FarmVille Freak Guide: Traveling to Your English Countryside Farm

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FarmVille Freak Guide: Traveling to Your English Countryside Farm

Posted on March 22, 2011 4:30 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Duke's Airship

Notice: The English Countryside is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users as Zynga is slowly releasing this feature. Zynga will announce when the English Countryside is live to 100% of farmers.

Finally! It’s about time! The English Countryside officially debuted today. Unfortunately some farmers will have to wait a little longer as this new feature is being slowly rolled out and for a good reason. Why doesn’t everyone have access at once? With any new (and big) feature like this one, only a select group of users initially have access due to testing issues and to make sure that major problems are prevented. What we can tell you is that the wait may be worth it as you will soon be able to venture off to your second farm in the English Countryside where exciting new game play, such as Sheep Breeding, brewing pints in a new Crafting Pub, exclusive crops, and a second farm (need we say more?) awaits.

So without further adue let’s talk about how all of this will actually work. You can read this FarmVille Freak guide to help you travel to your new farm or also to get a sneak peek of what you can expect when you do have access.  The English Countryside is available to any FarmVille player that is Level 20 and above.

When you have access to the English Countryside you will first, see the pop-up below:

FarmVille English Countryside Look up! Notice

Clicking the green “Check it Out” button will trigger an animation of the Duke’s Airship crashing on your farm. Here’s a screenshot of Duke’s crash.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke Crashing on Farm

We learn from Duke that he’s been looking for us and that he has also brought us a very special gift, a deed to our English Countryside farms- in England! However, before we can visit our new farms, we first need to repair Duke’s Airship which when repaired will transport us to our English farms.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke Deed Notice

Repairing The Duke’s Airship

To start making repairs on Duke’s Airship, you will need to first place the Airship at a safe place on your farm, which really means any space that you have cleared and that can fit his airship. Simply click on Duke’s Airship which immediately takes you to placement mode.

FarmVille English Countryside Fix Airship Notice

If you’d rather wait to place Duke’s damaged Airship, it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for you to user at a later time. It’s important to note that placing the Airship will trigger quests. If you’d rather wait for later, you can leave the Airship in your Gift Box until you are ready and able to start your journey to England.

FarmVille English Countryside Duke's Airship

Completing Quests to Prepare for your Trip to England

Placing Duke’s Airship will launch your first English Countryside Quest. If for some reason you miss the pop-up notification, you can also access your quest by clicking on the quest icon (as pictured below) located on the top left side of your in-game screen. The icon will display which quest you are currently on as well as what part of the quest.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest Notification

The icon shows which quest you’re on as well as what part of the quest (part 1, part 2, etc.). As always, you can bypass quests and skip ahead by completing them immediately with Farm Cash. Whether you c0mplete the quest by actually completing the tasks or by paying your way with Farm Cash you will receive the quests XP and rewards. As even more incentive to participate in quests, for the first time ever, we are also being rewarded with Farm Cash! Yes, that’s right the first Quest, Drop Anchor! includes 5 Farm Cash as one of its rewards.

In order to repair Duke’s Airship, you will need to complete quests. Each quest’s completion will aid in the repair of the Duke’s Airship or in preparation for your journey to England.  With each completed quest you  will get you one step closer to traveling to your English Countryside farms. Here is an outline of each quest required to travel to your English Countryside farms:

Quest 1: Drop Anchor!

Since The Duke needs something heavy to hold down his airship, the first quest will be focused on anchoring it down.


  • 1. Buy 3 Crates. (Each Crate costs 150 Farm Coins)
  • 2. Place Crates on  your farm.

FarmVille Crate

Note, Crates, like Hay Bales, are set to auto-purchase. Whenever you buy one and place it on your farm you can automatically buy more by continuing to place additional Crates. This prevents you from having to continuously return to the FarmVille Market to buy the same item.


  • 100 XP
  • 5 Farm Cash
  • 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 1: Drop Anchor

Completing the quest, will give you the option to share the wealth with  your FarmVille neighbors by posting a Facebook News Feed share when you click the blue “Share Coins” button.

Quest 2: Cotton To It

To further your repairs on The Duke’s Airship, you will need to grow Cotton on your farm to help fix the airship and complete the “Cotton To It” quest.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 2: Cotton to it


  • 1. Plant 50 plots of Cotton on your farm.

You will need to plant Cotton on your farm manually by clicking with your mouse or by using a Vehicle. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets done. There is no need to worry about harvesting the cotton at this point. To skip this quest and jump ahead you can pay 15 Farm Cash.


  • 100 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • 1 Flag

Quest 3: Nice Supplies

To prepare for your journey to the English Countryside you will need some supplies to take with you. Thankfully it’s just one- a single Cow.


  • 1. Purchase one Cow from the FarmVille Market for 300 Farm Coins.
  • 2. Place Cow on your farm.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 3: A Nice Supplies


  • 250 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • Aviator’s Cap

The Aviator’s Cap is a cap that your farmer avatar can wear. You can access your new hat by clicking on your farmer and then clicking the “Accessories” tab in the avatar clothing menu.

FarmVille English Countryside Quest 3 Complete

Quest 4: Bon Voyage Party

Now, that you are ready for England, you will need to have a proper send off party, a Bon Voyage Party! This “Bon Voyage Party” quest works similar to the 2011 FarmVille New Year’s Eve Party in that you will host a party on your farm and invite all of your FarmVille neighbors! The more neighbors, the more merrier and also the faster you will be able to leave for England.

FarmVille Bon Voyage Party Information

Clicking on the quest icon will take you to the Bon Voyage Party Menu. Click on the green “Invite Friends” button to start inviting your neighbors. Whenever a neighbor accepts your invitation, their avatars will show up at your party and your party’s Guest meter will increase accordingly. So just how many neighbors will you need to attend your party? Here’s the breakdown:

Bon Voyage Party Guests

  • 0-3 neighbors: unable to travel to England
  • 4-14 neighbors: Depart for England in 4 days
  • 15-34 neighbors: Depart for England in 2 days
  • 35 neighbors: Depart immediately!

Whenever more than three neighbors attend your party, you will see a Countdown meter appear underneath the Bon Voyage Party banner at the top of the menu.

If you would like to bypass accumulating party guests, you may do so by using 60 Farm Cash to jump ahead and travel to England immediately.

Whenever you have completed your party’s countdown by fulfilling one of the requirements above you will see the notice pictured below.  Simply click the green “Go to the English Countryside” button to begin your travel to your new farm! If your unsure about traveling or have some anxiety about flying on The Duke’s repaired Airship, then the resulting confirmation pop-up will give you a chance to think it over.

FarmVille English Countryside Bon Voyage Party Notice

FarmVille Ready to Visit Second Farm Notice

You can travel to England at any time by clicking on the Airship icon (pictured below) located at the upper right hand corner of your in-game screen.  The “My Home Farm” icon shows you that you are currently on your home farm, duh!

FarmVille English Countryside Icon

Get ready, clicking the Airship icon takes you to England! At any point you can return to your home farm by using the Home Farm icon. Remember, FarmVille Freaks that while you are visiting one farm your other farm is in a pause mode meaning that your crops and animals will not be maturing. All timers are stopped on the “paused farm”.  The good news is that this means that your crops will not wither and your puppies will not be hungry. The downside is that nothing will grow or mature. Likewise, your FarmVille neighbors can only visit you on the farm that you are currently active on, which means that if you are on your English farm your neighbors can only visit you in England. How could you be two places at once anyways?

That sums it all up now you should be ready and prepared for your English trip and your new English Countryside farms. Cheerio, FarmVille Freaks!

What do you think of your journey to England so far?

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191 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Guide: Traveling to Your English Countryside Farm” »

  1. Julie Says:

    I got the pop up, I clicked…Nothing happened and now my farm wont load…

    Glad to see it is business as usual down at Zynga! =/

  2. Aamir Says:

    gr88…but still sad for the pause

  3. jessica Says:


  4. mjluvah Says:

    o my gosh! i hope it loads when i get home!!

  5. Shannon Southard Says:

    I cannot wait to try this out! I am a total Anglophile and visit England and the UK at least twice a year.


  6. marilyn Says:

    I still dont like the idea of a paused farm

  7. jessica Says:

    I dont like the fact that my farm will be paused i have worked hard on my actual farm that bites

  8. Sabi96 Says:

    ADD MEEE!!

  9. Shirley Nicholson Says:

    hope i got this,cause i am sick of filling in for these things.

  10. Lynn Says:

    Agreed with Number 2- With the pause feature, the countryside enthusiasm is out the window.

  11. michael Says:

    10 farmcash… Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!!!!

  12. farmvillegal Says:

    YES FINALLY I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kerrinda Says:

    ty for the info I’m hesitant to try ,but try I will!!!

  14. Sarah Says:

    Sounds Great!

    Only 1 question/comment about the “paused” farm…..what effect will this have on active co-op jobs? If the farm is paused, I’m guessing the timer on the co-op will be paused as well?

  15. kayla Says:

    I keep refreshing and hoping!

  16. jacobk Says:

    At least we get free farmcash for doing the simple tasks :)


    I Am So Excited I Am Really Hoping To Get An Invitation….Bon Voyage

  18. mjluvah Says:

    so we get farmcash?!?!!!!!??!!??

  19. Rhiannon Says:

    i cant wait but 35 neighbors is alot ): ill probably be able to get there in 2 days maybe today if i really try hard to get 35 but come on zynga thats alot /:

  20. Wendy Mahoney Cundiff Says:

    I think this is utter BS. Why in the hell does one farm cease to work, to be on the other one???????? I will not do the FVEC to many glitches and b***ches on the original. If enough would stand up for what they bi**h about then Zynga would have to listen, but you have your suck***es that give in and do it

  21. ve em Says:

    I’ve sent out the invites but my friends have gotten a “woah you’re not invited to the bon voyage” message

  22. Tammy Says:

    I am goinmg to try english country side but not sure if I will keep playing, I don’t like the idea of my homefarm or vise versa on pause they should work together. Hope they will change this so they will work togother :)

  23. Karen Says:

    I can not wait to start playing this…. I hope I get mine soon….

  24. alta Says:

    all i want is for this to work

  25. Rob Says:

    Yes, the pause sucks but I think it’s time for everyone to get over it and stop moaning about it. If you don’t like it, then don’t play the second farm. Otherwise, move on with your lives already.

  26. Beth Says:

    I’m well past a level 20 and I’ve received nothing popping up. guess I wasn’t one of the lucky few that gets to play the new farm. *sigh*

  27. JeannieVee Says:

    There went my day :) I keep refreshing too :) I know people are disapointed in the pause and hopefully that will change but I think I get it. It doubles the amount of farms working…maybe it would crash the whole system and we wouldn’t have any fv/zynga to complain about.

  28. carla taylor Says:

    hey i got the pop up for the second farm but nothing happened

  29. Julie Falletti Says:

    I’m not really happy about a paused farm either. I have my crop,orchards,and animals on a strict schedule so I can play other games. Also I am not ready to jump into another farm when my farm is still semi-broken.

  30. mandie Says:

    its only 5 farm cash for the quests! read them again. they just used the same pop up image. the 2nd quest you get a flag instead of the cash.
    but hey, when your like me and over level 100, any farm cash is nice to get. :D

  31. Liberty Says:

    I think it should be open to everyone at once.. how do they decide who gets it now and later tonight! I am tired of waiting .. I’m not as nearly as excited now than I was in the beginning because they have dragged it out for so long

  32. Beth Says:

    wait does your home farm pause for good? I mean do you not get to play it anymore when you get the england farm? If so, than that’s not good and never mind about me playing that farm. They both should work together. I mean Farmtown has multiple farms that all work together. You can move from farm to farm and work all of them without issue. Why not on farmville?

  33. Patricia Says:

    I can see there will be a whole lot of problems with this thing. I hope i don’t get it very soon.

  34. michelle Says:

    I clicked the “check it out” and nothing happened!

  35. Jacob Says:

    35 is a lot. I don’t think I can get 15 neighbours let alone 35.

  36. emvark Says:

    I got the “Look up in the sky” message and clicked on it and absolutely nothing else has happened since then.

    (Are you aware that if you tab between fields here on this comment form, every time you click “tab,” it bounces the page way up?)

  37. Michelle Says:

    same here…got the pop up but then nothing. bummer

  38. kiteflyingal Says:

    i want to do it now.. i am on spring break and have tons of time right now.. hope they don’t make me wait too long (heavy sigh)

    I love this idea and hate being so impatient about it..

  39. speedythecat Says:

    i clicked… nothing happened :O

  40. Ryanup4 Says:

    I got the pop up. I clicked it and got nothing. No load screen. Just my same ol farm. I clicked around plowed some fields and harvested from some of my animals. And the game still did nothing. Nice of them to tease us by telling us to look up in the sky. But i looked up and got crapped on by a bird. A bird tatooed with the name Zynga. The same thing happened during the roll out of the St. Pattys day stuff. I had to wait four additional days. You would think that after 3 years of doing “roll -outs” and people complaining, that they would jus prepare for a world wide roll out just like other videogame companies. Not release it to a few “special “people. That is mean to us die hard fans and players. We play hard everyday and they don’t get chosen. Why even have a “chosen few”? That is demeaning to players. They should just prepare longer, mass the servers, prepare for backup in case problems happen and release it to everyone. I was chosen as one of the select few this time, but it still didn’t work. They have hundreds of employees to beta test the game on. The game is no longer in Beta. They should be professional enough to release it to the millions of players all at once. Don’t hurt peoples feelings, just because they aren’t special enough. Of course none of this will all matter by Friday, but you never know someone could commit suicide because they weren’t chosen and weren’t special enough to Zynga. There are crazy people like that out there.

  41. Lola Yvette Says:

    this will be awsome as soon as they REMOVE THE PAUSE!

  42. Alan Scott Says:

    More neighbours I dont need, but its all achievable. Lets have a bash!!!!

  43. Lola Yvette Says:

    I won’t leave my dedicated neighbors hanging but I myself am not instrested if I have to leave the farm i have

  44. Ashlynn Locke Says:

    I really don’t mind one of my farms being paused, cause if you really think about it, if this was real, and you went to England to start a new farm you wouldn’t be able to work on your home farm. now i know this is a game and they have the ability to make them work at the same time but if your up in levels (like 100) and can’t go any farther then it shouldn’t be a bid deal….just saying

  45. $h!+he@d Says:

    give it up already zynga…you make crappy games with so many glitches in them that it’s impossible to play let it alone actually put literal money toward…if i were you zynga, scrap all of your games and go back to the drawing board…create 1 game and do it right…then maybe branch out with other games…until then zynga you won’t be getting any of money or my time

    p.s. i really think facebook should ban you zynga until you can get your $h!+ together

    love always,
    your numbuh 1 zynga hater

  46. mjluvah Says:

    well , we would have workers still working on our home farms cuz thing would still be growing and animals will still go hungry!! plus people need to master their crops!!

  47. Sarah Says:

    clicked my pop up and nothing happened… glad to know the same thing has happened to other i got a little scared thinking they werent letting me on the balloon to country side! lol jk! hope it gets fixed soon!

  48. brittanycenter Says:

    i want to know what the near future means…. hours or days?

  49. pissed off Says:

    i think its really messed up thay gave to a few ppl and not everyone we ALL have been waiting for 2 months for it .. this makes me not even really want it now !!

  50. professor farnsworth Says:

    I don’t like the pause, but whatever, I don’t care. Maybe they should let it be optional. I’d rather grow crops on both farms at the same time. I guess they are seeing how the pause works out. As always, guys, Farmville is a beta game and subject to change. The second farm is a new feature, and they will probably be changing it.

    don’t be a-holes. just tell them that you don’t like it.

    $H!+He@D — you need to get a more positive hobby. perhaps try knitting? that’ll keep your hands busy.

  51. Kim Says:

    Got the pop up saying look up into the ski. I clicked on check it out like it said and nothing happened.

  52. Anonymity Says:

    I don’t like how much they’re making us work for this after we’ve been waiting so long :(

  53. Susan Says:

    I got the popup and it worked. Used my instagrow to get space on my farm to plant cotton, and now I’m at the bon voyage party, waiting for enough guests to respond so that I can go to the English countryside. I don’t see anyone else on my feed yet that has the English countryside but I’m getting responses pretty fast.

  54. Miguel Says:

    i got the pop out for the second farm look up in the sky or something
    i clicked all excited……….nothing happen wtf tat pissed me off

    add me

  55. Miguel Says:

    susan u should add me so u can sent me invite

  56. BECCA Says:


  57. Shirley Eagle lyons Says:

    It is not fair that we all do not get the English farm at he same time! We have all waited!!!!! Only a select few get one now! just NOT FAIR!!!!!

  58. Peggy Says:

    Clicked on link for the new farm and it disappeared :(

  59. Niki Nedelchev Says:

    I got the first pop up and that was it :( . i didn’t get any other :(((((((( WHY zynga, WHY !?!??!

  60. Stu Says:

    I have it and have so far got to 15 friends in my party but the option to use 60fv is greyed out I cant click it

  61. ecc Says:

    i clicked on the pop up and nothing happened! “/ im soooo mad now!

  62. Susan Says:

    @Stu, I have 15 friends at the party too and the option to use 60FV cash to leave now is also greyed out. Maybe they are not ready for people to actually go there yet, or else once you start getting friends at the party you don’t have the option to go instantly anymore. Anyone got 35 friends at the party yet and tried to go? I should have 35 sometime tonight (I hope–I sent out invitations to all my neighbors!)
    @Miguel how do I find you to add you?

  63. Miguel Says:

    link to my profile

  64. Felix Says:

    Damn, I have 5 farms and none of them got this yet. Sucks..

  65. Felix Says:

    That is crap! What is the point of having 2 farms if you only get to use one at a time!!! The ONLY reason I wanted this farm is so that I can fill it with plots! Zynga you guys really messed up! Let both farms run at the same time!!!!

  66. LaurieK Says:

    The pause to the main farm isn’t something I like, and there’s no way in a million years I’d get 35 FV neighbors, as I don’t friend people I don’t know. So, I won’t be getting involved in this. Hope the people who are enjoy themselves!

  67. Jean Says:

    Almost the same thing happened to me as it did to Julie. When I clicked it the “check it out’ button nothing happened. So I refreshed the game and still nothing. My old farm still loads tho.

    It’s all so stupid~

  68. Ryanup4 Says:

    Farmville add to help you guys get to 35 people. Go to add friends. Look for Ryan Wellhoefer. I am the only one in all the world named that. Send the add with a message that says Farmville.

  69. becca Says:

    ok so i got the pop up clicked to check it out and nothing happened from there no deed no missions really fv if i dont get to experience this today cause of ur mess up with the glitched im gonna be real upset…

  70. Neil Says:

    “”We will announce when this update is live to 100% of users in the near future.”"

    I remember what ‘near future’ and ‘soon’ means. With the 28×28 for coins roll-out, months and months and months.

  71. Linda Says:

    I got this (Look! In the sky! on very first top). I can’t wait!!

  72. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Shannon@5 – Well I don’t think you will find any resemblance between England and this EC farm :)

    Ashlynn@44 – if you had a farm and went anywhere you would make sure someone was there to run it for you!! Unless you were selling up of course. Zynga probably don’t have enough servers to sustain this second farm running concurrently – in which case they should not be releasing it at all. It is ridiculous that if you want things to happen on one farm they can’t happen on the other.

    Also being high level doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. I am level 117 and still have a few crops to master, several tree species to master, and the goods in my Winery to complete mastery on, I am aiming for level 5 for everything there. That is a lot of stuff to be frozen every time I spend five minutes or five hours or more doing something on FVEC.

    I sow a crop of Home Farm, go to EC and sow a crop, but only one can grow so where is the point? I gain nothing. I can grow crops consecutively on one farm. If I have two farms, ie more land, I want to be able to grow crops on all that land concurrently.

    For me this takes away any point in having the second farm. As I have said I will set it up – so that if and when they change this it will be available to us.

    Britannycentre@48 – more likely weeks, or even months. Looks like its not working for the limited roll out already.

  73. abygail grubb Says:

    yeah same thing here i try to go to it but it keeps on saying i have to refresh the page

  74. becca Says:

    linda dont get to excited happened to me too then the video never came nor did the deed…..

  75. Mary Ann Brooks Says:

    I got to the part where you invite 35 people. I have 12 that responded and now it says I can go to England. But when I try it gives me an out of sync error and starts back over. And I cant invite anyone else as its all grayed out now.

  76. Melisa Says:

    I am at the invite screen and am unable to invite.

  77. kortni Says:

    you know, its amazing that a week ago everyone was really angry and defending their original farm because we hated the pause but lookie there, the moment EC rolls out, youre all there with bells on. i for one will not be suckered and actually be one of the few that tells zynga to take their EC and shove it. its a shame too, woulda been cool had they not insisted with the damn pause.

  78. Angela Richner Says:

    I wonder if it would still pause if you played one farm on Facebook and one on Or maybe separate windows? If not, I’ll just start complaining to Zynga every day until they change it. :)

  79. Farmer Paula Says:

    Hey did they get rid of the limit? I got well over 200 things today and no slow throttle.

  80. FarmerAllnight Says:

    got airship,placed on my farm then went out of sinc,reloaded farm have small box on to left to place airship,says go to your giftbox to place,but alas its not there.Oh well what should I expect from Z

  81. Jess Says:

    Everything worked fine for me except when i clicked to go to my English farm i got the “your computer is out of sync with our server please refresh” i keep trying but apparently im still our of sync :(

  82. matthew Says:

    To all of you people complaining about this,
    Zynga has a lot to do and the glitches aren’t a bad thing. And of course your farm will be paused if your not on it so GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!

  83. Mich Says:

    How about an optional ‘pause’ feature?

  84. Rebecca Says:

    I find it very frustrating that a lot of my friends have the ability to start their quest to England while I am sitting and waiting for it to drop on my farm. I’m not even playing my regular Farmville game in fear that I’ll use supplies that I will need in England. This is NOT much fun. :(

  85. jtjunkie Says:

    SOOO angry…Zynga has been touting that you won’t have to use farm cash or add more neighbors in order to do FVEC and here they go, you can’t go instantly unless you have 35 neighbors accept your party request, which would mean I need 10 more neighbors, provided that everyone accepts, or I can pay 60 FV cash. Nice Zynga, real nice.

  86. CoonForLoon Says:

    Regarding pause: “Life does not stop and start at your convenience, you miserable piece of $$$$”

  87. Peter Says:

    This is a ploy to get us to spend real dollars on Farmville dollars (like the latest expansion of farm plots was introduced). I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can meet the neighbour requirement, particularly as I am Level 106, and my neighbors are mostly above Level 20…The comments above seem to reflect my view that a playing Farmville is just a test of endurance more than anything. I was looking for another challenge but will have to decide whether this change is worth the risk.

  88. Rain Says:

    this is way too much dang work. I dont want to buy crates, cows, and plant cotton just to get there. Ugh.

  89. Pat Says:

    I will just be happy with being able to hopefully plant the new crops on my old farm, but they said they’re exclusive. So my plan is to complete the original farm mastery of crops and I am sure for a long while they wont roll out anything else for the original farm and only roll out things for the fvec farm, I will be happy just to maybe explore it and see how it is. But maybe just maybe they will change their minds about the pause feature, just because you’re not their doesn’t mean things arent still growing. Isn’t thats what is happening when we leave the original farm now, everything grows. Makes no sense.

  90. Mazie McNeal Says:

    Cannot find accessories to get helmet. Got clothing but no helmet there either.

  91. louise olson Says:

    i for one will not be playing this one for damn sure, i have invested a whole lot of time and money to achieve my level and i love my farm, so going to another joint will stop me from using my fc and i’m not willing to put up with all the OOS that i hear everyone complaing about, just another fp that zynga has not thought out, just give me more land on this farm and stop all the extra crap , i wanted a farm not some international place that stops me from farming, doing breeding, orchards, co ops ( lol typed in grow ops first ) so many things we have to work on that this is just another pita as i see it, goodluck to those who do

  92. Cris Says:

    yaaaaaay see you in britain!!

  93. Lonny Says:

    I can wait. But at the rate of Zyngas problems; I think a BUGGY would be a more appropriate mode of travel.

  94. Farmer Paula Says:

    Did they change the limit on the 200 things you can get a day on the newsfeed??? I got over 200 things with no throttle.

  95. Joyce Says:

    If anyone needs neighbors for invites to English Countryside, add me:
    Just be sure to include the word “farmville” in a message so I know who you are.

  96. Cheryle Booth Says:

    The ‘pause’ idea sucks! I’m no longer interested in the English Farm, as I can’t plant crops on both and work on both at the same time. What’s the point?? While I’m at one farm, the crops and animals on the other just go on hold anyway – I much prefer Farmtown’s multiple farm plan~~ This is like having two gamesites that stop your farming if you go to the other site!! Would Farmville like it if Farmtown users went to their farm and the crops and animals and trees went on ‘hold’ while they played on Farmtown? It’s the same thing for us Farmville folks who WERE interested in the new second farm~~ Sorry – I won’t be going~~

  97. Ms_Tre Says:

    One of my neighbors is already working on the EC quests…I think it’s lame that Zynga didn’t “roll it out” for everyone!

  98. mark Says:

    Got a “farmville has been enhanced” message and asked to reload my page thinking this was it….and nuthin! AND i live in enland (which sucks)

  99. harriet grant Says:

    I am so mad people that have not been playin as long as me have there’s first i am over farmville screw you

  100. M Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks pausing the farm is a good idea? It’ll keep you from forgetting about your crops while you’re playing in England and having them whither.

    But I am a little bummed at the neighbor requirement to go to England, ’cause my boyfriend only has one active neighbor (and he doesn’t believe in friending people he’s not real-life friends with). Hm… maybe I’ll have to give him a gift card, so he can use farmcash to go there. (Sorta makes me wish you could gift people farmcash from your supply, ’cause I have plenty.)

  101. Pam Says:

    I have it! finally!

  102. Courtney Says:

    I got as far as inviting people to the Bon Voyage Party and there’s a bug there because my friends won’t come up to send requests to.

  103. Someone Says:

    I GOT IT

  104. Nathan Says:

    When I went through Facebook, it said the English Country was coming soon. When I went through, it loaded immediately.

  105. Ivy Says:

    Am I one of the few that doesn’t have it yet? I keep going to my farm and theres nothing. I checked my gift box to see if the ship got in there somehow and nothing… :/ I want to play already!

  106. Erica Says:

    All this waiting for the EC release, then you need 15 or 4 or 35 neighbors to help you get there unless you want to spend $$$… Too much work. They should have told me that before I planted the cotten, bought the crates & cow I didn’t want. At least I have some free farmcash I can use!!!

  107. melanie ratcliffe Says:

    I’ve completed the quests just waiting for my friends to come to the leaving party now…

  108. Kayla Says:

    Ugh… I got the popup and it let me place my airship and everything, and then I get a connection error message and it all disappears. I have the quest and everything, but no longer have the airship! >:(
    Of course, I can’t get past the first requirement for the quest because of this, which is to place the airship.

  109. ED Says:

    I got the popup and it let me place my airship and everything, and then I get a connection error message and it all disappears. I have the quest and everything, but no longer have the airship! >:(
    Of course, I can’t get past the first requirement for the quest because of this, which is to place the airship. SAME HAPPENS WITH ME

  110. Anne Packrat Says:

    What the hell? I need to invite friends to my party if I want to even access the new damn farm? I’ll be lucky if I get four replies out of the six active friends I have.

    Bad idea, Zynga. Bad idea.

  111. Sam Says:

    @Kayla- Same :(
    Lets just hope that FarmVille fixes the problem and that we can get it back :)
    Did you e-mail Zynga about your problem?

  112. Stefano Says:

    The same thing of Kayla happened to me. The last two times that I wrote to Zynga because something disappeared from my gift box they reply to me and gave me back all. I hope this time they’ll do the same

  113. Stefano Says:

    They already replaced my airship :-)

  114. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Mathew@78 says ‘And of course your farm will be paused if your not on it so GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!’ – at the moment your farm continues to grow when you are not there Mathew – so how do you work out that ‘of course your farm will be paused’?

    I have the airship, and having decided to set up a EC farm, but not use it I have embarked on the process. It is already reminding me why I gave up Frontierville and Cityville. I don’t want to have to do a load of things that don’t interest me to get somewhere or gain something. I have dozens of cows in my dairies why should I get another. I mastered cotton months ago and its no use to me, so why should I plant it? I do not like Quests.

    However what I most don’t like is the pause. I would like to grow the new crops and get mastery – but if I grow those I can’t grow the ones on Home Farm that I still have not got mastery on, or grow crops for my Winery. Not that my Winery will be producing while I am ‘away’ either.

    For me the pause will be the thing that stops me actually using FVEC once it is set up. At least will stop me using it until there is nothing left to do on Home Farm.

    Angela – yep it will pause whichever way you play.

    Kortini – I agree we need to keep the issue before them. I will set up the farm partly to have it there if they make the change and partly to make the point to them that I am willing to use it – if it runs concurrently. Then I will start to email them about it. That will have no effect of course unless a great many people do the same thing. Or those people who start playing now and stop in a week or so tell them clearly why.

  115. Domino Says:

    Great. Because I’m not the most popular kid in class, I get punished by not having 35 friends playing Farmville. How ridiculous, all this waiting, just to wait some more. Oh, but I could pay cash instead of friends…. Now I get to bother my friends with another help request – like the duckling requests weren’t intrusive enough. Can we please back off on all of these help requests from friends? This has been taken to an absurd level.

  116. lau Says:

    Hey Stefano
    where do you writte i have the same problem some thing of my
    gift box dissapear and my airship too! so how you get it again?

  117. ruSh.Me Says:

    YAY!! The PAUSE is going to go away soon… As in we can CHOOSE whether to PAUSE our farms or not! [link][/link]

  118. Cameron Thomas Says:

    Love the airship it looks excellent on my farm, have decided to do all the tasks ie: get my farm cash but not head over to English farm as I don’t want the airship to leave..

  119. jason Says:

    hell yeaaaaah if i get i just got a invetation its hell dardy now i only need to get 15 people and i am going to my second farm i am so happy right now :)

  120. Jessi Says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that after all this hype, you still have to WAIT to go to your new farm if you don’t have 35 *active* neighbors or tons of farm cash. This doesn’t really seem fair to a lot of players out there. I have plenty of neighbors but I’d say I’m down to about 16 active users on my friends’ list. They just got bored.
    Also, pausing our current farms is probably a bad idea, hopefully one Zynga will fix. After all, they obviously don’t expect you to spend 12 hours on your current farm while say, your field of cotton grows to maturity. Why should this be any different? Plants grow whether you’re there or not.

  121. Joan Says:

    You don’t need 35 NEW neighbors. You need 35 existing ones to click on your help request. I also don’t like the pause. Hopefully, they will fix that before too long. I’ve been playing FV for 1-1/2 years and welcome the new farm. Thank you Zynga!

  122. kamila Says:

    the game had ‘error’ when I bought the cow, I had to refresh, and I never got the aviator’s cap :(

  123. Deanna Says:

    Yes! Can’t wait to go to the English farm – in 4 days. I don’t have 35 active farmville friends, I can’t even get 15 active farmville friends without friending strangers. Thanks for the new farm Zynga, but let’s stop these multiple help requests to friends – we’re here to play a social game, not a demanding game where we have to call up our friends to accept our help requests just so we can play. If you want to do it for New Years parties and the like that’s fine, but to help grow animals or simply play the game it’s going too far. After all of the hype for English Countryside, now you throw in a delay in game for 4 days…. thanks.

  124. Stefano Says:

    @Lau: I wrote a mail to the zynga support for farmville describing my problem and the support always resolve the problem in about 1 day… For the airship in about 15 minutes :-P

  125. John Says:

    The concept of 2 farms is good, but if you can work only one of them at a time, the English Farm is history. It has different crops, but having one farm in pause mode throws off the schedule on your crops, trees, stables, chicken coops, etc. Gonna pass on this one unless both farms can be active at the same time

  126. Minna Says:

    35 neighbors it’s just too much. I like to play on my own and I don’t want to bother my neighbors all the time. I got three maybe four active neighbors…. (And I know, I could add more but I don’t feel comfortable add random people in my facebook…) Well, maybe I just don’t play English Countryside…
    I don’t ask much just that it would be nice to get some advantage of the fact that I’m hard-working player.
    Happy farming for all of those who got the FVEC :)

  127. Sandra Says:

    Zynga why the hell do we have to pause one farm when we are playing on another, if this dosen’t change I won’t bother with either of them, we have waited ages for this extra farm and I feel more than a little cheated

  128. Jessica Says:

    So because I have no friends I won’t get to go unless I pay a ton of FC? Just another thing I won’t be able to participate in. I don’t care for the paused farms either, the great thing about Farmville is that your plants continue to grow in real time.

  129. Mando25 Says:

    Anyone else get a butler gnome in their gift box? I placed it on my original farm. no idea how it got there.

  130. Suzanne Says:

    P.S. Farmville is a community game, which means having neighbors help you out (and you helping them out) is a major part of the game, so I would imagine most people will have more than four neighbors. However, if you don’t, please feel free to add me (click on my name) as your friend & neighbor and any others on this board that have posted that they are willing to help out, and then you won’t have to pay any FC.

  131. Wendydjr88 Says:

    I was one of the lucky ones last night, to get and invite to the English Countryside, I did all of the quests, I can only get 18/35 neighbors! it will not let me invite anymore!!!.. When I click to go to the English Countryside the game goes out of sync!!! Please Help or FIX

  132. Sandy Says:

    Won’t continue with it. I don’t like the pause feature. It makes no sense.

  133. Sandy Says:

    Actually I think I’m done with FV, too. Nothing works right anymore. I spend waaaaaay too much time dealing with frozen pop-ups; it isn’t fun anymore. Too bad – as it’s a great relaxing game to play, otherwise.

  134. LisaMarie Says:

    I invited all my friends last night, but none of them can accept the invitation. Shows up in their notifications, but does not allow them to help me. Friends also sent me invites that showed up in my notifications, but again, I can’t help them. Now I can’t resend the invite. Emailed Zynga and hoping they get this fixed. Ugghhh so frustrating. Looks like I’m waiting to go to England! Anybody else have this problem?

  135. Brooke Says:

    Okay, I really don’t care about the FV cash. I have plenty of it. If I go ahead and pay the 60, then does anyone know if I still get the reward of the police box? I really want to have Doctor Who on my farm! So far, I only have 12 people who have accepted my help request, and I’m not sure about getting 23 more.

  136. greengirl Says:

    As most, not happy about the paused farm. I, as many have worked hard and spent countless hours and money on our farms to allow them to b paused. If the other game allows 5 working farms, why not FV? Hope you guys are listening to the ppl who are buying your product and fix this. Until it is fixed I won’t be playing on the English side It will b idle until then.
    Happy farming, lol

  137. Nathan Says:

    I have never seen a bigger group of trolls congregating in one place! I would expect this behavior from a bunch of kids, but the sad part is most of you are probably adults! In fact, according to the statistics of FV users, many of you are probably stay at home Moms.

    Just look at yourselves and your behavior. Would you tolerate this level of whining from your kids? No! Then grow up and lighten up.

    It’s a game! It should pass your time, not fill it. I remember a news story last year about a woman who was arrested because she’d neglected her child by spending all her time on FV. I have no doubt she was probably someone who commented on this site regularly.

    There are worse things going on in the world than FV glitches. Japan, anyone? Bullying in schools, anyone? Trust me, if FV is the biggest problem in your life, then life is pretty good. Consider it a hobby, have fun with it, but be lighthearted about it. And be a role model of maturity for your children, please!

    I’ve been a website designer for 13 years. New site launches are tough. There are bugs, there is downtime, and sometimes a server on the East Coast loads sooner than one on the West Coast, so yes, two people really can get the invite at different times. It’s how technology works; it’s not a Zynga bug.

    A game with this many users is very uncommon. That means there are going to be plenty of trial and error sessions, especially considering the magnitude of players! A normal product launch is stressful enough, I can’t even imagine the pressure at Zynga right now.

    People, please just be nicer. Don’t whine and complain all the time. Don’t spend all your free time on FV. Enjoy the fun it brings, but remember it’s just a game. And please, please understand that technology is very complex. It will take awhile to get this game right.

    Pay attention to your kids, husbands, wives, partners, too! Best wishes.

  138. johanne Says:

    last night got the pop up the 35 neighbor and since i got them my farm won’t load i keep getting the out of sync message. I wrote to zinga and of course nothing i am getting so fed up i think i ‘m just going to quit.

  139. vp Says:

    I don´t like this pause thing…….

  140. cristiano Says:

    i cant invite friends for my von boyaage party plz help anyone!!!!!!!

  141. John Says:

    I can’t invite any friends to the party… I click on the quest, then on the invite friends button, and nothing happens… No list of friends for me to invite. Well, what the hell is that?! My flash player is totally new and all btw.. Grrr..

  142. Anna Says:

    How funny that no one seems to think that actual English people play FV! I am very entertained by the image that Zynga has of England!

    I don’t like the pause feature. It should be an option (always – after all we all go on holiday – or vacation – from time to time) but I much prefer the idea of my crops growing in one farm whilst I work on the other.

    I suspect I won’t do much on EC until this is changed.

  143. Jenn Says:

    I think the English Farm concept is great. I like the everything about setting up the second farm (even the quests). However, I’m afraid I won’t be using this second farm very much if it means I have to pause my Home Farm. If Zynga ever decides to remove this pause feature (or at least make it optional), then I can see me spending a lot of time playing with the English Farm. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my original farming.

  144. Mary Ellen Says:

    I’m also really annoyed about the number of neighbors you need. I only have 2 active neighbors, and it takes forever to expand a building and the like. But I don’t want to friend total strangers (although I’m sure you’re all really nice.)
    So after buying the useless crates, cow, planting the cotton etc. I STILL can’t go to England. Do they really think I want to pay “real” money to play this game???

  145. suz Says:

    I was all excited about the second farm and all but unfortunately since both farms don’t grow at the same time what is the point. Kind of a big waste of time…….

  146. Sripriya Says:

    i have only 21 neighbours till now , gosh i need more !!! can’t wait 2 try English CountrySide !!! M Really Excited !!!

  147. Sripriya Says:

    Plz Add me As Ur Farmville Neighbor !!! m in level 60 so i can be gr8 help 2 u !!! here’s my profile link :!/profile.php?id=1521342432

  148. Paul deSautel Says:

    Pause between farms is the single most idiotic programing idea I have ever seen Fix it or a lot of us will say “good by” England

  149. Joni Says:

    Without one farm being paused, could you imagine how quickly we’d up in levels? Doesn’t anybody see that?

    I like the English farm. It’s something new to work on.

  150. bob Says:

    here’s my only concern.. i completed it and invited all my fv friends but i don’t have any access to the countryside farm. i can’t figure out how to get there. and on the side where it has your status on how much of a mission you have completed i don’t even have that. there’s nothing there!! so i did everything but i’m still stuck at my first farm. i have everything saved up in my giftbox for the new farm and now im not able to get over there… BUMMER

  151. Sushma Says:

    I liked the English country side farm but I don’t like the idea of paused farm.If it is paused what is the use of having another farm for crop mastery or xp gain.Think about it.If both work together it is good to play both or it is waste of keeping another farm.

  152. Maaike Says:

    I have been playing Farmville for more then a year now and only have 3 neighbors. Normally I like that, but it sucks that I can NEVER go to England because of that. I would have loved to go. It’s stupid they added that party, now some people who want to go will never be able to, unless they buy a huge amount of farm cash which I will never do. So it looks like I will never go to England, ‘great’ they hyped it up…. and then don’t let you go.

  153. Nina Sæther Says:

    I do NOT like the fact that my other farm is paused. I will probably have to choose one of them, and the english countryside will have to go…

  154. isabel Says:

    can we work in both farm at the same time? I mean there’s a way that both farm work at the same time?

  155. jenny latimer Says:

    Did it all but icon would not work, still stuck here without my pals, boo hoo. I’m sure you are working on it, right?

  156. jenny latimer Says:

    Wanted to say, it’s a great idea but better if we could have just had more land, still, it’s a cute idea so good for you zygna, I pay big big, bucks to play this game and am patient. So, take your time. ;) I’m saving money by being here .

  157. Tasha Says:

    I really like the English countryside, and I am looking forward to going there. I invited all my neighbours, and all accepted. I was ready to go to England!
    I got that far, to see the guy in his air balloon to go to England. Then suddenly out of sync, restart, and needed to start ALL over again.
    I do not have such good neighbours, they are already in England themselves, so they do not need to help me, and therefore do not accept my request again…
    Too bad…
    Hope I once get there!

  158. jonny Says:

    I completed all those tasks but after I clicked to go to England nothing happened. Now I don’t have another try to go there? My farmer’s still waiting with his pilot’s helmet on :(

  159. jonny Says:

    oops! Now I see the icon in the top right hand corner! Off to England… Tally Ho! :D

  160. Shirley Says:

    Can’t you fix the paused farm?? This is no fun when one is on pause.

  161. Shanna Says:

    How did i close the English countryside farm? I was thinking that it would be cool to have two farms but i am not really liking the English countryside farm anymore. can you please tell me how i can close the English countryside farm down. thank you. Shanna

  162. Shanna Says:

    How do i close the English countryside farm? I was thinking that it would be cool to have two farms but i am not really liking the English countryside farm anymore. can you please tell me how i can close the English countryside farm down. thank you. Shanna

  163. lauryn Says:

    this is all so stupid… i can only get one person to come to my party and that is my sister… i just want to be able to play on the stinkin’ countryside!!!!!!! uhhhhh

  164. Lunatic Says:

    I can’t move to my English countryside, nothing happened when I choose to travel to my English countryside
    PLease Helppppppppppp I want my English countryside back

  165. Alex Says:

    i have 17/35 guest on the ”bon voyage party”, but i’m 10 days waiting for….don’t know what!!!! i don’t have the ”go to the english countryside” option!!!

  166. Luke Says:

    My server goes out whenever i travel and i have to reload!!!!!! HELP

  167. ana Says:

    the Travel menu on my farm to switch from homefarm to english countryside is no longer there, could anyone help?

  168. David Says:

    I am level 20 but i didnt got the pop-up is this a glitch or am i not “chosen” ?
    plz help

  169. Anna Says:

    Listen: I’m sure some of you are on your regular farm and trying to get to your English Farm. There’s 2 ways. 1: if you’ve already been there once, go to where it says ‘My Home Farm’ and look to the right. There should be a little symbol the size of a fingernail (but sideways), and click on it. 2?? If you haven’t been there before and you’re over level 19, just look at the ‘windy’ icons to the left of your screen (maybe not quite at the side). See if one you’d click on is for obeying some commands for going or shows you a chart of how many of your friends are ready to go. You need to make sure you have on your home farm a few things before you go. Then when you click on that left sign again or see a note pop out on your screen about leaving, you can go. It’s more like an airplane, but shaped like a ship and helicopter. Pretty cool!!

  170. Anna Says:

    I think to skip the English Farm, you give up your crate and glasses. Just guessing

  171. ???? Says:

    my friend is just level 13 but he already have his 2nd farm …

  172. Braedon Says:

    I watch my mom on farmville all the time and shes on the english contryside farm CONSTANTLY! She never goes to the other farm and she gots lots of FARM DOLLARS and she is Level 24.

  173. Braedon Says:

    Got the pop up and i’m already in the bon voyage party part! :)

  174. fiorella Says:

    well, how do you get there if you had 3 or less people?

  175. Adrienne Hays Says:

    I have done all of these missions to go to England.I had to wait 4 days to go,but it’s been two weeks!Now the bon voyage mission isn’t on the left anymore,but my airship is still on my farm.Can someone please help me??????

  176. ROBERT NORMAN Says:


  177. Confused Says:

    I didnt get the last message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :L wats gone wrong????

  178. yuvraj Says:

    yeh option abhi tak nahi aya now wat can i do

  179. Ann Says:

    I done every thing it told me to do but i did not get the English Counrty side :-(

  180. scones Says:

    hope i get a request thing 2 of my friends do already!

  181. renee valandingham Says:

    i am on level 36 and ive never recieved my english farm why????????????????????????

  182. cass Says:

    im way newer to farmville-how do i get english countryside??? am i too late or what?

  183. Rose Says:

    am at level 40 and not allow travelling to farmville English why ?

  184. Osama Says:

    Im on level 40 but i don’t get english farm how i get it so plz ttell me

  185. apsar Says:

    i am in to 38 th level in farm ville but i have’nt received english farm what should i do to get english farm

  186. AB Samuel Says:

    I am level 27. But I still didn’t got this.

  187. angel Says:

    i dnt have the travel button at all i dnt have light house cove and winter wonderland at all there is no travel button :(

  188. chris Says:

    i can not get on english country side and i am at level 49 so can you please put me on english country side.thank you

  189. Luigi Says:

    I just started farmville today and dont have this will i still be able to get it?

  190. amanda Says:

    i am on level 71 and i still cant seem to get the english county side could u till me how i can get it

  191. taha Says:

    im in level and i dont have the english farm yet