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FarmVille Buildable Ice Palace Slowly Rolling Out

Tue ,27/12/2011


FarmVille Build Your Ice Palace Notice

Make some room- the buildable Ice Palace is here!

The Ice Palace is the latest FarmVille feature that you will be constructing by collecting building supplies and getting friend help.

When your first stage is completed, you’ll be able to harvest your Ice Palace for Snowflakes. And what are Magic Snowflakes for? You’ll be using Snowflakes for the upcoming Magic Snowman feature (still unreleased). Don’t worry he’ll be “coming soon” to FarmVille in the near future. The bigger your Ice Palace, the more Magic Snowflakes you’ll get when harvesting.

There are a total of 7 Ice Palace Stages. With each completed stage, the Ice Palace changes its physical appearance becoming larger and more grand.

There are a few ways to collect Ice Palace building supplies:

  • 1. Send and receive supplies via the FarmVille Gifting Page
  • 2. Use the “Ask for More” button when looking inside your Ice Palace
  • 3. Find free supplies from your neighbors shares via the Facebook News Feed
  • 4. Purchase supplies directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 1

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 2

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 3

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 4

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 5

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 6

FarmVille Ice Palace Stage 7

FarmVille Ice Palace Loading Screen

FarmVille Ice Palace Notice

FarmVille Ice Palace Buildable

If you need request links for the Ice Palace building supplies, click on the images below for a quick start.

Click the Following Item to Gift:

FarmVille Snow Brick Part

FarmVille Magic Snowflake Part

FarmVille Ice Nail Part

FarmVille Snowglobe Part

FarmVille Ice Board Part

FarmVille Frozen Beam Part