FarmVille Holiday Hearth Slowly Rolling Out

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FarmVille Holiday Hearth Slowly Rolling Out

Posted on December 20, 2011 3:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Holiday Hearth Stage 1

FarmVille Holiday Hearth Stage 2

FarmVille Holiday Hearth Stage 3


The FarmVille Holiday Hearth feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers.

The Holiday Hearth tells us who’s been Naughty or Nice! Farmers will fill their stockings with Stocking Stuffers for prizes and ask their friends if they’ve been Naughty or Nice to receive bonus prizes.

FarmVille Holiday Hearth Notice

After you receive the update on your farm you will see a pop-up like the one above. Then, you’ll enter Placement Mode where you can place the Holiday Hearth on your farm. If you need to make some room and clear some green space, the Holiday Hearth will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for safekeeping. You can also find the Holiday Hearth in the FarmVille Market for 0 Farm Coins.

FarmVille Holiday Hearth Congratulations Notice

Filling your Holiday Hearth with Stocking Stuffers

You can fill your Holiday Earth with Stocking Stuffers that you collect various ways. As you collect more and more Stocking Stuffers the phsyical appearance of your Holiday Hearth will change physical appearance becoming more grand with each new stage completed.

Collecting Stocking Stuffers:

  • 1. Send and receive Stocking Stuffers for free fia the FarmVille Gifting Page.
  • 2. Find free Stocking Stuffers from neighbors’ shares via the Facebook News Feed.
  • 3. Use the Ask For More button when “Looking Inside” your Holiday Hearth.
  • 4. Purchase directly using Farm Cash.
Once you fill your Stocking with at least 10 Stocking Stuffers, you’ll receive a Forrest Snow Globe and also one to share with your friends via a Facebook News Feed share. Then, you’ll have the option to ask your friends if you’ve been Naughty or Nice by getting votes.

FarmVille Small Pile of Stocking Stuffers

FarmVille Big Pile of Stocking Stuffers

FarmVille Naughty or Nice Steps

Naughty or Nice? 

In addition to the regular Stocking Stuffer prizes, there are special Naughty or Nice bonus prizes. You can redeem these free prizes by getting your friends votes to whether you’ve been Naughty or Nice. Each option has a different path of prizes. If you get enough votes for both Naughty or Nice categories you can collect both prize sets.

Naughty or Nice Bonus Prizes

Naughty Prizes

  • Radiant Sun Tree
  • North Pole Gnome
  • Black Snow Fantasy Horse
Nice Prizes 
  • Starry Night Tree
  • Gift Giving Gnome
  • White Snow Fantasy Horse

FarmVille Holiday Hearth Inside

FarmVille Forest Snowglobe

FarmVille Radient Sun Tree (Naughty)

FarmVille North Pole Gnome (Naughty)

FarmVille Black Snow Fantasy Horse (Naughty)

FarmVille Starry Night Tree (Nice)

FarmVille Gift Giving Gnome

FarmVille White Snow Fantasy Horse (Nice)


Are you excited to stuff your Stockings and find out who is Naughty or Nice? 

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19 Responses to “FarmVille Holiday Hearth Slowly Rolling Out” »

  1. DAWN Says:


  2. Brian Says:

    enough with the crap already !! just let us play the stupid game without begging our neighbors everyday for stuff

  3. Catzilla Says:

    They have to hurry ,it is almost Christmas !

  4. Joseph.rhonda Says:

    my game just sits. It loads enough to see then the flash plug in crashes, I haven’t been able to play in a month. my gift box has 980 things, & I can’t play to use stuff up. please!!! Fix this SOON!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jim Baron Says:

    ok, I got the holiday hearth on the home farm. what’s next?

  6. Megan Says:

    I actually kind of enjoy all the new stuff, but I have good neighbors who don’t mind requests and who send back. Oh, and the naughty prizes are pretty much AWESOME

  7. Whitelotuswings Says:

    I want both of those trees.

  8. LuisFilipe Says:

    It’s broken…

    It says -10 stoking stuffers inside

    outside says 45 stoking stuffers needed

    after I put 5 more stays the same

    I got the Raidiant Sun tree and puf …

  9. Jana Says:

    OK, I got the “nice” tree, and I can purchase the “naughty” one at a discount. If I click NEXT, will I be able to get the naughty tree later? Can please someone braver than myself enlighten me? I’m always scared to death to click anything when a new feature comes out :D

  10. Eric Says:

    What a crock! I placed the hearth… got the 10 stocking stuffers I needed… then requested the votes. Got almost all 4 and then logged out to go do some shopping… came back to check and it had been reset like I had just placed it… not only that but the iced rice i had already harvested for the 3rd step of the chapter 3 quest was reset as well… asking me to harvest them again after i already have the crop for step 4 ready to be harvested… come on zynga get it together!!!! dont release something til you know it works properly!!!

  11. Snesgamer Says:

    I hope the naugty or nice thing is determined by our neighbors sending gifts, and not us ourselves. I don’t want to miss out on one of the trees just because I was one or the other.

  12. Sarah Says:

    Mine is broken too I have put in so many and it just says -10 and need 45 on the out side.. when I add more it does the same thing I am NOT to pleased with this! Zynga needs to lay off all this stuff that we need to build and ask for and get because half of it doesnt work and there is WAY to much to keep up with!

  13. Angela Says:

    Mine is doing the same thing. I was able to get the tree last night but I’ve now put in over 100 gifts and it still tells me that I need 45 more. I got both trees but only because I bought the other one at a discount. I wish they had given better directions for how this is supposed to work. I want the stuff from both sides, but it looks like they are forcing us to buy at least one side. I love this game, the quests get on my nerves but not enough for me to stop playing and they’re much easier to plan for with this site (thank you (: ) But when stuff doesn’t work it’s really not worth doing anymore. If I worked at my job like zynga works on fv, I wouldn’t have a job.

  14. jonna Says:

    After we get all the stockings filled … Are the rest of the stocking stuffers good for anything?

  15. Anna Says:

    Hmm – so I placed the hearth all nice and well, collected 10 stocking stuffers, got the Forest Snow globe (which sells for 7500 coins btw:) and then I got the option to vote. First, I asked my friends to vote for the naughty Radiant Tree (IT*S BLOODY GORGEOUS!!!) and then I redeemed it (IT*S BEAUTIFUL and I get to share 1 with friends afterwards!!!) —- then, I didn’t click the “next” button, just waited for 4 more friends to vote me the Nice starry tree.. so 4 people voted BUT the hearth only shows 3 votes, and the creepy Santa giving me the “opportunity” to buy the Nice tree for a reduced price of 3 fvcash.. .. and nothing else is happening.. is this ripoff on purpose? Can’t I get both prices for free, if I have forced and begged my friends to vote? I don’t want to spend 3 cash on that tree, couldn’t the greedy Zynga for ONCE give us something pretty for free, at least at christmas?…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. or should I just chase another friends starry tree when they redeem theirs..

  16. Snesgamer Says:

    Blech – this would’ve actually been fun if you were able to obtain both trees by being both naughty and nice!

  17. Anna Says:

    yeah, I just confirmed it with other playing friends – It’s a bit of a scam – you CAN’T get BOTH the nice and the naughty prize from your own hearth – if you want both prices, you gotta plan with some friends who of you will redeem what (and share 1)

    After you redeem 1 of your trees and click NEXT, the stocking will now require 35 new stuffers – then it will give you a holiday carrousel.
    Then it’s the same: ask 4 friends to vote so you will get the naughty gnome or the nice gnome with a wheel barrel of gifts. Same as with the trees, you can only redeem 1 for free, the other one will only register 3 votes no matter how many people try to vote – and then the game will require a bit of farmcash or you can click Next, to move on to the horses – so choose wisely – and get some friends to help you.

  18. flmdrpeena Says:

    Surprise! Surprise! I actually like the prizes. & up to last set to collect – the horses I really want. Liked the trees too & a lot of steps & prizes in between I don’t care about but just praying fiercely that I get the stuffers to get the horsed & really get 1 at least. Hope that it does give 2nd set because would be nice to be able to get another tree anyway. But little chance to make it to that. Just hoping that get to horse. They didn’t say that this stops tonight or tomorrow but only a guess it does. FV really does need to explain procedure better – (too often doesn’t do it at all).

  19. Janise Says:

    Does anyone know how many friends/neighbors can redeem the naughty or nice prizes? I am trying to find out a definite number and hoping it’s actually more than 3, hoping I can share with 5 friends, especially the horse!