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With the onset of coronavirus, the world has seen most people transform to working in remote areas through online means.

Students have adapted to the online mode of learning and attending classes. We can therefore consider it as virtual learning from distant regions.

Currently, learners can share educational material, perform homework remotely and do exams at any time convenient, thanks to technology for coming up with suitable tools to enable learning online.

Therefore, the following piece takes into consideration some of the most excellent tools for online classes.

Let us move straight to a highlight of each software and establish its effectiveness in supporting online courses.


As a student, you will always receive files of different formats. If you do not have the desired application that can open the file, you will need an application to do that for you.

Therefore, to efficiently manage most of your time, the converters will effortlessly transform your file into the desired format before you can share it with the rest of the students or the teacher himself.

There are those applications that come with paid services and therefore need to spear some cash.

However, other applications offer service s freely, and consequently, you opt for them at your convenience. One of the ordinary instances of such tools is PDFBear that offers limitless file conversions.

Grammar checkers

When working on grammatical assignments or any other assignment, you may err along the way because of doing tedious writing.

Experts from 123Homework know that since some of the errors may pass the human eye, the software is a rescue for such challenges.

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Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate software that can cross through some educational documents and remove the most common errors that may pass the human eye.

Grammar checkers correct grammatical mistakes and check on spellings, sentence structure, and much more.

Some of the best grammatical checkers you can always rely on for your academic tasks include Grammarly,  Duplichecker, and many others.

Productivity applications

There is indeed a notable change in the way we handle academic tasks and other related assignments. Handling assignments comes with challenges such as distractions and procrastination.

However, we can address issues through some of the most common tools and applications.

You can also avoid distractions such as frequent phone notifications through the set of already developed tools.

Regardless of these frequent distractions, there is always a possible solution for the same.

With the emergence of productivity applications, learners or students can enjoy proper time working on assignments with minor distractions.

A good instance of such a tool is the forest application that helps the learner maintain focus.

Dictionary and thesaurus

A dictionary is an essential tool that helps us learn newer phrases, words, and terms.

The two will help you understand each word you are reading and expand your vocabulary by a more significant deal.

If you have a good dictionary tool with you, you will construct a better research paper or captivating essay.

The schedule maker

With class assignments, all you need is to work around the clock. Therefore, you will always need a tool that will help you manage time effectively.

It, therefore, calls for a powerful tool that will automatically prepare you for academic tasks in a sequential fashion.

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The program will always allocate you a given period for a specific assignment. Beyond that time, the application instructs you to switch to other subjects or obey your timetable.

Such applications help you to create a balance between the ranges of academic issues you might be undertaking.

Collaboration Software

When everyone resides in their remote areas, it isn’t easy to communicate or share academic knowledge and resources.

Due to the imposing of distancing restrictions and lockdowns, teachers can find it hard to reach out to their children.

Alternatively, children may find it challenging to reach out to each other to discuss crucial academic tasks.

However, there is always a solution for everything. Software is already available to provide a solution to such problems. A good instance of such software is Google Docs.

Graphic design platforms

What do you do when you want to present in a virtual classroom? Therefore, it is inarguably true that presentations are confined to classrooms and are valid in the virtual classroom.

We can achieve representation in the virtual classroom through a set of tools. Some of the typical academic activities on online platforms include creating slides in PowerPoint, infographics, and much more.

Very many applications simplify the presentation role in online classes.

Such applications include Canva, which supports free features where a student enjoys a set of templates of already made designs. All the student needs to do is to conduct a few adjustments on the same.


There are many tools effective for online classes, and each of them performs a vital role in learning.

Apart from the above, you can continually assess a list of several others to ensure you ignite a spark in your online learning journey.

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