FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop and Mastery

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FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop and Mastery

Posted on May 15, 2010 11:22 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

As usual, you saw it here first! FarmVille Freak Oliver sent in the following Unreleased Images of the Gojiberry Crop and Mastery Sign. He also speculated that this crop and mastery would be part of the 7 Eleven promotion and gave the following information:

Time to grow: 16 hours
Cost: 15 coins
Yields: 126 coins
Xp: 2
Mastery Levels: 80/240/480

Unreleased Gojiberry Crop

Unreleased Gojiberry Crop Mastery Sign


FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop – Zynga FarmVille Image

FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop Mastery Sign – Zynga FarmVille Image

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33 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Gojiberry Crop and Mastery” »

  1. Mike Says:

    15 coins, 126 yield, at 16 hours? And it’s masterable? It’ll probably just be another limited masterable then, like Tomatillos. I’d prefer another permanent crop, especially after the disappointment of Purple Poppies.

  2. Sondre Says:

    The trick here is its part of the 7-11 promo, if you don’t have 7-11 in your place, you can’t plant this crop.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Perfect, Can’t wait

  4. Kayley Says:

    Okay, I hope they release this! I would go to 7-11, even though it’s half an hour away. Haha. Don’t plan on participating in the rest. And that’s masterable in less than one full planting for me. Love it!

  5. choesnah Says:

    love real goji, so bring it on

  6. Vickie Says:

    Sondre explain if you don’t have 7/11 in your place? What exactly do you need to do? I realize there are game codes from products, is there another purchase required?

  7. matthew Says:

    I don’t know where to post this but I was going to seed my farm and saw this!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    this crop is already available….and yes is part or 7/11 event…not the end of world but pisses me off….I enjoy getting masteries…and this will be missed! :(…I don’t like this because not everyone is treating in the same way :@

  9. Phillippe Says:

    how the fuck will I be able to get this crop … it appears in my market but only unlockable with 7/11 products (code) … trouble is where in the blue hell can I find a 7/11 in Quebec /canada !?????? no really ?

  10. SeaBreeze Says:

    Only 7/11s…:( This is not a good move from FV, at all! Many players already feel excluded b/c of the FV cash items, now this…Don’t feel surprised when you loose 4 million players in a month Zynga.

  11. Lola Says:

    The closest 7-11 is 128.57 miles from me. What a fail FarmVille! I don’t know about you guys but that sounds a little bit far to travel for a game :( I’m considering bribing my cousins to go get me something and just emailing me the codes but I’ll have to figure out what I want first and exactly how to buy it before I do that. Guess I’ll just have to wait for a full guide of items.

  12. Ixyl Says:

    It would be beyond pissed if this IS masterable! It’s a two hour trip for me to get to a 7-11, and I still won’t be able to justify that long of a drive for a game, so I would miss out on that. Let’s not forget the international players, either. I’m guessing over half of the farmville players WON’T be able to master this one.

  13. maj Says:

    hv 2 w8 till 1 jan 2buy this crop:(

    msg appear like this..

  14. shuakataftab Says:

    i live in pakistan
    How the heck can i buy some thing from this 7/11 store

  15. Lauryn Says:

    OMG my neighbor posted this!!! IM SO PROUD!

  16. Hzioulquoigmnzhah Says:

    I dunno why but t’s possible to simply click the button “buy” and then just seed Goji Berries. It’s masterable: “—– has harvested 518 Goji Berry in order to achieve their mastery, and wants to share their success with you! FarmTrivia: Pound for pound, the Goji Berry has more Vitamin C than an orange.”

  17. abigail Says:

    i think all the homes should be able to be bought for 1 million coins, whatever style. i also think that animals should be made affordable at 5 farm cash for horses and limited edition animals .as young players like myself can never get any good stuff.

  18. pascal Says:

    I can plant it, but i don’t know why….
    mabye because i life in 0711^^

  19. Vickie Says:

    Went to 7/11 today, apparently I am too early for the promotion. The Manager said he would not have the Ice Cream till Friday and the cups don’t come out untill June. Also the FV cards for the exclusive pond are cash only. I wonder if FV knows they are making that limitation?

  20. sean Says:

    yes i agre farm cashh sucks i´m 15 eyers old where can i find credit card to buy farmc cash ?? tel me a can´t come one i don´t care to spend 1kk of coins in things animales or whate ever but not any more farm cash items

  21. Craig Says:

    I was able to just click on the buy even though it’s grayed out, it let me plant them, just switch between tabs for a bit and then all of a sudden you’ll see the hand change to a clickable hand when hovered over the buy under Goji Berry, I planted 10 crops and refreshed, they were still there, I want to know if I can plant a whole field and be able to master them without actually unlocking them…

  22. ashiq Says:

    this sucks for many farmville players cos theres no 711 here ANYWHERE!!!

  23. Jonathan Says:

    Somehow I was able to buy the goji berry plant yesterday (Sunday May, 16th) after I clicked the link that said “What is this?”. I believe it was a glitch that happened at the second. Farmville didn’t take it back though, I’m harvesting goji berries now, however, it’s not in my market anymore. It definitely is a crop that can be mastered.

  24. Jonathan Says:

    Holy Crap!!! I mastered Goji Berries. I think I am the first one in the WORLD to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Liz Says:

    Jonathan, I doubt you were the first. I also planted goji berries yesterday. All I had to do was click on the buy button. But I didn’t have enough empty farm space, so no mastery for me.

  26. martah Says:

    how do i know if I suceeded in the Guji berry field can’t get to them to harvest locked down.

  27. Shei Says:


  28. Pissed Says:

    WAT THE HELL FARMVILL? You can only plant this if you have a 711 around you place? That BS im so pissed off right now

  29. Shayne Says:

    I happen to go to 7-11 on a weekly basis so this is a pretty nice little incentive. The profit margin is rediculous. If you want I could post a code every so often. First come first serve. I might even snag a couple from other cups lol.

  30. Greyinpink Says:

    If you have a friend who lives near a 7-eleven they can buy a FV item and email you the code.

  31. Jake Says:

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. The promotion is not only good at 7-11 stores, but places that sell the same items that are not repackaged for this promotion. One such item is slurpees. You get a slurpee code that you can use on buyearnplay.

  32. DANIYAL KHAN Says:

    bt its syng tht license is needed….??which license?


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