FarmVille Freaks Spot Chinese Lantern Tree

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FarmVille Freaks Spot Chinese Lantern Tree

Posted on February 9, 2011 4:32 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree

FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree Mastery Sign

FarmVille Freaks such as Marvin30 are reporting that their Mystery Seedlings’ saplings are growing up to reveal a new FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree.

No doubt this special tree is in honor of FarmVille’s Lunar New Year celebrations. This means that perhaps we can expect the Chinese Lantern Tree to also hit the FarmVille Market sometime very soon since new trees are often first introduced via Mystery Seedlings.

As always, if your sapling becomes a fully grown Chinese Lantern Tree, you can also share this same tree with your FarmVille friends via the Facebook news feed.

FarmVille Freak marvin3O's Chinese Lantern Tree Notice

FarmVille Freak marvin30's Chinese Lantern Tree FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Freak marvin3O's Chinese Lantern Tree

What do you think of the FarmVille Chinese Lantern Tree? Will you reserve a spot for it on your farm? Do you have a Lunar New Year themed farm or section of your farm dedicated to Lunar New Year, then show us! Send pics of your farm to and we may feature them on FarmVille Freak.

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27 Responses to “FarmVille Freaks Spot Chinese Lantern Tree” »

  1. Anonnagon Says:

    Feels strange obtaining this now… Hasn’t the Chinese New Year ended? Correction? But cool anyway!

  2. popi Says:

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rob Says:

    i like that one may get it

  4. Laura Says:

    Like fun new trees from mystery saplings. Also, like watering cans from orchards and 8 watering cans to grow a tree, instead of 10.

  5. Sherry Says:

    Chinese New Year is actually a two week affair…And being Chinese, if I don’t get this tree, I’m going to be very upset!

  6. Kim Says:

    I actually just got one from a mystery seedling! I am trying to figure out which of my friends I got it from. However when I tried to share it with my neighbors, I got ANOTHER error message!! I guess they are having some glitches due to the roll out of the expansion or what not. It does look pretty cool!

  7. Janie Says:

    Love it! Wonder what tree this will come from? :] Hope it comes to the market tonight or tomorrow. <3 trees! lol. Especially the fun ones. The 'real' trees are so boring!

  8. CoonForLoon Says:

    Chinese New Years will forever be in our minds while harvesting this every 2-3 days.

    Yeah, I like how 800 watering cans can now grow 100 trees instead of just 80. I leave my faucet on while playing FarmVille for good luck on opening the special delivery boxes to turn into a can of water.

  9. Tom Says:

    Just got one from my seedlings and had no trouble sharing it.

  10. dawn Says:

    COOL! what trees were used to make it? surely this person doesn’t have 20 already… also the PODCAST said new way of collecting watering cans coming still wondering if I will get my 3 heart trees back :(

  11. Nicole Says:

    CoonForLoon, if you have less than 10 watering cans in your gift box, special deliveries will yield cans. I only open 10 special deliveries at a time and always get water.

  12. jacobk Says:

    seriously a new F…ing weird tree. Whatever happened to putting actual trees like Oak, Elm etc…

  13. pat Says:

    Would much rather see Level 3 trees come out! Think this one is another level 2 so we will need to buy the Level one in order to master them. As long as we keep buying the trees FV will not be creating any Level 3 trees I fear!

  14. jacobk Says:

    If farmville needs help finding new actual trees to put out this should help.

  15. Kara S Says:

    I guess from oak trees you could harvest acorns, but what would you get from an elm tree?

    I also prefer realistic trees, but the lantern tree looks cool.

  16. dENIS Says:

    OMG i just got it from random seedling!!! its so cool! love it !

  17. william Says:

    this tree is in the chinese farmville game……
    IT SHOULD BE GIANT!!!!!!!!

  18. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    My that looks just like an unripe Disco Ball tree.

    Looking forward to this.

    Bring on the Level 3 trees!!!

  19. john Says:

    thats probably going to come from the “money tree”. Farmville latest had it on their site already

  20. Cynthia Says:

    I like red so this is a must have.

  21. Mango Creek Says:

    what seedling does it come from though

  22. Lynn Says:

    Just more stupid trees- you can bet there will be a giant one too.

    Seriously, the people at zynga need to get their creativity back.

  23. Betty Says:

    Just curious. Is anyone else have trouble with their seedlings not growing up to be the version of the tree they came from. I have grown many trees from my orchards that have only Christmas and Valentine trees in them but I get Granny Smith, Banana, Cherry etc. and I don’t even have any of those in that orchard.

  24. adam Says:

    i just got a chinese lantern tree so came here to see whats up with it! yayyy

  25. SuzieO Says:

    Dawn, just so you know, you don’t have to have 20 trees in your orchard to get a seedling.. I have gotten one from just one tree in the orchard… also, just before new trees are released is a good time to get random seeds from the feed because they seem to often become the unreleased tree like this one.

  26. Liz Says:

    Betty, I’m having the same problem. I only use the seedlings I produce myself and the ones I produce from my second account, and I have NO apple trees of any kind in any of my orchards, and yet I keep getting the stupid, weed-like, long-since mastered, granny smith trees from the seedlings. SO annoying, and SO Nazi-like of Zynga to do.


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