Says:

    This is wonderful! I love that you have given the ability to select which row to sort from. Thank you for this so much!

  103. Kate Says:

    I just became aware of the above chart for produce. I would love to be able to print out a copy. Is there one also for blooms, animals and trees?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  104. Farmer Ken Says:

    When will the above tables be updated for all the new crops, animals, trees, etc. that have come along since those tables were first posted?

  105. barbie Says:

    Any chance this will be updated with the newer crops and new farm crops???

  106. Mark Says:

    Please explain to me what these crops on farmville 1 that has to do with a time machine. Did i miss some kind of quest or something??

  107. Linda Crainick Says:

    I’m trying to find out how many of each tarot card it takes to get each animal. I’m getting frustrated with this one big time!


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