FarmVille Sponsored Links Appear: Bing aka Microsoft

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FarmVille Sponsored Links Appear: Bing aka Microsoft

Posted on March 2, 2010 12:59 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Would you like to receive 3 free farm cash?

Microsoft strikes again! You can now get 3 free  farm cash for becoming a fan of Microsoft’s search engine Bing!

You can access this sponsored link offer through FarmVille. The offer will be located underneath your FV farm home page on the bottom right.

Get 3 FREE Farm Cash

Become a fan of Bing and get FREE Farm Cash now! Whether you want to buy a horse or a tree, Bing can help you decide!

FarmVille Sponsored Link: Bing aka Microsoft

FarmVille Become a Fan of Bing (Click to enlarge)

FarmVille Bing on Facebook

FarmVille 3 Farm Cash for Bing fan (Click to enlarge)

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132 Responses to “FarmVille Sponsored Links Appear: Bing aka Microsoft” »

  1. Savanna Says:

    I think this is an awesome perk! :)

  2. GvidoR Says:

    I don’t see it :(

  3. kev Says:

    how do you do it?

  4. FarmerFreak Says:

    im so pissed… Cause i can see the pop up in other account but not in mine …. What do i do in that case?

  5. Gem Says:

    Okay you have to go to to see the link to it :) Just look at the bar under farmville telling you new releases and such then click and become a fan that way…if you just search and become a fan nothing will happen ;) Then refesh farmville and the cash will be there!!! Yay!!! :D

  6. Goosey Says:

    Its underneath the farmville screen =) I’ve just done it and it’s worked, I don’t know what the catch it though?!

  7. Yaniv Sims Says:

    i dont have this window either but in other farms i sere it what to do ?

  8. Goosey Says:

    Sorry, I meant what the catch IS lol

  9. shandra Says:

    just click this link if you dont see it

  10. Estebanfmh Says:

    how do i get to that window?

  11. Connor Says:

    i still do not have access to this feature

  12. Justin Says:

    omg wtf im alrdy fan what happens nw?

  13. dorkbreath Says:

    i didnt get anything…i did it and nothing… dangit!!!

  14. Erica Douglass Says:

    Cool! I hope Farmville will do a lot more stuff like this. Thanks for the free FV cash. :)

  15. tiago Says:

    where can i find this?

  16. pafarmgirl Says:

    I did it and nothing happened. I saw the screens that you have pictured above, but I never got the last screen that said “congratualtions, you just earned farmville cash”!?!?!?! Don’t know what I did wrong…..any ideas out there?

  17. Barbara Says:

    in my bar under farmville I see the hotrod, new limited ed. and email update (which I already get…) no bing thing…

  18. Barbara Says:

    is this related to the homecountry?

  19. Adam H Says:

    Please can someone do a youtube vid. or something showing how to get this…THX

  20. Justin Says:

    TO EVERYONE: it might not work if you are already a fan of bing…..remove yourself from fans and the sponsered ad will be there

  21. jensen Says:


  22. Barbara Says:

    I think it’s only open to americans (as always…)

  23. Jamie Says:

    i did this and didnt get my cash, whats up with that?

  24. jensen Says:

    nooo! i’m death!

  25. Nina Says:

    Well, i’m from Finland and i GOT IT =D So there is no “only american get it only”

    Why can’t all get it? why? not fair! Most of my friends havent get that add, and they are not already fan of that..

  26. FarmerFreak Says:

    i still cant see the pop up ..

  27. Barbara Says:

    I found this link on the off. zynga farmville forum, and it worked

    just replace the last xxxxx with your facebook ID number!

  28. Barbara Says:

    got a link for you with which it works, waiting for moderation…

  29. Ashley Says:

    I did it, worked!!

  30. Lisa Says:

    Well for all of you out there that think it’s just for “American’s….as usual!” Think again…..I’m an American… America and I can’t get it, either!! So save your comments about American’s!! Thx!!

  31. Rogue Robot Says:

    Go to your profile page and get your user id number. Replace it in this link and get your 3 FV cash. It worked for me and is posted in Zynga’s forums so it doesn’t appear that they have a problem with it.

  32. Crys7y Says:

    Got my FV$. Thank you Farmville Freak for news !

  33. Estebanfmh Says:

    moi suomalainen, hahah i dont really know how to speak finnis, i am from mexico, plz add me at facebook my name is Esteban FMH

  34. evka321 Says:

    im in europe and i totally got the 3 fv cash! its not just for usa for sure :) i could get it only through the farmville site and not facebook though and only with chrome didnt work so i had to switch..

  35. Matteo Says:

    Got them ! YAY!

  36. Bart Says:

    I’m from Belgium, and while already a fan of Bing, I still clicked the link and did earn the 3 Farm Cash.

  37. tony lavoie Says:

    this is awesome,thank you bing

  38. tony lavoie Says:

    whats up with the moderation bing

  39. tony lavoie Says:

    well thanks if i get it bing

  40. Driton Says:

    I wish every week to have sponsored links like this :))

  41. Levi Says:

    Guys, go to if you can’t get it on Facebook. This is a great idea, and pushed me to the exact amount I needed to get my baby bear!

  42. Tonev Says:

    Kust ask a friend to copy the link in the windows with the bing thingy and replace the ID :)

  43. Debbie Says:


  44. norbert27 Says:

    i give up
    i refresh the game many times, I’ve tried 3 different Browser , in facebook and
    but not get this ad

  45. hbshortboarder Says:

    this rocckkkssss so hard yesss!!!
    thank u frmvll

  46. Kristen Says:

    Can someone post a link? I keep refreshing my page, too, but am not getting it.

  47. Tanya Says:

    I had to disable my adblock to get it to work.

  48. DieHearts Says:

    i got 3 farm cash of this … so lucky ..=)

  49. Jessica Says:

    I had to do it twice, but it did work! $3FV!

  50. leonardo Says:

    replace xxxx with ur facebook id , have fun :D

  51. onetwo Says:

    I am among the many who can’t seem to get this, but I would like to point out how bad the design on the Bing advertisement actually is. It doesn’t all follow the grid that the FV designs use, and so many of the items are out of proportion, haha. Like the tiny tractors.. shameful :P.

  52. Cora Says:

    I don’t see that offer :( Could anyone of you copy the link and post it here? Maybe it is possible to just replace the ID, as Tonev said.

  53. Saqib244 Says:

    replace xxxxxx with your id and have fun.. its for everyone in the world.

    note :- moderatorz this is not a cheat :p

  54. Hans Says:

    i also had a problem seeing the ad, so i decided to try a different facebook account and shure engough it worked. i also got the link from the ad, here it is:

    all you have to do is place your facebook id at the end of the url and type it into the paste it into the browser

  55. Hans Says:

    enough* and the last sentence is supposed to be “”all you have to do is place your facebook id at the end of the url and paste it into the browser”"

  56. Joanne Says:

    WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I became a fan and I NEVER GOT MY FARMVILLE DOLLARS!! Just another one of Zyngas bull**** schemes! Too bad Bing teamed up with Zynga on this one because now I will NEVER use Bing either.

  57. kirsty Says:

    Hey this should work for people who still havent got it… copy this in your browser

    now put your facebook id after the equals sign and go to that site… make sure your not a fan first!!!!! i couldnt get it to begin with but i did this twice and i got my FV cash =) hope this helps

  58. Kim Says:

    I am from the Caribbean and I got the 3FV cash both for my and my mom’s is not restricted to the USA (yippee!!!). When I went into my mom’s account I had to refresh as the ad under the game bar was for the Farmville email update..when refreshed, the Bing ad was in the same spot as the email update ad. I used Firefox (not sure if it matters!!)

  59. Brandon Says:

    I’m in England, and all worked fine for me. Now, lets see who can find the glitch to get the cash multiple times q:

  60. Jessi Says:

    no glitch in this has been found yet.

  61. Silver Lime Says:

    is there ever more things like this? becasue thats awesome:D thanks

  62. Amber Says:

    I got 3 FV$!!! thanks!

  63. Cora Says:

    thanks for the link. it worked for me :)

  64. stephanie Says:


  65. Michelle Says:

    Worked for me :)

  66. mdccxxvii Says:

    Canada, and got it :)

  67. hairball45 Says:

    I got my three bucks after a couple of going out and coming back ins, nice, but I don’t expect to ever use Bing

  68. Amber Says:

    I will use Bing just for the 3FV$ I got!

  69. Allison Says:

    I can’t See a link on my page! Any suggestions?

  70. michael Says:

    new york got it

  71. James Says:

    Yes it works and I got 3FV..will give Bing a try. I had it already on my Window Vista bar anyway

  72. yadush yadav Says:

    india got it

  73. Connor Says:

    it doesnt work for us in the uk well for me it doesnt

  74. Javier Says:

    I didn’t see the link either, and tried to find some help. I found the URL of the link in the comments in the FarmVille page (not the app/game page) in Facebook, and replacing that user id for MY OWN ID (the one that is needed to generate the gift links), it worked!! Did the same with 3 more friend accounts, and they all worked flawlessly. You just have to copy the URL and include your Facebook ID at the end (you can find your ID in any of your FarmVille posts in your Facebook wall) and then enter that text in your browser address bar and hit enter.


    I hope instructions are clear (please excuse my english) and that it works for you as it worked for me!

  75. rosy Says:

    ok i am glad i like this i love you dude any way keep in touch and dont be a stangr thank you

  76. Maggye Says:

    Japan….no FV cash…

  77. Zausi Says:

    I get the 3 fv cash and then i canceled being a fan and i still have the free cash. does this works more then one!! :)

  78. John Says:

    Thanks for the link above, got my 3 farm cash, then removed myself from the group and became a fan of Google instead on principle!! lol

  79. Joey Black Says:


  80. James Says:


  81. margriet Says:

    Maybe a stupid question, but instead of the number I have to fill in my name?? I dont have a number in my facebook profile but my name….

  82. lenka0538 Says:

    Where can I find my ID? lol

  83. Cat Says:

    @Margriet: I have the same problem. I only have my name and I tried the link with it, but it doesn’t work.
    I don’t quite get Javier’s explanation. Where exactly can I find my Facebook ID? I’m confused -.-

  84. Nicole Says:

    I just received my farmville cash and i’m from germany.

    I did it like Javier said in comment nr. 74. Thanks Javier. :)

  85. jun sui Says:

    i’d try for hours for nothing, until i follow Javier’s instruction,.. n it worked !! thank u thank u thank u,…

  86. Mia Says:

    You can find your ID if you go to your profile and copy the last numbers in the adress field and then copy it in last in the link.
    I have done it with all my farms and got the 3 FV…great!
    I do hope we will get more chances like this :D

  87. Marcia Says:

    Me and my son have become fans and not win any FV?

  88. Grefix Says:

    What if you don’t like Bing?

  89. Dragonfyre Says:

    This works…one offer that actually did…then again, this IS from Zynga, so it is a legitimate offer.

  90. tidus Says:

    HELP plz the link is not working for me
    I put my ID but then when I click BECOM A FAN it says verification is needed
    and then I click on that an it takes me to Bing’s Facebook profile! Where I click become Fan there I DONT RECIEVE the cash :(
    anyone else having this problem ?

  91. cookie171992 Says:

    well i have followed all the advice on here and still no cash :( this sucks i have tried it on safari, IE and firefox multiple times but no cash, any advice? btw i have also tried the links on this page too, i’m not happy with zynga right now

  92. Anonymous Says:

    It doesn’t show up and it doesn’t work either with the links posted above, nor the one with my user id nor the one without it. I’m pissed because I can become a fan of BING but i just don’t get my fv$! My brother tried it too on his account be he can’t get it either :(!

    Any advise?

  93. Teddybear Says:

    The link doesn’t work for me. When I click on “become a fan” the window doesn’t change into “congrats…” but into a “hey, you’ve already completed this activity” although I use my own facebook ID. Please help!!!!

  94. Nobuddie Says:

    This sucks so bad, I tried it with my own facebook ID, but it just turned into some “Hey, you’ve already completed this activity”.

    Very bad work. :|

  95. Bon Says:

    Same as people above. I put my id and got “Hey, You’ve already completed this activity.” and no farmville cash.

  96. Misa21 Says:

    What happens if you become a fan, but then you don’t…you know what I mean.?
    Do your farm cash stay ..or go away.?

  97. Misa21 Says:

    Yup, I just checked it works too if you remove yourself your farm cash stay :)

  98. HIkari Says:

    Didn’t work for me or my b/f v.v

  99. HIkari Says:

    All It says for either of us is “hey you’ve already done this activity”

  100. hi Says:

    hey guys. i dont get one thing: what do you mean with ” id “? our email-adress? our name?

    sry for this stupid question xD

  101. jimmy Says:

    Omg f*ck this bing thing, i tried to many times.
    Keep the cash. They can put it where the sun never shine’s

  102. Minna Says:

    The link doesn’t work for me :( I tried many times. So sad.
    And I’m from Finland.

  103. marvin Says:

    i’ve tried so many times. i even tried javier’s way…still doesn’t work..not happy :(:(

  104. Debbie Cla Says:

    No FV cash for me. Never got an un fan. Same as above. Says already got this.

  105. Melissa Says:

    It’s telling me I allready did it, when in fact, I know I did not. Hmmm, oh well. Off to buy more farm cash I guess ;)

  106. Steve Ascari Says:

    It didn’t work! I became a fan and it didn’t do anything!

  107. Enes K Says:

    It says “Hey you already completed this activity. Please try another one” .. but i haven’t got my FV$ yet :S

  108. malala Says:

    the bing thing yeah it does not WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Angie Says:

    Yeah, it didn’t work for me either. I tried several times. :(

  110. Farmer Nessa Says:

    I did it and nothing happened. I saw most of the screens you have pictured above, but I never got the last screen that said “congratulations, you just earned farmville cash”! I’m so sad :(

  111. Fable Says:

    Sorry this is like a day late haha! I’ve no time to comment here earlier…

    The Bing offer did show up under my farm… i did everything and it did says congratulation, and i did became a fan but i didnt get the cash~ I think i am cursed! LOL like i never get that free FC1 from the hundreds of mystery gifts that i’d opened. Nor did i get the 20% FC purchase offer… Oh boy~ not really complaining, it’s just my luck. Never had any! hahahaha

  112. Jasmine Says:

    I got a screen that says “hey you have already completed this activity”..great

  113. Kelboinks Says:

    from Philippines!

    didn’t work for me :(

  114. Lara Says:

    I don’t have that offer under my Farm ://
    And the links posted here don’t work…I get a “you have already completed the offer” screen :((

  115. margriet Says:

    This link below did work for me….instead of my name I filled up my ID number (found it by gifting something to my kid ;) ) and Yeah!! I got my 3 FV cash :)

    Put your ID on the XXXX !

    Good luck guys!

  116. Poul Says:

    Posted on March 2nd, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I became a fan and I NEVER GOT MY FARMVILLE DOLLARS!!

  117. Monika Says:

    I put my ID at the end of those links but it doesn’t work. After hitting become a fan I get the following message: “Hey… You’ve already completed this activity. Try a different one!

  118. Alia Says:

    Got the 3 FV cash, yaaay
    thx alot from Cairo :D

  119. Knottydon Says:

    Tried this too. Became a fan of Bing. But NO farm cash was given to me at the end. Bummer!

  120. stella Says:

    I clicked on the link you put but the window keeps telling I already did even though I’ve never done it … so I won’t get my 3FV$ I guess … what a pity … altough I won’t be fan very long of bing being a Mac addicted !

  121. chris Says:

    OK where exactly can u get ur url code thingy or whatever!? SERIOUSLY SOM1 TELL ME THE ANSWER I WILL LOVE YOU 4EVER


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