FarmVille Special Delivery Box!

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FarmVille Special Delivery Box!

Posted on August 25, 2010 10:17 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Special Delivery Location

There is a new free sendable Special Delivery Box that debuted tonight in FarmVille.

The Special Delivery Box can be sent to all your recently active FarmVille neighbors and friends.

Inside the Special Delivery Box you can find useful items that you may need specifically like building parts or collection items.

The Special Delivery Box is NOT a replacement of the free Mystery Gift which will remain available.

FarmVille Freak Keto-Farmer'S Special Delivery Box

What gift did you get inside your Special Delivery Box?

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129 Responses to “FarmVille Special Delivery Box!” »

  1. Jon H Says:

    I got 1/5 fuel refuel and my girlfriend got a honeybee

  2. Carrie Says:

    I got a honeybee. :)

  3. Jan Says:

    I got a brick :-(

  4. Tribbles Says:

    Where do you buy or send the box from?

  5. Fr0zEn Says:

    What’s the link to send?

  6. Tahoejim Says:

    I got fuel! I already have over 1200 tanks- I don’t think you can call that something I specifically need!

  7. Technic Says:

    Wooden board, here’s a pic!

  8. Sherrie Says:

    i got a nail, and i have no buildings in process.

  9. Zippo1 Says:

    The way to get there is to click on the pic on the left side of the screen, found right under the sound/visual bar. Its the picture of one of your neighbors with a number on it. If you place your cursor over it it says something like “Billy and 15 of your have recently played – send them a gift.”

  10. Technic Says:

    @ #4+5:

    Watch out for the left side, the quadratic icon below the sound-options, click this! (See my pic in post #7)

  11. Kim Says:

    i got a board. not needed i already have 20 in my gift box

  12. Ava Williams Says:

    I got 1/5 fuel. I’m glad that was free because I would hate to think my friend actually paid for it. I already have almost 2000 fuel.

  13. Jane Says:

    I received a large can of fuel. Already have over 400 fuels.

  14. Debbie Says:

    this is a waste if you ask me, I got something I didn’t need too.

  15. Debbie Says:

    oops forgot it was pig that I got

  16. ashiq Says:

    i hope i dont get fuel. i have 9800 tanks! O.O

  17. Joyce Says:

    I got a brick.

  18. Amber Says:

    Not a trading option “sigh” I wish Zynga’s spokeswoman clears us if we’d get that option after all!!! I am ready to obliterate!! I have doubles, triples, quadruple, pentuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple, nonuple, decuple, hendecuple, duodecuple and centuple mystery box items stacked inside the cellar or hidden behind the trees!!! Blow the whistle Lexi!!! ;)

  19. lisa kumcur Says:


  20. kaylia Says:

    fuel and bricks… and of course i have nothing under construction and within the latest updates (ribbon motivated) I don’t need fuel since I have about 2000 full tanks right now…

  21. kkennie Says:

    im very happy i got 1/5 fuel refill a nice addition to my 3600 fuel tanks :)) so happy no sarcasm

  22. Libby Says:

    I don’t understand how some people have so many tanks. I have a pal who has something like 1900 yet she has a tractor, harvester and seeder just like the rest of us. she can never understand why her pals are always complaining about not having much.

    Speaking of which… why does Farmville call it a “Daily email fuel boost” when it seems to come once a fortnight?

  23. tumi Says:

    I got a dragonfly (and completed my bug collection) : )

  24. rick Says:

    Got 2 nails, 1 board, 1 brick and 1/5 can fuel but nothing I actually need so far…

  25. SeaBreeze Says:

    I got one too now, it had a Arborist…I had 18 on my gift box… :\

  26. tim Says:

    i got a needlepoint….i already have 4 in my collections

  27. alina Says:

    i got a happy since it was no longer present anywhere else…hope i get more bamboos n reed thatch..n get my jap barn completed..

  28. Angela Says:

    I got one FarmCash. :) That is always needed!

  29. mia Says:

    dragonfly, bee, bee, well, at least my beehives not full yet.

  30. dali-farmer Says:

    its zynga all over take some thing good and mess it up, i used the old box every day after getting stuff i do not want from this box i will not send people what they do not want, give us a choice, put all gifts there to send, that would make me happy don’t know about you

  31. Nancy Says:

    I think they should give us FV Cash in our box that will help but I guess they wouldnt do that cause no body will paid to get things out of our pocket

  32. Gina Says:

    “WHAT THEY NEED” ???

    already have 1200 fuel
    didn’t “need” another can :(

  33. Jean Says:


  34. Jennifer Says:

    I had 3 of these boxes sent to me by friends: got gloves on all of them….

  35. Hannah Says:

    I got a bee, which I need, but wish I could get fuel – if you plant lots of short term crops the fuel goes very fast. I just planted corn to save up for my next berry planting.

  36. mucki Says:

    I had nails, bricks, boards, fuel and 1 fv$ yeah!!!

  37. John Says:

    I opened up 10 of these so far and every one contained 1/5 fuel, which I have a very large stockpile of so not too thrilled about these new boxes. I was hoping for something new and interesting in them. These are strictly for beginner players.

  38. MikeB Says:

    To those without enough fuel, all I can say is “crafting”. I used to scrounge for fuel and even planted long-term crops to give time to save up some fuel.

    Now I have almost 300 tanks and climbing at a rate of 10-20 per day. That’s 10-20 AFTER plowing/planting/harvesting a 24×24 once or twice a day.

  39. Jane Says:

    How do you play this game regularly and not have fuel coming out of your ears? I’ve got 4000+ tanks. I buy crafts, I sell crafts for fuel (oh please let them come out with something else to trade them for soon, the crafts are getting expensive) fertilizing, planting, eggs, trading collections, IT IS EVERYWHERE. hah.

  40. carol Says:

    I got a nail. What a waste of a gift

  41. Eilene Says:

    all the ones I received show that the gift is no longer available :-(

  42. mrunalini Says:

    i got 1/5 th of fuel,nail,brick,n 1

  43. Grammyrl Says:

    I would say your getting the building parts for the pig pen comming up shortly, I already started collecting the parts so it can be done & finished when it starts. Have A good all : )

  44. Debbie G Says:

    I received a honeybee.

  45. JAMI Says:

    I got bricks, boards, check buttons, 1 fv dollar.

  46. Damo Says:

    Not a waste for me, after getting lots of honeybees (just enough to complete my beehive), I got one free farmcash which is always nice

  47. Guadi Says:

    I got a bee…. I would like to put it in my farm without open it, but now is impossible to do that with mistery boxes, eggs and this “special” box… It borke out my ilusion…. :(

  48. Rafael Says:

    Another useless idea from out dumbass Farmville Team. Give us gifts which we actually need. What a waste of time opening junk

  49. jason Says:

    how in the heck does everyone have so much fuel?

    i try to save all my fuel (or use it frugally) and with the winery production, getting bushels, sample gathering, collection completion, fuel week, surprise fuel from mystery eggs…i only have 1300 tanks.

    is there a 100 tank a day tree that i missed? :)

  50. zen Says:

    A nail i didnt need since i allready have too much of it

  51. Salena Says:

    brick and fuel…..didnt need either :(

  52. jimbo Says:

    @39 How do you guys get so much fuel? I barely have over 50 tanks.

  53. Marco Says:

    i had Bamboo and Reed Thatch i needed those for my japanese barn still need more bamboo so i hope more people will send me

  54. Julie Says:

    I got two bricks, a nail and 1/5 fuel… and didn’t need any. I have no buildings in progress and 1700 fuels already.


    Farmville Freak, please update your info. Thanks! :)

  55. Carol Says:

    I had 15 of these and got 12 – 1/5fuel, arborist, 1 can of fuel and a brick. Out of 15. LOL

  56. Katrice Says:

    I got like 5 and all of them have been Honeybees… Blah… Boringg lol

  57. grant Says:

    opened 4 and got bees in all

  58. Kit Says:

    Got bricks nails and fuel. None of which I need …. I prefer sending mystery gifts so far…

  59. Annisa Says:

    I got red thatch

  60. Tenna Says:

    I didn’t get anything at all, I clicked on the accept button and there was nothing there at all )O: i guess i must of been really bad, that or farmville just don’t like me

  61. Farmer Says:

    I got 1 FV cash!!!

  62. Ayesha Says:

    I keep getting bee’s…. >:(

  63. Sparky Says:

    I have received like 3 I got 2 bottles & one horseshoe :) comes in handy when the gifts are rotating on what each player can send & the friends you are able to get to send you a gift cannot send the one you need C=

  64. John Says:

    I got an emperor butterfly

  65. Matt Says:

    I opened mine and recieved a glass sheet. This was one of the construction items for the botanical gardens which I still got on my farm unfinished cause i was hoping some way Zynga would do something to allow us to finish these unfinshed construction projects and I’m so glad!

  66. david Says:

    I am also recieving parts for my unfinished Botanical Garden.

  67. dddarko Says:

    Here’s the link to send the Special Delivery Box…

  68. Elizabeth Says:

    I received parts to help complete my pigpen.

  69. Sabya Says:

    this delivery box does deliver :)

  70. Sabya Says:

    only if would know that this was coming i would not have sold my Japanese Barn, but hey the cellars are here who needs frigging barns

  71. Franklin Says:

    Special delivery is anything but. It’s a crap waste of a gift.

  72. carolineRoss Says:

    I had smokers and I need bamboo snow….only special deliveries can solve my Japanese barn which is half way build now…

  73. Allianz Says:

    I LOVE this. I’ve had an unfinished Botanical Center for WEEKS in hopes the parts would become available without using Farmville Cash.

    This Special Delivery feature is filling a niche that I need and I’m on my way to completion of my Botanical Center.

    I think the key to Farmville is patience, and being grateful for what you get even if it’s nails and fuel you already have plenty of. If you don’t want the gift, ignore it. We can always use more gas and construction materials, there will always be more buildings and crops to tend to.

  74. Birdie Says:

    i’m receiving parts for my unfinished maison…

  75. Tielovou Says:

    I noticed I got very random things like Brick, Nail, Wooden Board.. etc.

    I started building as Nursery, I got to where all I needed was Blankets and Bottles and then opened my Special Delivery Boxes. I got all Blankets and Bottles, exactly the amount I needed to complete each for my nursery barn, After that it was random again.

    So maybe it is based on what you NEED. I’m just keeping them in my giftbox now in case I build something else later.

  76. Annie Says:

    All I’ve gotten is honeybees. Like 12 of them. Which is nice, but not really special at all.

  77. pip Says:

    I have had all stuff i need so far…

    do they do the old gifts? as i still have my maison frame and botanical garden to finish, would be great to get them done!

  78. Amelie Says:

    …they’re a bit hit and miss,I just try to see what people are actually doing on their farms when I visit,if it looks like they’re building anything,I try and send them bricks,nails,bees or just stick to mystery gifts,they might get fuel or FV cash(not often,but they did for a while!) I just hope I don’t get anymore cowprint stools,No Racoon signs or the old bikes! :-) mix them up a bit,please FV?

  79. Z.K Says:

    I got two weathered boards, and a clinging vine as I have finished my maison frame. :) Thought I was gonna have to pay loads of FM cash

  80. Z.K Says:


  81. Heather Says:

    Wow what a bunch of complainers. I guess I’m lucky because I haven’t gotten anything that I didn’t need but if I did, it’s easy enough to sell it. Is it so impossible to look on the bright side and just be glad you got something for nothing? If you’re so frustrated don’t even bother accepting them, just ignore them!!

  82. Zakariah Says:

    I’ve opened probably 40 of these things, and literally gotten NOTHING but bees. I only arrived at this page because I googled “FarmVille Special Delivery” to see if these boxes came packed with anything BUT bees. And apparently they do… So, I’m wondering, how many bees do I have to have in my hive before these freaking things stop giving me bees? lol.

  83. Archenstone Says:

    I got all my reed thatch and I’m getting bamboo too! I wish I hadn’t sold my half done chatuau. But Im getting My japanese barn!

  84. gadget Says:

    i was wowed when i opened my GB and found 38 special delivery boxes…….i got parts needed to finish my beehive(used them one at a time as i got them) i and then when i didnt need that part anymore it switched to giving me the other parts i needed until each was full and done. once my hive was built(i already had a queen-bee in my GB so i used that b4 opening more SDboxes and the rest was honeybees

    so i guess Zynga listened since i got over 20 different parts i needed to finish my beehive and plenty of bees to start it

  85. alice Says:

    The special deliveries are helpful for those who have not finished building items like Botanical Gardens, Japanese Barns or Maisons and even recent buildings like barns etc, but for those of us who do not need ANY materials, these boxes are worthless. My neighbors send me this BS every day and I never get anything I NEED (ie: collection items actually needed) I always get nails, boards, etc. Just another thing to ignore in my gift requests LOL

  86. Susan Burwell Says:

    I think the boxes are CUTE….BUT…the gifts are B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!! The boxes look so special and then we get bricks, boards, nails and gas. Whoopee!!! How about a chipmunk, a squirrel, a skunk, a rake, a sled…anything but NO BUILDING PARTS!!!

  87. Peggy Says:

    All I get from the special delivery is fuel so I stopped accepting them.

  88. Dawn Says:

    Sweet. I keep getting reed thatches which I need for my Japanese Barn.. And you apparently can’t send Japanese Barn parts anymore, so it’s really helpful!

  89. Diane Terrizzi Says:

    I got about 100 bees now! What is so special about that? I need fuel!! What a rip. LOL

  90. Lien Says:

    keep getting board, nails, bricks ecc. I’ve finished building a long time ago.
    “Garanteed to give your neighbour something they’ll need on their farm”… yeah right!!!

    very annoying these boxes.

  91. MinhLe Says:

    replace the numbers with your id :)

  92. Brenda Says:

    I’ve received 100′s of special delivery boxes and never gotten anything besides a honeybee :(

  93. Glitter Says:

    Well all I ever get is fuel (I have over 2000 fuels and I don’t raise crops) or building supplies (and I’m not building anything). I wonder how they determine what they think you need? I feel like deleting these when they come, but I always open them in hopes I will get SOMETHING I can use.

  94. DreadyMama Says:

    I have opened several special deliveries..30+ and I have not gotten anything but honeybees :[

  95. Lyn Padley Says:

    Nothing but blankets – which I don’t need – in the last 50 or so boxes :-(

  96. FVilleFan Says:

    I opened five and got all bricks. Considering people seem to be getting the same thing over and over, I think it’s reasonable to think these are bugged.

  97. Yadrianne Says:

    They started giving me bricks, woods, nails 1/5… Then with the nursery expansion thanks to them I expanded. Now all I get is Blankets… I don’t need them… I keep storng the boxes unopened, hoping when another building or expansion comes they’ll be useful

  98. Kerstin Says:

    First it was nice because I got building materials. Now I’ve finished all and keep getting blankets I don’t need. So much on the “guarantee to give your neighbours something they need”…
    PLEASE fix this bug!!
    Its annoying.

  99. Brandi Says:

    Can you please send me one?

  100. Rick T Says:

    Well I was getting v. fed up with all the rubbish these boxes were giving me. Then out of the blue came 1 FV$ !!!!! :)

  101. Amanda Says:

    I can get 5 or 50 of those a day. and when i open them , EVERY SINGLE ONE is the same thing, and something i DO NOT NEED!!! who who the heck needs 50 NAILS/BOARDS/BRICKS? gimme something useful like fuel or fv cash. can never have enough of either of those.

  102. Quietlistener Jzpark Nopm Jungrace Says:

    ..this is always ive got on special delivery in case u hate this all i did is finished all the materials .. after that i had fuel and few fvc thats all..u can check the photo that i took from my celphone hope this helps to those people hated special delivery box ..i do hate it tho lmao…!/photo.php?fbid=159274080760392&set=a.158308847523582.29521.100000334032592

  103. Aileen Says:

    I wish this box would include vehicle parts. I don’t need boards, nails, or bricks anymore. What I need is vehicle parts to upgrade my combine.

  104. Eliza Says:

    I always get what I need depending on what I was last trying to build and what I require most to finish it.

    I love the special delivery, it stops people sending me junk they want but that I don’t want.

  105. Hassan Says:

    got farmville cash

  106. sysc Says:

    fv cash no more

  107. Ray Says:

    All I get now are bricks, wooden boards, nails, fuel, and sometimes an arborist… things I don’t really need… Kind of disappointing! But special deliveries have been a really big help!!

  108. randy Says:

    they need to put fv cash and collectibles and new stuff in specila delivery boxes nothing but fuel ( i have over 10,500 ) and nails,bricks ,boards

  109. Jillian Says:

    I keep getting shovels but I’m already maxed out at 500… I wish I would stop getting them.

  110. Laura Says:

    I used to get materials i needed to finish my constructions, but now i only get bees and shovels, and i still need some materials to finish my buildings. i don’t want to get more bees or shovels, please someone stop that!!!

  111. Denise Says:

    Gimme gifts!!! Pleasseeeee

  112. Racheal Says:

    Special deliveries need to be fixed!! I have the same problem as Laura–all I get is BEES & SHOVELS!!! I’m sick of bees and shovels, and I need building materials!!

  113. Sc29720 Says:

    Today I am trying to accept my special delivery gifts and I get the message that it was a limited edition item. What’s Up??

  114. deb Says:

    I have 96 special delivery boxes in my gift box right now, I have opened over 25 of them in the last 2 days…every single one contained a dragonfly. Why is this and how do I get it changed…..I don’t care what I receive but come on……96 dragonflies?????

  115. Dee Says:

    i had 12 special deliveries and i opened them, 4x were nails, 4x were wooden boards and the lat 4x were bricks, this worked out good cause it was exactly what i needed for the winter workshop! :)

  116. Lefty Says:

    I’m tired of getting shovels and bees, especially when I’m trying to build 6 different buildings. I need nails, boards and bricks!

  117. Karen Joanne Lord Says:

    I was told not to get rid of my special delivery boxes! Everyone I click, I get a board. This has been happening for almost a week, now. I am NOT building anything and I got over sixty of them. Any suggestions are welcome!! Merry Christmas!

  118. Veerle Says:

    Is there a way to disable the bees and the shovels :s:s ??

  119. janiceandthomas Says:

    I love this!! It gives me everything i need :D :D :D

  120. Alma Says:

    I got a brown squirell inside the special delivery!

  121. M1K3 Says:

    So has anyone else noticed that we’re not getting watering cans, or building supplies, or vehicle parts anymore? What happened??

  122. Kamal Prasad Kandel Says:

    I got a brown squirrel inside the special delivery! Thanks
    :) :) :) :) :)

  123. Jac Says:

    I wish they’d stop giving bees and start giving vehicle parts!

    I can’t even ASK for vehicle parts or ANYTHING because a stupid code shows up on the screen instead >_<

  124. Ashley Says:

    It Gives What You Need In Your Farm…

  125. Mrinal Says:

    I keep getting parts from the Special Deliveries even though all my expansions are complete. I wish it would give me fuel instead which I’m in need of :|

  126. john Says:

    this is just waste of time ???????????/

  127. anu Says:

    this is only giving woodbaords, nails , bricks and shovels which i don tneed at all..i have 50+ of all of these..the new bldg materials like clamp etc are not given..its waste waste waste..zynga is irritating a lot now!

  128. Suraj B Hegde Says:

    lol i got a set of shovels from em’

  129. Donna Says:

    I receive gift boxes from friends now instead of specific gifts that I actually need or request…. the boxes seldom open and I am just automatically linked to my farm. This is not working for me as I try to grow my farm
    Also, none of the people I friended to increase the exchange of gift boxes that will not open, do not even count to expand my farm…