FarmVille Scam: Beware of the Kung Fu Duck!

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FarmVille Scam: Beware of the Kung Fu Duck!

Posted on February 16, 2011 11:46 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Kung Fu Duck FaceBook Scam Notice

Yet another FarmVille scam is circulating the Facebook news feed. This time, the Kung Fu Duck is the bait, so beware.

The picture above is what the news feed share would look like on your Facebook wall. On closer inspection you can see for yourself that it has all the signs that classify it as a scam and this being one of the more noticeable ones with its highly pixelated botched image. It starts out with an incorrect spelling of FarmVille’s preferred “Yeehaw”. Then the text’s description, grammar, and capitalization is off. Finally, take a look next to the FarmVille corn icon at the bottom left. You will notice that the source of the share is not FarmVille, instead it is sourced via “Get the Kung FU Duck”.

After clicking the fake share, another pop-up notification is triggered that asks you if you would like to adopt the Kung Fu Duck. Obviously this animal is not available for adoption. Currently, the Kung Fu Duck is featured exclusively in the FarmVille Mystery Game. You cannot purchase it directly in the FarmVille Market nor is it available anywhere else and certainly not by a free adoption (no matter what Facebook group you join or link you click). Why would Zynga give out a duck that is a Mystery Game exclusive for free when players are spending precious Farm Cash (per Mystery Game dart) to take their chances at owning one?

FarmVille Kung Fu Duck Scam Notice

The FarmVille news feed scams have been rampant as of late (See FarmVille Visit England scam or FarmVille Charming Foal scam ). So if you like to scour the Facebook news feed for bonuses, freebies, and adoptables, please take caution before clicking like a mad farmer.

Once again FarmVille Freak would like to remind you that no Facebook group is sanctioned to give out free in-game FarmVille items, especially through legitimate FarmVille shares. Any link that promises to do so is falsely using the rare special item bait to get you to join or accept their app, group, or program. Think about the logistics of how a third party group would automatically send you an in-game item. Not possible. Not only are these groups fake and fruitless as you never get the promised reward prize, many contain mal-ware that can harm your computer.

Sadly, these are not the only scams and there will certainly be more before we can even talk about them on here. We’d like to invite you to share this article with your less informed FarmVille neighbors. Oftentimes it’s the newbie farmers that fall victim to these scams and the best way to prevent them from doing so is to educate them. So be a good neighbor and instead of deleting them from your friend’s list why not share this article?

Have you seen any fake Kung Fu Ducks on your Facebook news feed? What FarmVille scams have you recently seen? Report scams to and we will share them with the FarmVille Freak community.

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23 Responses to “FarmVille Scam: Beware of the Kung Fu Duck!” »

  1. jessica Says:

    im not afraid of kung fu duck you must beware of kung fu panda because kung fu panda can easily defeat it!

  2. John Says:

    I have seen More than 10 scams about the new horse and the mystery game.

  3. vickytoria Says:

    why are there so many scams this week? like really?

  4. Elijah Says:

    The horse is now officially out, so, if you see it, just check who it’s by.

  5. Bexx Says:

    There’s another one about a Purple Calf aswell I think

  6. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for the early posting on this. I got caught up on the scam yesterday.

  7. Robert Says:

    For one thing the duck isn’t rare. More than likely, if you played the mystery game you have atleast one.

  8. MarieJerle Says:

    BEWARE to buy money from Facebook/Zynga. They took my Paypal account information (E-Mail and password) without wanting or knowing me that they have it. And I always watched carefully NOT to give it to them.

  9. SuzieO Says:

    Marie, I don’t think it is possible for Zynga to have your paypal information, maybe you should check again and definitely send them an email if you are that upset.

  10. Nq. Says:


    wrong, it happened to me too. After paying with paypal the data is stored on facebook. The next time I want to buy cash I don’t need to log in to paypal anymore.

  11. WTFN Says:

    @Marie, Actually what happens with Zynga and PayPal is if you buy FarmCash from them via PayPal they some how set up a pre-authorization so that in the future you can buy more FarmCash without you doing the whole log in and password to paypal. This happened to me and if you look around in PayPal you will find a way to revoke the preauthorization.

  12. Veronica Says:

    There is a place in your Facebook account settings where you can remove the information for billing from as well, I had to go do that after my last round of splurging on farm cash. I can’t remember where exactly it was though.

  13. SweetBarbie Says:

    The only way to get the authentic Kung Fu Duck is to get it from the Mystery Game. Anywhere else is scam. I just got mine from there. Cannot believe alot of farmers think they can get something for nothing.

  14. Brittany Says:

    i think everyone can tell that these are scams by now. zynga gives us nothing for free. plus right on the bottom its says “via Kung Fu Duck” not “via farmville.”

  15. Cynthia Says:


    You can log into Paypal and block the ability for Zynga to automatically charge your account with the information they collected from a prior purchase. I noticed something similar in the past.

  16. Neil Says:

    Is that ‘Asking for email’ again by Zynga also a scam?

    They have asked for us to do this before.

    Did zynga lose this data again?

  17. J Says:

    Thank you for posting all the warnings :)

  18. AmberRose Says:

    scam or even for free from FV, am not gonna take this ugly thing..

  19. irishcreamaktty Says:

    There is also one going around with the lucky pennies it has 3 of them in the picture and it has a typo in the sentence as well

  20. mary Says:

    I will definitely stop playing if they put an end to the collections. Best part of the game-could care less about the trees, seedlings, ducks & all the recent crap they have been coming up with. The collections add a little excitement, provide you with much needed fuel & xp’s. Have been playing since the beginning as most of my neighbors have & we all feel the same way in regards to the collectibles. You will lose alot of faithful players as well as paying players. Want to get rid of something-get rid of the stupid trees!

  21. Lindsay Garison Says:

    Jessica De La Cruz
    Rainbow Cow
    Jessica has claimed a free limited edition RAINBOW COW Available until March 6th
    Get your rare RAINBOW COW before the offer ends !!
    2 hours ago via FarmVille · LikeUnlike · · Claim it

    Another SCAM!!!!!!!! i dont know how to report it


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