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FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Treasure Tomb & Materials

Sat ,15/09/2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Treasure Tomb

FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm is approaching and similar to other FarmVille destination farms, there will be “treasures” to uncover! The treasures of Haunted Hollow will be Treasure Tombs, naturally. There will be various sizes of Treasure Tombs: small, medium, larger, and extra large. To uncover the Treasure Tombs you will need to use Stone Picks and Mallets. The larger the Treasure Tomb, the more Stone Picks or Mallets it will require to open. The expected Treasure Tomb requirements to uncover are listed below.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Treasure Tomb Size:

  • FarmVille Haunted Hollow Small Treasure
  • FarmVille Haunted Hollow Medium Treasure
  • FarmVille Haunted Hollow Large Treasure
  • FarmVille Haunted Hollow Extra Large Treasure

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Treasure Tomb Requirements:

  • FarmVille Small Treasure Tomb – 1O Stone Picks
  • FarmVille Medium Treasure Tomb – 12 Stone Picks
  • FarmVille Large Treasure Tomb – 28 Mallets
  • FarmVille Extra Large Treasure Tomb – 42 Mallets


FarmVille Stone Pick

FarmVille Mallet

Are you ready to uncover Treasure Tombs in FarmVille Haunted Hollow? What do you think of the seemingly lowered requirements to uncover these treasures?