FarmVille Tips for Leveling Up the Fastest and Reaching Level 70

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FarmVille Tips for Leveling Up the Fastest and Reaching Level 70

Posted on June 2, 2010 2:02 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Many farmers ask, “What is the quickest way to level up and reach Level 70?”. While the coveted Level 70 can be hard to reach for some, diligence proves necessary to reach higher levels, so just keep farming! FarmVille Freak Randy, put together his own guide of useful tips for farmers hoping to reach Level 70. To some veteran farmers these tips may seem elementary, but then again you are probably already a Level 70 farmer. These tips are most useful for those newbies and mid-level farmers that are struggling to level up.

Here is some background information about FarmVille Freak Randy’s farming experience:

“My girlfriend got me started on Farmville because she had been playing since August of 2009. Eventually, I gave in to her FarmVille invitations and joined in October 2009. Some of my neighbors and my girlfriend were at around Level 30. I was only looking for fun but when I saw my Level increase so quickly through the lower Levels, I started getting into it. In time, I decided I would try to overcome my neighbors that were 30 levels (so about 50,000 points) ahead of me. Now I am the first of my neighbors to reach Level 70. My closest competitor (my girlfriend) is at Level 68. The next highest neighbor is at Level 51 200,000 points behind me. How did I do it? Read my tips below.” -FarmVille Freak Randy

FarmVille Freak Randy’s Strategies Found Useful & to Keep Interest on Way to Level 70:

Says FarmVille Freak Randy, “However, this is only important if you want to reach Level 70. If you’re more interested in playing the game for decorations, that is also a legitimate reason to play. But if you’re looking to compete with your neighbors, you may find these or other strategies helpful. Be forewarned: If you’re not interested in anything else but leveling up, Level 70 will be very bittersweet for you. My interest has waned, but I’m still trying to master every crop available.

If you’re already at Level 70 or speeding your way towards it, these tips may seem elementary. However, they may not come as easily to every farmer. So these tips are especially designed to help out farmers who are struggling to get to Level 70.”

  • The Most Important Point: Planting 4 Hour Berries

o   The marginal benefit (for points—not coins) is highest for the four hour crops. It seems obvious, but none of my neighbors have considered it. Even if you plant Peas and get 3 XP + 1 XP for plowing per plot, in the same amount of time you could plant 4 rounds (in 16 hours if you have the free time, 6 rounds if you are an insomniac) of Strawberries and receive more points.

o   If you plant four rounds of Strawberries in sixteen hours, you will get 4 XP + 4 XP for plowing= 8 XP per plot. If you have a field of 450 plots, that adds up to 3,600 XP in one day or 25,200 XP in a week.

o   Thinking this way, the fastest way to Level 70 (without spending your way there) is to constantly plant Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and/or Blackberries.

o   Yes, even Raspberries. Though you don’t get any points for planting the crop, you will still get 1 XP per plot for plowing, which leads to 2 XP per plot every 4 hours which is the same amount of points that you get from the 4 hour berries.

  • Plowing most of your farm

o   I have the largest size farm available and at one time had all but one row plowed. The more plots, the more points per planting and plowing.

  • Mastering Crops

o   It brings in a decent amount of XP points and coins and it kept my interest. I made a fence out of my mastery signs. I have 38 of them now.

  • The Ribbons

o   The reasonable ones, at least kept me interested.

  • Close competition

o   Several times my girlfriend passed me and our friendly competition kept me interested in the game.

o   If you are in close competition with one of your neighbors, buying decorations may give you an edge. I usually chose to buy windmills (100,000 coins, 1,000 XP points). However, my girlfriend took this strategy too far. When I reached Level 70, I had about 5 million coins. She is at Level 69 and only has 160,000 coins. When she reaches Level 70, she won’t have enough money to buy a Villa or any other buildings or decorations.

  • Blocking your Farmer Avatar

o   Setting up a farmer block to trap your farmer saves so much time and keep your neighbors happy when they come to visit.

–> Read more about Blocking your farmer here.

Things I found unhelpful on my way to Level 70:

  • Neighbors

o   I only have 35 neighbors and only 5 of them are active. They were, however, useful for the Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter events. You only need the pre-requisite amount to be able to expand your farm and buy certain items (For example, with 35 neighbors I can’t buy a second Market Stall with coins).

  • Decorating

o   It wastes valuable space that could be used for planting.

  • Spending real money on Farmville Cash

o   I didn’t spend any real money on Farmville Cash on my way to Level 70.

o   The only Farmville Cash I spent (that was earned from leveling up) was to expand my farm when I was in the low levels and for one of the Seeds for Haiti events. I now have 49 Farm Cash and can’t find anything I want to buy.

Note: Purchasing items that are farm cash only tend to yield higher amounts of XP based on the farm cash purchase and exclusivity.

  • Animals

o   They don’t give much money and don’t give any points

o   Golden Chickens and the three new chickens are the exception because they bring in a lot of money—but still no XP points. I have a Huge Coop full of Golden Chickens and a few of the new Chickens that brings in 3,840 coins a day.

Source: (FarmVille Freak Randy)

Thanks again for sharing your tips with everyone FarmVille Freak Randy! FarmVille will be celebrating its very first birthday soon when it turns one on June 19th 2010. Within this year many farmers have already reached Level 70 and are anxious for more levels and more challenges. Upon reaching Level 70 there is no special celebration or reward. After all that clicking, plowing, planting, harvesting and thousands of XP later the event proves to be under-whelming and slightly disappointing. There are no new items to unlock, no more new levels (yet), and no more 1 free farm cash for leveling up.

Has Zynga forgotten about their most prized players? No, we already know that they have intentions of adding more levels in the future, but exactly when is unknown. FarmVille Freak supports the introduction of new levels and all the Level 70 farmers out there still waiting. As their XP continues to accumulate, reaching way beyond the  minimum for Level 70, we can only hope that when new levels come out they will automatically level up based on the obtained XP that is quietly waiting to be counted.

"Sad Farmer, Relationship of Our Emotions to Land" Photo Credit: NewDayNewLife Photography

What tips do you find useful for leveling up and reaching your goal of Level 70?

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69 Responses to “FarmVille Tips for Leveling Up the Fastest and Reaching Level 70” »

  1. WeirdJedi Says:

    Sorry, it is very hard to justify the “need” of getting to level 70. Does anyone recall that once you hit level 70, there aren’t any more levels? Why would you sacrifice fun parts of the game just to say “Yay, I hit level 70″ and then die from the sheer boredom of accomplishing that goal?

    If you are constantly playing every 4 hours, you may want to reanalyze your spending time. This goal might be good to get a jump start to maybe level 20 within a couple weeks. After that, decorating your farm with objects, animals, and trees (while at the same time pacing yourself) makes the game.

    I recall a guide showing you to farm plots, delete them, then plant more plots. I did it for a whole two minutes and thought “Why?” Never understood the whole “The fun part begins when you get to the end”.

  2. Eric Says:

    buy and sell villas?

  3. Jill Says:

    Glad I’m not in it just for the farming. Pretty boring. Love buying the items they let you with coins. Having fun decorating and changing the scenery; getting new animals; trees, but still being able to plant and keep up. I get to 70 when I get there. NO hurry. What fun is it to rush through and not enjoy the game.

  4. dawn Says:

    i really enjoyed reading it ty xx

  5. Lynn Says:

    You know, when I first started, I thought— Level 70 is so far away, no way I’d ever get there. Then I found out about level 25-30 that level 70 is the last level. It got to the point where I DID NOT want to level.

    After level 35 or 40 (once you have access to all the crops), there’s no reason to WANT to level, absolutely none. Seriously people, STOP Trying to level.

  6. Darylynn Says:

    That sounds like as much fun as watching grass grow.

  7. Betty Aikenhead Says:

    Under ANIMALS, Randy is ignoring the huge amount of coins that calves can produce at 80 per day. Foals as well, but they take up more land space. Might have been tedious before farmhands, but now builds your coins up quickly. True, no XP, but then, for me, the decorating, raising of rare animals and such is the fun aspect. Not trying to be the first in my group to reach level 70. Heck, couldn’t reach that goal anyway, a fair amount of my friends are already there as I didn’t start until 2010.

  8. Informed Misery Says:

    Actually, when you get a golden chicken, the new chickens, and a golden gnome, you do get XP when you first hatch the mystery egg.

  9. teacher Says:

    how stupid man can be to play fv and do all thins to get on level 70?? the most of fun is from decorating. and if you want to bee happy u should be better farm than neighbours. i thin that is the main point to play it. plowing all the time?? waste of time and its boring…..!!

    I have 59 level and have many many decorations from all mystery boxes, shop etc… and? i am happy for it.. what is so good to have 70 level and have nothing to offer to my neigbours when they come on my farm??

    think about it.. this article is only in 50$ right…

    dont forget decorating take much of space but u can harvest all the time and with beautyful farm!!

    i changed my farm so many times, i cant even tell. and that is fun! with every new thing you buy, you can remade your farm to another, new outlook!!

    peace and love


  10. TheRealTsL Says:

    After i reached lvl 70 i set up a few goals for myself to keep the interest…
    Now i do masteries – i have 31 of them – i breed foals for my friends… and i want to get ahead of the only neighbor who has more points than me…
    She’s over 1M, i have 740k xp, so i have still some farming to do… :)

  11. Reinbeauchaser Says:

    WeirdJedi: You are so right about that! :0) Nothing left to do except to play for mastery signs and whatever new promotion FV dreams up – such as the Tuscan Wedding Tent, Farmers Market, and Co-op prizes.

    And, in addition from adding more levels, I would love it if FV would allow us to expand our farms passed the 22×22 maximum. Country Life offers larger plots of land to play with, why can’t Farmville? How hard can it be? After all, once a farm expands, Farmers are the ones who do the work of rearranging things. If FV came out with a few more expansions, I just might take advantage of the nifty Tuscan buildings, but – I can’t. I kind of like the Provencial French buildings I have, now, and my barns are already at maximum.

    Speaking of storage, is there any sense in keeping the holiday stuff or the Valentines/Easter baskets? I”ve been tempted to delete mine to free up storage and my farm, as they’re (no use to me at all right now. However, if they’re going to be re-used for next year…it would be a waste.

    Anyway, thoughts appreciated about the holiday items. :0)

  12. Aeryn Says:

    this is EXACTLY the strategy I took up on my way to 70 and the strategy I continued (for the most part) now that I’m well past it. It was healthy competition with my neighbours that kept me going back and I now enjoy trying to have the most mastery signs.

    While I think everyone has to enjoy the game in their own way, I have a few neighbours that complain that I’m so high up they’ll never catch me, or that harvesting all their animals takes such a long time… really, game strategy is pretty simple.

    The only other thing I would add to the list is to use your time wisely. I’m a stay-at-home person so I can harvest when I like (I also have the unwither ring) but that’s not always feasible. So, plant wisely. If you work 8 hours, plant 8 hour crops. If you’ll be asleep for 10 hours, plant 10 hour crops. If you’re going away on a trip, plant 4 day crops. Never leave your plots empty, always have something growing that will use your land to its fullest and get you the XP and coins that you need.

  13. TheRealTsL Says:

    Oh, and i didn’t know that june 19th is the birthday of Farmville…. same day as mine.. :]

  14. Eric Says:

    Don’t forget Villas!

    Villas were a key part of me reaching level 70. As you level-up and accumulate coins, you will hit the million mark several times. Save up your cash and buy villas. It immediately jumps you up ONE FULL LEVEL. If you already have a villa, sell the old one just before you buy a new one.

    Just remember to save enough cash so you can plant the next round of crops!

  15. YM Says:

    I never really cared about the levels…I just got to 70 this week…I think what I care the most about now is the mastery points for crops as I like to see those mastery crop signs on my farm. I love decorating my farm because if all I do is plant/harvest/plot, I get bored. I like to get the decorations that have some animation element to them. I usually do not buy too many of the building as they are just building and do not do much except take up space. I buy just the ones that I feel will complement my farm and rotate them after about 3-4 weeks for something different from whatever new theme is being introduced. I always liked to have a balance between crops, decoration, and animals. The animals have animations and most important “emotions”…so they help to give the farm its soul.

  16. Pyrate Says:

    i achieved level 70 in a similar way in less than 6 months – my rule was if it didn’t make me money it wasn’t on my farm.

  17. Rogue Robot Says:

    I have never understood power levelers. Their “farms” look like graphical spreadsheets. What’s the point of a level 70 graphical spreadsheet of a few thousand things packed as tightly and unimaginatively as possible?

  18. Claudia Says:

    i agree with theRealTSL, i reached level 70, now i’m concentrating on mastery signs. i don’t really have all that many, but it’s my new goal to get as many as possible. also, before level 70., my farm was about farming. now it’s really cute and when i reach a few more goals with it, i will decrease the # of crops by a bit more and put a few more decorations out.
    It’s not as intense for me anymore since 70…but i do still enjoy the game.

  19. Nilo Says:

    I started in Nov2009 and reached level70 in mid of march2010.
    I followed most of the tips mentioned by Randy…But regarding Animals:I collected many one-day-harvest-animals like calves,which occupies very little space and gives u 80 coins/day.Also helps u to get Zoologist blue ribbon.
    Decorations:Buying decorations will give u considerable amount of XP,but keeping those decorations in storage will help u save space for plots,even u can sell those decorations if u do not want to keep,which will give u coins(5% of original value spent).
    Placing decorations: will get u Pack rat ribbon.U can place Hay bales,the cheapest decorations,which will help u to achieve Baled out ribbon also.Placing fences will count for both Pack Rat and Fenced In Ribbons.

  20. Chris Says:

    I’ve been level 70 for a while now, and I achieved that by planting the 2, 4, 6, 8 hour crops mostly. When I reached level 70, I did one big mistake. Which was to spend all my FV cash. I had none for a while. When I reached 70, I didn’t have a lot of crop masteries. I have 19 now and that’s sustaining my interest in the game. What I’m not happy with is that Zynga seems to have forgotten “old” players, who are also those who have been making this game become popular. We get nothing, strictly nothing, no matter how many XP points we achieve. It’s good news to hear about the new levels, but I hope they come along with “new” rewards for those who have been playing this for a while now =)

  21. DuKeFX Says:

    I joined in late December and am level 70, with also 38 mastery signs and a lot at level 2. I have 352 plots and well decorated farm. My neighbors however aren’t noobs. I have plenty of level 70 neighbors. I also have a few million coins and a lot of rare stuff.

    The fastest way to get to 70 is to EARN COINS. Planting the crops with the best income. They will also give a decent amount of XP. Peas are quite good. Buying hay bales for 100 coins will give you 5 XP. It’s quite annoying to sell the hay bales and rebuy them again and again, but that’s the fastest way for sure. Therefore animals and trees aren’t that useless as described in the guide. Also note that collecting goods from animals will always be full profit while plowing and seeding will costs you quite a lot compared to what you get at the end.

    Example: strawberries
    Cost: 10
    Sells for: 35
    Plowing: 15
    Profit / 4 hours: 10

    You can harvest 6 times a day if you are a nolifer. So that’s 6*10=60 coins a day from 1 plot! 1 plot can carry 16 1×1 animals, calves, chickens etc. Some give even 100 coins daily, but let’s say you have 16 cornish chickens. 16×64=1024 a day and not 60 a day! Big difference! You can buy 10 hay bales from that amount. 10*5XP=50XP. Which crop will give you 50 XP a day?

    That “guide” really needs some corrections and modifications

  22. Dabeasumin Says:

    I tend to agree with WeirdJedi. I could buy 2 villa’s right now and be a Lvl 70, but decorating & masteries are my primary goal.

  23. jim Says:


  24. Spencerooni Says:


    Calves harvest for more, silly billy

  25. Jaymes Says:

    @ Reinbeauchase
    the biggest farm is 24×24

  26. Steve4310 Says:

    It is interesting to see a different player’s approach. I hit level 70 almost 2 months ago, and vowed to stop playing when I hit this milestone. OK, so that didn’t quite happen. But I did change my strategy. Now, instead of trying to level up, I am more interested in landscaping.

    I disagree with a few of the tactics that the author used.

    First, anything that gains coins is useful. I have over 400 ornament trees on my farm, which gets me about 210,000 coins per week. While going strictly for XP is one thing, I preferred to earn coins and buy/sell villas every week to level up. Generally, I leveled up once every 5 days.

    Also, I disagree about the short-term crops. I never planted anything but daily and multi-day crops. I have a job, a wife and 2 kids. I don’t want to lose any of these things, so spending a large chunk of my day farming isn’t an option. Besides, I planted nothing but peas for about 2 months, which gained a lot of XP and coins, and therefore many levels.

    I guess there are many ways to play this game, and no definitive method. It all depends on what your goal is.

  27. Debbie Says:

    I agree with most of what you have said but my biggest question is how to keep enough fuel to plant every 4 hours. FV Gods don’t make that very easy and doing 300-500 crops every 4 hours is totally impossible.

  28. Rob Gould Says:

    If you reach level 70 that fast you really can’t go back and enjoy the game.
    How will you but the items that you passed up…they’re gone!!!
    I know some items return in a mystery gift,but the good ones are gone…just gone.
    I know of one person who started after I did (I started in October of 09) the other person started in Dec09 they flew past me and now they’re one level away from 70!!!!
    I’m not sure how she did it (lol yeah I am,she’s on this game 24 hours a day,8 days a week),am I mad that she passed me…no.

  29. Thorsten Says:

    ” If you plant four rounds of Strawberries in sixteen hours”

    Sure, i have nothing better to do than seed/harvest every 4 hours, lol.

    IÄm a Level 70 on my main farm, i got it in about 3 months – and idid it the hard way, this was before there were collections and such that make it easier to get XP, nowadays you nearly get XP for walking.

    So i’m there on Level 70…so what? There is nothing special to it which is why am in no hurry to reach it with my other farm, especially since it is so easy these days to level up anyway. A month more or less, who cares.

    And honestly, who is so obsessed with where their neighbors at like that guy? I’m not, i don’t care. I never look what level they are, but i don’t have only 35 neighbors, i have 300

    Good luck getting the Pisa Tower with 35 (and 5 active) neighbors

  30. Thorsten Says:

    “Under ANIMALS, Randy is ignoring the huge amount of coins that calves can produce at 80 per day. Foals as well, but they take up more land space. ”

    Randy has no calfs or foals – he would need active neighbors to get them ;)

  31. Guadi Says:

    Hey… Let people think…

    Do you think it would be nice to have a “tool box” in our farms in orden to put there all the materials for the diferent constructions so that then is easier to expand them and we don´t wast materials when our friends send them?

  32. hepkat Says:

    well i dont know about everyone else in here but i personally play for several goals one IS to get to level 70 but im not going crazy tryin to get there im level 66 and ive been playing since sept 2009 so ill make it soon i also love the rare animals so that makes it alot of fun for me i admit that for the first 2 or 3 months i played it was a bit of an obsession and i was planting and harevsting every 4 to 8 hours constantly but yes i admit i had to take a look at how i was spending my time i needed to get off the computer and spend more time with my children, my wife was just as bad i still put about 3 hours in a day give or take but if i miss a few hours or a day i certainly wont lose sleep over it i still love several aspects of farmville and will continue to play at my pace and for my reasons so bottom line here is dont let any of your farm neighbors make you feel as if you have to play for the same reasons as them we are all individuals which is what makes us each eunique and we play for our own likes not someone elses so if you dont care about levels or animals or decorating that is what makes your farm special to you play for yourself and level or build according to your personal interests……happy farming to everyone

  33. hepkat Says:

    oh and reinbauscher just fyi as far as storage is concerened they announced in one of the recent farmville podcasts that they will soon be releasing what they called cellar storage which is a small plot the size of one of the normal planting plots that will be like an underground storage space and it will hold 200 items so hold on to your holiday items just a lil bit longer if you think you might want them for the next holiday cause you can keep them in the new unreleased storage plus a whole lot more :)

  34. SHARON M Says:

    I started playing the game at the end of February cause a friend introduced it to me and I got hooked. Started with 6 plots and quickly decided I needed more land, what with the chickens, cows, etc marching around. Then I put in my dairy and chicken coop and things got better. I found that having lots of trees not only brought in extra XP, but helped me find butterflies now and then. I also decided I wanted a farm that had the look of a place I’d like to live and my animals wouldn’t be all squashed up together, I’d build pens and put fencing around them and my crops, just like a real farm. I too like the decorations, but sometimes it gets a little crazy and takes up space that could be used more wisely. I reached Level 70 in 3 months, I only have 10 Master Signs, but am working to get more now that there are no higher levels to achieve… which I hope they will change. I still compair myself to my fellow players in XP points… and what they have on their farm. I have 324 plots… I could have more, but I will not sacrifice the look of a “real” farm just to gain more XP in crops each day. I’m hoping the new change to Yahoo will help the farms work better, as well as speed the game feed… maybe we will get some more new FarmVille features too. Until then, happy farming to you all !!!

  35. Salzwasser Sylvie Says:

    I reached level 70 about 3 weeks ago. I said to myself, well , now I can return to real life…hahaha, silly me….
    Seriously, this is a game and if it turns into stress, stop playing.
    I know players that sit there with calculators and annalize the game to the point that it turns into science. I guess that is ok, to each his own. I just want to have fun.
    I absolutely love decorating have entered a few times in the “farm of the week” contest. What was I thinking? lol
    And yes I bought things with Farm Cash. So what? I was told by fellow neighbors that buying with real cash isn’t fair. Hmmm…I spend money on all kinds of junk IRL and if I buy a Farmville gift card once in a while, let me.
    I now help friends with their co-ops, give new players hints and I am having a blast. Farmville is a fun game, I like it.
    Play it the way you want to play it but please don’t forget about your real life ;)

  36. SZASZ Says:

    I am @ lvl 70 too, and I think Randy has to learn a lot about FarmVille.

    Forget berries, takes too much time, you know how much time you have to play, when you reach lvl 32 start planting PEAS if you want to level up fast. 1 day harvest, best gold, good xp.

    Don’t forget berries is you go for masteries, I have 39 right now. Masteries also gives you + xp.

    Plowing most of your farm is a good idea, using third of your area won’t help you reach LVL70. You have to choose between leveling and decorating.

    Working on ribbons is a good idea.

    Blocking your avatar is the most necessary thing if FV, it speeds up Harvest-Plow-Seed cycle a lot, if you use block+fuel, HPS is around 3-4 minutes on a fully plowed 24*24 farm.

    You shold have as many neighbors as you want, the more the better, you need some to enable things, such as a bigger farm, you can collect more bonuses from more neighbors, and you recieve more help.

    Animals and Trees are NOT useless, they give you much money, they never wither, and they give you collection items. You can redeem those for gold xp and fuel.

  37. DuKeFX Says:

    @Spencerooni: Reading comprehension FTW. Chickens were an example. They bring you 64 coins ONLY and still perform WAY BETTER than any kind of berries. Buy a lot of rare 1×1 animals, like road runners and such. They get you even more coins than calves.

  38. FOOFOO Says:

    I reached level 70 after about 3 or 4 months of playing, and I really have no idea why I wanted to level up so fast. I thought for sure that after I made the club that I would quit farming. But as everyone knows, this is an incredibly addicting game, so of course I pushed on. I wanted to stay as close to level 70 as possible to gain that extra 1 fv cash every level, but now I have way too much xp and dug myself a hole :( I’d say this guide is for players who have a ton of time, because I absolutely hated the 4 hour berries. I’d say that I planted all of them a total of 10 times. If you had to plant 400 berries EVERY four hours by hand, it would be torture. Back then I didnt have much fuel, so everything was mostly done by hand. So I opted for peas and grapes. But now with the introduction of the Farmers Market and the Double Mastery weekend, I can say that I was able to master raspberries without much trouble! :)

  39. Stephanie Says:

    I hit level 70 less than a week ago, and right when it happened I felt the competition weight drop off my shoulders. I am just earning ribbons and mastery signs at this point. When I have mastered all the crops I plan on deleting plots and making the plantation as cute as possible. It seems like we all have the same goal.

  40. shanon Says:

    I reached level 70 several weeks ago. Sure I planted and harvested, but I also bought and sold decorations. My farm has ~190 plots. The rest is “worthless” decorations! Dozens of trees and animals, an entire community of buildings, a tourist attraction similar to Sante Fe, NM, and ranch, etc. all make my farm MINE! I sell my mastery signs (21), my storage is almost maxed out and I only need 5 Blue Ribbons to complete them ALL I realize that I will never get the co-op MVP, but that’s ok! I would love to see more, storage, more levels, rotatable buildings, paintable buildings and a variety of other ways to decorate. Level 70 is not the end for me!

  41. danny Says:

    1000 coins=50xp buying 10 bales of hay 5xp each

  42. Dave Says:

    Randy got it right… I used all the same methods and joined under similar circumstances. When I joined in October, I had friends who were at level 30 also, I realized very early on that having the most space available for growing crops was the quickest way to advance through the game…
    I have a 24×24 farm and currently utilize 536 spaces on my farm for growing crops, I use the other 40 spaces for the barns, houses, stables, etc and I use the little left over edge for trees and animals. I have 43 of the crops mastered including the super pumpkins, which most of my friends couldn’t master because they didn’t have the space to do it in the time alloted.
    All of you bashing Randy for his tactics need to relax, he is just telling you how to get to a high level quick… for some, the game is fun for its “cutesy” decorations and animals that look like aliens, or gnomes dressed up for every season, but for me to enjoy a game, there has to be some sort of goal in mind, so the fun was the friendly competition of reaching level 70 first of my friends, getting ribbons, completing collections, barn raisings quickly, completing gift baskets, getting all the mastery signs (10 to go, and I’ll have the new Goji berries in 8 hours from now…), etc. So you shouldn’t knock Randy because he is more of a gamer than a decorator.
    One last thing, I’d just like to say kudos to the Farmville’s creative team because I’m glad that crop mastery is finally going to play a major part in the game with the upcoming winery, perfumery, and other buildings with a purpose coming soon… makes all the work even more worthwhile…

  43. A. Says:

    Do farmers stop earning coins after Level 70??? :(((

  44. Faraj Says:

    I get over 60K of coins everyday from animals. And since I am level 70 and I have many mysteries I like to have less land for plowing. So I have 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom of my farm from animals, barns, stables and decorations, yes i decorate. But I decorated VERY LITTLE before I reached level 70. I would put a few plots of decorations and delete it the next day. I feel in to mood for a revamp. I think I will put everything at the top and the right side.

  45. lylenmarcia Says:

    this whole farm thing is a joke nothing but constant problems constant refreshing the page because bits got lost or you cant get more fuel even when you have none in your tank or you cant accept any more gifts even though your gift box is empty the list goes on and on you would think they would fix this crap but no they just keep right on creatig more they just dont get it . this site is run by complete morons . run by a bunch of kids who have never had to deal with people problems so they dont realize quality over quantity and the consequences of not following this 1 simple rule but they will find out when some one new starts a web site that does

  46. Quinton Says:

    if ur looking for coins get a horse stable and alot of horses including a stallion of some sort

    if u put a stallion in ur nusery with other horses u can get alot of coins.i get over 2000 coins from just one horse have muitple horses so u can have alot at 34 % so u have more trys say 5 horses=5 trys if each try gives u 2000 plus like it does me u can get thats 10,000 coins right there from just 5 trys

  47. DLH Says:

    I’ll read through the comments after I post – don’t want to get influenced or repeat, but I’m a very avid player. I’m on level 47 and am trying to “slow” down my playing because I don’t want to get all the way to 70 too fast…untill they add more levels. I love decorating too! I have around 200 plots and enjoy collecting/breeding foals and calves. I like having something to aspire to and I think I’ll lose motivation if I get to 70 with nothing more to gain. Oh, and I DO mastery AND play with real money. :)

  48. FarmGrl Says:

    Too may decorations taking up space? Then SELL them. Doing so gives you coins. Need more coins? Plow/plant/harvest the space that the decorations were taking up.

  49. Kenneth Says:

    I did it with a challenge, he was already at lvl 30′s when he himself made my farm, didn’t even know fb those times and so after the board exam, I found out I have time already and so I continued what he started, can still remember the banana tree he gifted, and the first withered berries and eggplant in it…Now, we’re 300k xp’s away, haha! I agree with the villas, the short-timed crops, etc…

  50. wipp Says:

    1st account , I reach level70 in 78 days

    2md account 1 month

    3rd account just start on May31 .. try to break record 70 in next few days.

    Do not serious , i enjoy playing this game.

  51. Atochabsh Says:

    I’ve done several of the above mentioned steps. I’ve been playing for just barely 6 months and am level 63. The one thing that I think has helped me the most is when collections were a big thing, I was haunting the boards for parts of the collections. I never let my farm lay dormant. There was always something in progress. And I planned it around my schedule so that I could harvest when I needed to. Often times that meant not planting crops i wanted, but rather planting crops that fit into my harvesting schedule. I spent probably the first 20 levels planting raspberries whenever I could. They gave me the neccesary cash I needed to plant more expensive crops and buy buildings and such to get XPs. I collected as many calves as possible as they take up little room for the cash harvested. Same with the Olive trees. When I needed the cat lady ribbon, I collected tons of cats and still have many of them now more scattered around. But when I got the decorators’ ribbon then a lot of the “stuff” was deleted. Same with Knock on Wood ribbon, it took forever, but once it was achieved, more space was made by deleting trees to put in more plots. I have well over 400 plots and don’t take up a lot of room with decorating.

    IDN, so much is kind of logic. But collecting themes and building pretty scenes on your farm with decorations just takes away from the productivity of said farm. I have my favorites. And when I have a stable or nursery and the area behind is pretty much non farmable, I put a storage shed there.

  52. Farmer Henk Says:

    Good tips, I do exactly the same. I don’t care about decorations. It is a game, and I want to ‘win’. That means overtaking neighbours that are following the same strategy. It’s simply a fun puzzle to figure out how to get to 70 fastest. I have a RL job, so 4 hour berries is not always an option, but I got to level 63 so far, and have been playing since march 2010. 5.5M coins, but buying villas is almost like cheating:)

  53. Farmer Henk Says:

    @Wipp: you cannot compare these anymore, with introduction of Bushels. Farmer’s market makes levelling up very much easier – almost too easy IMHO.

  54. ReginaAgricola Says:

    whats up with all the farm trolls. farm and let farm. we all have our own reasons and motivations. peace on farmville guys cmon

  55. sucinum Says:

    That’s quite a textwall for such a simple game. Basically it’s far easier than that:

    a) get 300 neighbors
    b) click everything from the feed you can get
    c) get a lot of plots
    d) fill spaces with animals and animal buildings, add some trees for collectables; basically don’t have anything (next to 4 haybles to box your farmer) which doesn’t make coins
    e) earn as much coins as possible by planting the right crop (yes, that’s peas)
    f) increase your income further by wishing for Magnolias to sell
    g) convert coins to XP by planting/erasing soy or maybe haybales (less XP, but also less hassle)

    Voilà, you get lots of pointless XP and can start playing the game at level 70.

  56. Sysp Says:

    Feels like the original poster doesn’t realize the huge XP potential in having neighbors.

    Here is some ways that having some good neighbors can help you level:

    * Start and participate in co-ops for XP rewards. If you are only after the levels, you can leech on jobs that are just about to complete without planting anything.
    * Claim +100 XP stars from feed that your friends’ found in their stables.
    * Claim mystery eggs from feed (or find them on your friends’ farms) for XP rewards (+50 XP for Gold Chicken and above, +200 XP for Golden Gnome).
    * Claim collectables from the feed to complete collections (+250 XP and +5 tanks of fuel).
    * Claim bushels from feed for faster crop mastery (which yields XP).
    * Claim calves from feed for a nice income per lot which can be turned to XP by purchasing items.

  57. Annie Says:

    I agree with all of these tips :-) Another I would add is to do co-ops. They make the planting more fun, and give lots of XP, even if you don’t reach gold. If you are going for masteries, it makes sense to only do co-ops that you need for your masteries, killing two birds with one stone. I do hope they’ll add more levels soon!

  58. Mario Says:

    Tienes el nivel 70
    que ilusion
    yo lo tendre
    pero hoy no
    sos voy a crujir vivos

  59. Maggie Says:

    I got to level 70 a little different. I made money during the day through crops and searching for all those bonuses and at night would purchase buildings with left over money from my last planting for the day.

    I was literally broke by the time I went to bed and gained money through harvesting first thing in the monring, visiting my friends farms, and getting bonuses from feeds.

    By using this method, I leveled up almost every other day! The more neighbors I had the more bonuses I could collect. So, I disagree with keeping the number of neighbors to a minimum! I started at the end of November 2009 and was at 70 by the end of March!

    Since I do work for a living, I did most of my leveling up during holidays and breaks while hubby was at work. Just me and my laptop! ;D

    Oh, and I like to decorate. Gives my neighbors a little sumptin to look at and you get XP from purchasing the items. Freebies were used to generate more coins!

  60. becs Says:

    If we don’t decorate our farms, then what is the point of playing farmville at all?

  61. DuKeFX Says:

    I agree with Henk. You can’t compare it. 24×24 was released in 2010. We have coops now which can give you lots of gold and XP for crops you’d plant anyways. My level 15 toon jumped 2 levels upon finishing it’s 1st coop. Now with the new tools released, playing with hay bales is even easier.

  62. Farmer Henk Says:

    @DukeFX that’s remarkable, since Co-Ops require level 20 :)

  63. ldsanjose Says:

    WHO’S STRUGGLING…Ok, I like the comment some posted, “sounds like as much fun as watching grass grow”!

    CORRECTION ON ANIMALS….You CAN get 50 XP’s on select chickens, I guess he does not watch when he “opens” the egg, I guess he missed the 50 exp, floating up from the chicken. Obviously, the game is not to get to 70 and be done, it is clearly for entertainment. Why would they bother with the graphics and markets, etc…
    I surely would not be very entertained by looking at dirt and windmills.

    Thanks for sharing, it was kind of you to put so much detail into your blog. I am sure this will be very useful to the competitive nuts out there, who really have no interest in the whole idea of Farmville.

  64. Dana Says:

    I just browsed throught the comments, but don’t forget the co-ops also pay xp for completion, so if you are planting for mastery anyway, join a co-op so you get xp for planting, harvesting, plowing, mastery and the co-op bonus. not too shabby. :)

  65. tim24 Says:

    @ DuKeFX

    You keep refering to the hay bales as an alternative for leveling up and i agree its a good idea, but how come no one ever realized that economically it is better to buy and delete plots than to buy and sell hay bales… sure you don’t get a return on your investment (like the 5% coin return on decorations) other than the xp your initially there for. On that note, here are the numbers



    That being said ,if you buy 6 plots at 15 coins you would save 5 coins and gain 1 xp all at the same time, yes it is more time consuming but you get more for your money

  66. FarmerBob Says:

    See, I’m working on mastery’s right now cause I have a goal in mind which requires the signs. So I have 450 plots which all but covers my farm. But I also have 6 barns full of cool swag, a few castles, and every animal I can get with coins and a lot of the more recent cash animals too. Once I master all the crops, then I have a grand design in my head for a layout…then I’m done.

  67. ruth Says:

    I have new neighbors but their picture does’nt show and I can’t see their farm What am I doing wrong and how do I correct this I am not getting credit for these neighbors all help appreciated

  68. Jim Says:

    I’m on level 31 (started about two weeks ago) and I only know my level number when I reference it. I’m having fun playing for item upgrades (barns, vehicles, bakery, etc) and the leveling up is incidental.

  69. Lai-Lai Says:

    Needs an update :p I finally got 500 neighbors. Between them & tree farming, I went up 20 levels in 2 weeks,