FarmVille Sponsored Link: Order From ProFlowers, Get 100 Farm Cash

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FarmVille Sponsored Link: Order From ProFlowers, Get 100 Farm Cash

Posted on February 1, 2011 11:42 am by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Sponsored Link: ProFlowers & 100 Farm Cash

With Valentine’s Day merely 2 weeks away,  there had to be a new promotion coming up! ProFlowers seems to partner up with FarmVille quite often, and is been known to be quite popular!

We saw them first during Mother’s Day, then again for Christmas, and now they’re back with Daises & Roses for Valentine’s Day!

In order to receive your 100 Free Farm Cash,  you will have to make a purchase online at ProFlowers.

Also, please note this promotion seems to be available only in the US right now.

Will you be ordering through ProFlowers for a loved one, this V-Day?

FarmVille Sponsored Link: ProFlowers Order

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19 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Link: Order From ProFlowers, Get 100 Farm Cash” »

  1. Arvs Says:

    Not worth it

  2. Ivy J Says:

    I heard pro-flowers is known for the following:

    Bad ugly, withered flowers.

    In a ugly or broken glass mailed in a un aired cardboard box.

    They pricey and defently not pros at flower agrangeing.

    I heard they love to steal people credit card numbers and sell them of too people who will start charging you fee’s every month.(Big fee’s)

    So be careful people the guys are greedy and not pros at there field.

    Its kind of funny that Zynga partners up will these guys. But I guess if your a fool yourself you partner up will fools aswell.

  3. Lotus Says:

    I’ve heard the same Ivy , I also hear they sell not only your credit card but your phone number so your harassed by telemarketers at all hours of the day.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    They also appear to be cheaper than FTD. But I’ve read many consumer review complaints where Pro Flowers piles on tons of surcharges. There are extra delivery charges, guaranteed delivery date charges, handling fees, taxes, and charges for vases. Everyone reported that they thought they were getting a better deal than FTD, but by the time they checked out, they actually paid more.

  5. Emmie Says:

    I am a florist and I will share a few trade secrets with my Farmville friends…..
    It is ALWAYS…ALWAYS better to call a shop in the zip code where you want the flowers DELIVERED.
    Here’s why…. say you call me in Vermont and want flowers sent to Michigan. I charge you 75.00 for your order. I turn around and send it via wire (either Teleflora or FTD), and take a wire charge out of the order of 10.00. Now your flowers are no longer worth 75.00, they are worth 65.00.
    The flower shop I send it to now takes THEIR delivery charge out, of another 10.00. Now your order is no longer worth 65.00, it’s worth only 55.00.
    If you call a shop in Michigan DIRECTLY, they only take out THEIR delivery charge of 10.00.
    And if there is a problem with the order you know exactly who to call. You don’t have to call me and have me send that shop an inquiry message and wait for an explanation. And ESPECIALLY don’t ever call Teleflora or FTD directly. You will never know which shop those come from and they take out even MORE charges from you. NO NO NO.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  6. SheriBeri Says:

    I’ve used them once before and was told the orchids were absolutely breathtaking. It cost me about $70 by the time they added their charges and the cost of the vase. That was back in September and I haven’t had a problem with my card of getting calls. That being said…..I considered taking advantage of this offer. I was looking at the least expensive thing they offered (4 valentine cupcakes for 19.99) I chose a date that had no additional delivery charge and by the time all was said and done the total was nearly $33. I decided not to go through with it.

  7. Ann Says:

    I will never take in any of the sponsored promo the last one for blockbuster I never got the farm cash and when I try checking with zynga I was told that zynga was not running the promo that I such try groupon and they said thay were not running it DO NOT DO THIS.

  8. lee fisher Says:

    Have used Pro Flowers on several occasions and have seen what they delivered. I have never had anything but beautiful arrangements from them.

  9. Shannon Says:

    You know what sucks? Tapjoy and other bs marketing companies that reward you with stuff like farmcash if you do the offers. I just paid for the bath & body works/Groupon thing (its been almost a week now) and NO freakin $50FV. I’ve emailed over and over, including screenshots of my completions as proof and somehow those idiots don’t consider that enough proof. Steer clear of these scams. $50 for a dozen of roses when its all said and done with? Call a local florist and promote local business who won’t rip you off like this!

  10. farmer joe bob Says:

    Why would I ever pay for flowers when I can go out back and pick some dandilions and send them out. They are flower and yellow crayon all in one baby!

  11. david Says:

    I won’t be doing this. I will make no FV Cash related investments, free or otherwise, until the FV Estate expansion is made available for coins. I’ve done the math and this game, fun as it has been, has gotten far too expensive.

    Either they’ll release it and I”ll keep playing, or I’ll trundle along another 12 levels to 100 and retire.

    Could probably find better ways to spend my time anyway. Bummer.

  12. neo Says:

    No thanks. Still waiting for the cash from bing, kia and the gnome movie. Pass.

  13. leesa Says:

    I HAVE ordered from PROFLOWERS out of Farmville for Mother’s Day, and it was a COMPLETE DISASTER.

    The flowers I ordered were delivered on time, however the 12 long stem roses I bought looked NOTHING like the nice full, colorful ones on the website. They were tiny, greyed down and withered AND one of them was so covered in MOLD that there’s no possible way the florist could have possibly missed it. they were thrown into a flat cardboard box with no support to keep them from being jostled during shipping and surprisingly no plastic around the petals or those little plant food packages every other place gives you.

    I even had to FIGHT with these people to get my money back, which took weeks, and they were still trying to get me to take coupons or reorder more flowers. I don’t think so.

    I have ordered from 1800FLOWERS before and there were no problems – everything was exceptional. PROFLOWERS however sucks. I would not recommend them to anyone, unless you’re TRYING to ruin someone’s day. (The look on my poor grandmother’s face when she got those flowers… she did everything she possibly could to revive them but none even bloomed.) :(

  14. Nicky Says:

    I was going to order flowers for my mom for mother’s day already. I came out paying what I would have at other sites so I don’t feel let down in the least. I feel like I cheated a bit because I got a gift for myself lol. I’ve ordered from the company in the past and never had any issues with their flowers. In fact, the last flowers I ordered were again for my mother and she couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful they were. I wonder how many florist this company actually deals with thta could be why some arrangements are breathtaknig and others miss the mark. Anywho, using the promotion once was enough.

  15. kayla Says:

    I have bought from them before and everything I ever got was beautiful! I did do this promotion and I got my farm cash.

  16. Schremmy Says:

    I like and use proflowers a lot. I live in Europe and my parents live in the US so it is a good option for me. I have never seen a proflowers promotion so far and am upset that an online company can’t get it together to work with another online game so that I can benefit, too. I want 100 farm cash! I would have had the really **** expensive unwither ring by now!

  17. stray Says:

    Bought the Christmas Tree with a FV$ offer and never got the $FVs. Attempts to communicate with them were fruitless.

  18. Melissa Says:

    We have always used Pro Flowers and the flowers have always been outstanding, fresh, long lasting, in gorgeous vases. My husband sends them to me all the time and he always uses Pro Flowers. In the past I have also received my FV bucks for any promotion.

  19. Fray Says:

    I did this Mother’s Day promo that’s being advertised and I only wished I read the comments about these people before hand, it would have saved me the aggravation I’ve endured for the last several days.

    After placing my order and returning to FV, my farm cash was not issued “instantly” as was promised. So I contacted support (trialpay….the middle man) and they asked I send them my confirmation email from ProFlowers – I did….twice…. and now after three days they have sent me a reply indication that according to ProFlowers – my order was not eligible for the promotion.

    #1. No where did I find that there were any stipulations to this promotion.


    #2. The order was over $50.00 – and according to the farm cash rate now – I can get 310 farmcash for $50.

    I have contacted Zynga’s support as well as cancelled my order with ProFlowers. I will never do another promotion with this game again, and will encourage my friends and neighbors to do so as well.